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Be the expert: Native American Wars and Battles I going to be an expert on

Notes: 10 Key points from the reading are

One problem this topic created in America is

5 key vocabulary words for my topic are

Three questions I have about this topic are 1. 2. 3.

A symbol that would represent this topic is

This topic is important to American history because...

One to two sentences that summarize my topic are

Sand Creek Massacre

Battle of Little Big Horn

Massacre at Wounded Knee

Red River Wars

Red Clouds War

Category Information

Group Work

8 Graphic Organizer is completed with all required information Individual worked very well with the group. Helping to complete all areas of the project at a high level


4 Graphic organizer is missing key information in several places Individual Individual did worked well not cooperate with the group. very well with Helping to the group. Did complete most not participate areas of the in many areas project. of the project. Neglected a Allowed others very small to do most of portion the work All group All but one All but one members group members group member participate in participate in participate in the the the presentation. presentation. presentation. Presentation Presentation The has all has most of the presentation important important has little information information. important and goes above Visually information and beyond engaging. and some visually unnecessary information. Presentation is minimumally engaging

6 Graphic organizer is missing some information

2 Graphic organizer is incomplete and mostly empty Individual did nothing during the project. Allowed others to do all of the work.

One group member presents the project to the class. Information is good, but lacking important details. Visually ok.

Final Score___________ out of 24