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Piano Conductor Act 1 A Musical by Clarke Peters Featuring Louis Jordan's Greatest Hits NOTICE: DO NOT DEFACE! Should you find it to atk cies or cuts, use a SOFT BLACK LEAD PENCIL ONLY. NOT FOR SALE. FOR PROFESSIONAL USE ONLY. ‘This book is rented and remains the property of: ‘MUSIC THEATRE INTERNATIONAL 545 Eighth Avenue New York, NY 10018 (212) 868-6668 2 —S— All of the music, lyrics and dialogue contained herein are fully protected by copyright. Any interpolation of any new music or lyrics into the Play or any changes in any part of the music, lyrics or dialogue of the Play will consttue a wilful infringement of said copyrights and will subject you to all the criminal penalties and civil liabilties provided under the Unted States Copyright Act. “Early inthe Moming” writen by Louis Jordan, Leo Hickman, Dallas Bartiey; by permission of Cherio Corp. “Five Guys Named Moe" witten by Lay Wynn, Jery Bresler, by permission of MCA Music Publishing a dhision of MCA, Ine. “Beware, Brother, Beware* written by Monty Lasco, Dick Adams, Fleecie Moore; by permission of Cherio Corp. “Like ‘Em Fat Like That* written by Claude Dernetriou, Louis Jordan; by permission of MCA Music Publishing, a Division MCA, Inc. “Messy Besey" written by Jon Hendtcks; by porission cf Hendcks Music Ine, adminictered by EWI Apel Musi, Inc. “Pet ane Pekin" written by Lora Lee: by permission o Pi Corp. e S S Se “Uie is So Pecuar writen by Johnny Burky, Jimmy Van Housen; by perission of Famous Music Corporation. "I Know What Ive Got” written by Sid Robin, Louis Jordan; by perrission of Pic Corp. “Azure Tot writen by Bil Davie, Don Wo: by permission of Fred Ahlert Muse Group. “Knock Me & Kiss" writen by ike Jackson, Andy Razef: vocal and orchestral arrangements by Reginald Royal: by porricsion of MCA Music Publiating, a Dnicion of NCA, ine. “Sele, Sane and Singlo" writen by Louis Jordan, Johnny Lange, Hy Heath; by permission of RYTOVE, ine, Johnny Lange Music Co. and ls Eye Musi Inc. “Push Ka i Shi Pot writen by Joe Whioughby, Louis Jordan, De. Wat Marick by pamission of Cherio Corp “Saturday Night Fish Fry” written by Ellis Waish, Louis Jordan: by permission of Cherio Corp. “Whats the Use of Getting Scher written by Bubsy Meyers by permission of MCA Music Publishing Division of MCA, ine. 51 Hoa Any Sense" writen R. McCoy, ©. Sirgen by pemission of WB Must Cop, as Acrstratorfor Walen sie “Dad Gum Ya Hide Boy" wrtten by Guy Browley,s.; by permission of EMI Unart Catalog, Inc. "Let the Good Times Roll" writen by Fleesie Moore, Sam Theard; by permission of RYTVOC, Inc. "Ree, Petite and Gone" writen by Spencer Lee, Louis Jordan; by permission of Pic Comp “Caldonia” writen by Fleesie Moore; by perission of Cherio Corp. “Aint Nobody Here But Us Chickens" writen by Joan Whitney, Alex Kramer; by permission of Kramer Whitney, Ino. “Dont Let the Sun Catch You Crying" writen by Jo Greene; by permission of NCA Music Publishing, @ Division of MCA, Ine, “Choo, Choo, Boogie" mitten by Vaughn Horton, Denver Daring, Miton Gabler; by permission of RYTVOG ine. “Look Out Sister’ writin by Sid Robin, Louis Jordan; by permission of Pic Corp. “Hurry Home’ writen by Joseph Meyer, Buddy Bemier, Robert Emmerich; by permission of Larry Sper, In. "ls You Is or is You Ain't My Baby?" witten by S, Austin, Louis Jordan; by permission of MCA Music Publishing, Division of MCA. Inc. --~~ "wr vwvvvvvvevewveuuTsevsvsas Five Guys Named Moe Act One EARLY IN THE MORNING FIVE GUYS NAMED MOE FIVE GUYS Vamp BROTHER BEWARE vessencon ILIKE THEM FAT LIKE THAT! MESSY BESSY PETTIN’ AND POKIN' TEvow WAT Ve Gor / AZURE te 87 KNOCK ME A KISS .. 8 SAFE, SANE AND SING! 108 PUSH KA PI SHI PIE ns B 29 30 4 51 5 YOIIawAvE ye > Act Two 10. ENTR’ACTE _.... 11. SATURDAY NIGHT FISH FRY. 12: WHAT'S THE USE OF GETTIN’ SOBER/ IF THAD ANY SENSED GO BACK HOME evssvsnsone 176 13. DAD GUM YOUR HIDE BOY ... 183 14, “THE CABARET: FIVE GUYS (reprise) / LET THE GOOD TIMES ROLL/ 129 142 REET, PETITE AND GONE 194 15. CALDONIA 210 16: THERE AIN'T. 22 17. DON'T LET THE SUN CATCH YOU CRYING 233 18. CHOO CHOO CH'BOOGE Dal 19. LOOK OUT, SISTER. 254 20. IS YOU IS © MEDLEY 260 20A. “LORRAINE” MUSIC 74 21. FIVE GUYS NAMED MO} 75 22. BOWS asec 278 23. EXIT MUSIC LAYOUT) 290 ‘Piano/Vocal scare prepared by Neil McArthur, Donald Oliver, Evan Mortis and James Logs, PIANO/CONDUCTOR * Five Guys Named Moe Early In The Morning Cue: (voice from radio: "Here's nether Louis Jordan tack js for you Prevecord begize (daz) 2 3 ‘4 vvove e ww» ws vv wy a yeni samc lati fees, Con Mase Sarit Ine. z 11 Wes rt Sire NYC 1036 = 2 41-8686 wet wal Be places when she weed go, 3 217 Wen i Set NYC 1036 Early Fa) Ren 38093) 22541865 ane Contnter (Che Mae Serie, Ie, 310 Wee rt Sree NYC 1038 | Earp F mje) 2125-656 QRAPAPAAARAAAAANAAARASS PmtComtectr hata Mare Seca, ne "Ge sway from here boy— dont you kxow— assy F msjr) Ren 35185) pn sess PaneConeocor « ary © mejor) Redio anqpuscemensa"You'e listening 19 Radio WLIM 1991 on your dil” ” Re SN, “6 a 2 5 ‘ 2 * > be 7 7 Chee Marie Sree. 31 West ed Ste NYC 10036 22 sa126s6 4 pe * Ear F majo) a men 29099) oot see none of your lip on the me - mu" Ws carly im the mom-ing md Taint got vvuvvsvsds wwvuwew w ¥ Z % ; Pec S ecaueonci tele *: Lay (mans C dive a : ‘easing: m* \ 8 a re hed a lot of money when I stated ovt, 1 could - at find my ba-by now my \ AAAAAAAAARAAAARAARAAA he MS, ne 11 Wen et Sea snus tans arty (F meio ew 30183), eo n ca-ly ia te mou-kg and I abt no-thing bat the blues. ton pee B: e aly p: Early in the mom-ing mé I aint got - a vvwvwvevovvvvvseupgUUuUuUaA’D a 48 “ ( D caste tse Semin Ie are totter te seas i al i am-y-bo-dy asks me, what 2 > Dout me and you, gue \o 201 Wet ed Samet RYE 10086 aa sates rl a0 Earn mje) AMARAAAARARARARAAKR ARR Phana/Condacor ou Baty Paso) een, 5 cy ‘er a a ex-ly tn te mor-ing W su] amt gx nothing bute | Y 8 7 g } f 5 ~vVVUUYVVUVUHUUUUUYUYUA wo 3 1 DB caeteatase Seve ine 11 Wend Sou C106 ansnsse | QARARARAAARAA AA AAA RANA PoartConducter as Baty Pmsje) . ev. 38255 ted, Molto Rall. 12 Pitan an Sri 1 Yat dena BCE airsans6se PIANO/CONDUCTOR =o Five Guys Named Moe 2) uf Five Guys, Named Moe (Cues Dida J any dot touch that radio, Dent touch dh is” > Wed. Swing 1 (+129) 5 Z No Moe: uo t f i no chord Vv VvuVueUVvVveUeeUS \3 hte Mak Sere Ie, 311 West Ore Suen NYC 1036 mses wwvwvuwvus Sry Rew aten 4 (Cates Mase See, Ine 311 Wea rt Set YC 10008 2 SenS656 ARAAAARARARARARAARARRALES foder a PraposCond . teen o13s) ved Mam me mu) mu mu me sw me me ma mu} mu mu roe me me su mu mu | Moe. Chin Sari iret 4s 04 ansasas VeuvGUUEVUUBIOUVINSNU PiaroiGendacter ae Sony FIVE GUYS NAMED MOE (tha's 15) e (Cheese See, In 310 Wet ire Sree NTC 10036 2a seises6 an Boag iane/Condecor eB) ae. (hetee Mase Semive, ne S11 Wea rd Sve YC 10036 22 sa1-8i86 © vVVeVvuUUVUVvUVIHOVUvUHUUWHTVTUVVAS Plane/Condacor ot = We came out of - wher. We re high — Chtea aie Serice, Ie. - be, youll row vty % 20 Weat Grd Suet NYC 1036 when you hear us sig, SGm Peetu. mses QAAAARAAAARAAAAAAAAANAR Piane\Condscor Feuye Ree 85185), ue 8] 9 a ef SuUUVUUUNUUEUUUVHEUUUUY = EJ oe - 3 = ie 3 9 BD tes ase seri 31 Wer rt Seva N¥C 108 masas6 21D Wa rd Soe VE 10006 RAPA ARAAARAAAARAAHAKNANAP a Sams HantCondectat [DANCE BREAK) é vn 4 Phat Mai mite. Ine 217 Wa id Set IE 1036 mses euevuvvUeUUUUuUEUvUuEUUUTUUY SS Chee Mane Serie, ne | © nochord ~;~~ +~~-~ywyer wv vuvvvvuvuuvuVvsaas er > some it Mev. 83193) ee E no chord (Chl Maske Serie, In 217 Wess ir Set NYC 10036 21250-3656 FIVE GUYS NAMED MOE! we Ty o fte!3 Oo! Chas Mae Serie In 1 Wes rt Seve TC 10006 as0.86se PianesCondacor cod Suse ew an398) [3] é a ae 8 B 8 S ¢ (helna Mase Sec, Ine 31 Wee fl Sire NVC 0636 masansese v~vvwvwve eveuevve vveUEUBEUTUTESGssS ee a ies So (Chota Mate Semi Ine 312 Wat ed Set VE 10036 arses 7 Some Trev 83153) 180 51 182 ¢ (Cheses Mase Serie, In. M0 Wes Ard SeetNYC 10038 ain settee eve vesuevUEBEUEUUBUUIHUISIIAsS ¢ PianolConductor * 5 Gays wet 5 nae saat Bb nochord be (Chelsea Music Service, In. 311 West dd Sree NYC 10036 22501-8686 @annAAPRARAARAANANnAANAAARANAL PIANO/CONDUCTOR = . Five Guys Named Moe 2A Five Guys Vamp bes ‘cue: NO MOE: T mem you den't expect to come with is ‘eng ke ha! Moss. iti ‘Medium Swing | (Js) z g i B ~~wvwwewvwvwewvvuvVsvIsddsd Chee Masi Sec. Ine 311 Wet od Sie YC 10838 2122s PIANO/CONDUCTOR 2 Brother Beware (Cue: NOMAX: Sue seat you her, did't she? IG MOE: No, she digo. serne good advice. (20) Chee Manic Serie Ine ‘Were just here 0 give you now seethesegils with their fine Lex ert ue 7C 10036 di-monds and Five Guys Named Moe fox fuss andfine clowes an s86 ad Bowe ewan man who 6 7 [Safely - Oncuejumpto2t] yor fool a-round with them Orch. Cues acet ¥ 211 Wa fed Sova DYE 10826 auzearase wuvvuvuvUUUHUHeBUoUueUoWHS nel FianalCondacer Beware ae . = Dee BUR Asd if you go for a wok md she lis - a e= = = = = Bel eost ar Chee Mie Sere, Pe. 21 Wet id Sie NYC 20006 on sass ae ev eni99) 9 — “oe a go wa show and she wins to sit nthe back row bring ber down front bring er ef froat Mf you wana go for 2 smack and sue wants to boop in ine beck, Deeware! a el BS Chena Mase See In. 41 Was Cd Sore NYC 10036 an sasis6 euuvuvuvUeUeEEUBuBEUBEUUUDI,S ‘oes out with you all shewans is a hot dog anda malt-ed milk shelsbeenmsed w going 19 Car-ne~ gic. Hall brwhen ‘you tke her out night clubbing all she wanss to hear is one meatal, then ste grabs aI is 5s = “Darling youre such a nice men” Hist ning to me? You better listen tome’eos Tm tel’ you what's bering put down and 1 dont think they aze! (hen Wane See te BY Wat nd Set BYE 10036 areas M@UUUEVULUEUUBLYUUKBUUHHHU)edsS Petter ge for thee Ten tal lin! you, you got ia get out 11 Watt id Seen NYE 10036 mn sersisé ‘Should I ell them ev- ny thing? Cate Mase Semen tne cals you on the phone md sys “Darling are you all 211 Wet tet Set NPC 036 asa 9is6 8 & “Cc € Ce e Ce e ce = C— Ee Ce e ee e Ee & ea e e& & é SVvUVCUELHEUBLUUUKEBEUHUUWYVI ples ea Bevo prea ee £3185) a as 8 2 no youve got duce gils with you dont pay no at-im-tion 10 ‘Are you sure I should tell them ev-ty-thing? fe kim? * 07(t) (Chesee Mate Sec. ne IM rd Smet VC D036 217502656 Piarorcendacer oa “ co ead FOweue jump to 107 : * ec Pee s 7 o ‘mem ont the light and she don't fight, that all. Tha’s the end. H's 100 Ize, Then she's got yor 9 109 wor <= <= <= 105 105 i 108 ae ¥ : Ae ces oa siracactiocitae ini fader os Beware FimsaCondt (Rett, home ‘bout wo and you doat Mov wh 1 co, you pull back the cur - ia the whole 3 ma me we fam y's look a you. (Chetee Mace Sein, Ine 211 et Bd Seat VE 10 aiasatese @evv FF VeUSUBUUBUHHKHHTUWBEUEUUIIAS ax . re AH. 1 120 a 1 Cc Ee e e (om - Ee eE ee eq of 2 —————— = (Chetes Muir, Ine. 311 Wat Sed Seat NYC 10036 2nsisese PIANO/CONDUCTOR a Fie Guys Nemed Moe [4 I Like Them Fat Like That! (Cue: LITTLE MOE: Bur firs ye got to know the wonderfness of suck puletrinde .. tte) 2 2 ‘ i i g E SUUUUHHTHBKEUYBEYBEYUUUWTWTIIDIST hee Manic Ser Ine 9 tot Set 9 BONE ansnsee at} ARANTANNNANANAHANNANA =wvwueewrevvvevuuvuvusbuuuUuITIJUdJda ‘When she bour-css down the sueei— she’s 2 whole heap a hon-ey and ain't she hee Mace Ser Ine 311 Wes rt Sees NYC 1086 Fat mRevenas —* sweet, 2125118656 PianesCongpctas, oa : ze er 85155) Be ender and tll = "i 2 a 4 —— ¢ = = vom it comes fo mami a fig fata = nas eet of al = z : = i z 3 zg a chet ate Sie 1 ot Sina HC 106 anise au sul 4 ~.vywvsev ve eso veseuvuuvuuNveUvUTUIETdDsS PlaneCondacor ae Rev.a9159), bur I get tough work = i, 1 reachand geb— my a ant (Chees Mase Serie, Ine 213 West rt Set 10096 aussie ianolCondacor “ 3 a ma ee 85153, Flow wide doyoulike thems? ha Mane Serie I 312 Wass See NC 10006 a se1s6s6 @ Se eUUeUEBUBEUBEBEUEUNUITIUVIUIIAS a a ket ee : an £015) (Chatne Masie Serie, Ine 111 at Crd Soot NYE 10036 an senssse Chelca Matic Service Ie. 21 Wat ed Sr VE 100% 7 © pm? ‘byaime we aasus6s6 YURVUUUUBEBEUKEBEELEHEUKUUUYVA,S fat Piana/cancuctor : ens — SS a a oS — z - = = FF z Z hee Maier te 21 Wet Ort Sect VC 10006 sone | Mane Sree Ine 21 Wt int Svea YE 10035 arsaiss ANNAAAANKANAAANANNANAAS PIANO/CONDUCTOR * Five Guys Named Moe Messy Bessy te 80183) (Cue: NOMAX: WsNomaxo? EAT MOB: Hey! Has anybody any food because Tmstavin'* [Medium Shute] (268) 2 a 4 NO MOE: Chola Marie Serie, Ine 20 Wat 0d Seat NVC 10026 an sass oeUUBEEKBBEBEUBEUBEKHHHTHTHTUVTGISA Chena Mase See Ie. 1 Weat ind Set NIC 10026 msa-sese AnAnAnhnnAhnAnnnannnnannnna = Nessy Besy BUUBEKEUUEUUUGISD = Zz Chee Mie Serene 211 Mes et See E1036 siz settese »UUUREUUUUY PianolCondacor * ey Bey Rae BBY PoP Pee ae (Chena Mase See, Ie. Wee ir Set C1036 aiasisise SEKUBUBCBEBEKEUEUBEBEBEUBEWVIUIUIIJI’TA FianoConductor (Chea Music Serie Ine. 1B Wet et Sees NVC TOE Messy Besy ies 3155) You inow wha Tm ulk-in! abou airsasese Messy Bessy Ree toue x ee ————_ When your love comes mum-bl = ux’ down Chebee Mee Servic, Ine si ret ed Siren NYC 10026 an IWANAANRAANDANNAHAnHAANNNAAS, SCC EEBEHEEBEYHYEHBEUHUHUHHHHTHTV ISA Showr-it” out loud, You sur Chetee Make Sree, Ie, seko mt ques ae a = z = J We rd Set NIC T0036 ut Fiae/Condacor = (Cetra Mee Serie Ie. 204 Wot Bot Smet 10006 ia are ANNNNNANAAAANANAANNNNAL ,BUUBCERBLEUUBEBUUWBWTUTIUIJI,A Plane/Conducor ses ZB] [Pane] carr PA os Rex 831055) o (Chetns Masi Sorin Ine 2M Wet Bed Senet NTC 18036 an sn8ese PasoComdacor show i (Cheea Masi Sere, ne out loud, You seat shakin! and qua-kia! an! BI West rt Seat YC 1036 Messy Beary Fil RE, in this style whoop-ia’ and hel-leris, you 2125412656 MAO NhAAAAnAAnAnAANnANAAeL CUBE BuEsteuuUUuUeUuIUUWUIaIdD "euUBL eisisy [), » at — = == = he fot yt omenry Bs ™ esas, qh en os Se © ¥rrr CPT Sy errt Fa a “[! ra? rs a” | Bs | = i ee ak 3 ¢ Be Se 2 ny, eS oe = x : = — = ‘You just wat MT get you home Ma- Ma and oe —— Loo re ¢_ ive & Adin = | + =a SS —e xe _ oh, % k = ——— rs | Teo sie cay be oe moe | ms = . 4 tS LS oe Fm? aT st b ie fe an = ae = bag Le ae { 5 ena Ste a vec or Sree 1038 asc pecans 7 en ee ee 1 4 & 4. s » & A Kuo 4 == S= SSS I= SS | a Adin # eo fn? o =: ae = 2:23 °e FF Se Bo Fs F = oe ee) so vie = = eee sunacursnane a AP AnDAA AD AAA ONAN ANNA Noe S6EULCEULEBUBEUUUUEUEUUIUUIUITJ’A is: (Chees Mai Serie, In £2 £8 € i 21 West Sr See YC 10036 £ ££ m2 se80s6 PmNgeoNDUETOR . Piconsimdiie | Pettin' and Pokin'/ ~ Ls Life Is So Peculiar eer 3093) (Cue: BIG MOE: You jus st your behind down ‘cos Tem gonna. Rubato] (J. 168) BIG MOE: x 2 2 [ATempo Tel you we so > ay Dou Jack amd JM, © aT dont mem the couepe that weak 7 (Start Conducting) e (hele Masi Servic, ine. I Mea rd See YC 10056 mn sat “MAN ANTAANNANANNHANANNANANAY,, = Posie Pest RaneCondecter ara (ase Droms) : 5 1 EAT MOE: (Chien Masi Serine 311 Wat Get Ste NYC 10056 ansas636 YSU UEUEEBEUYUUUWNYS PiareCandor ~ Pete Pee: (ee 85153, Chien Matic Serie, In 211 Wat rd Sout NIE 1096 225415656 -~,ywrrwwresoeuuvuuuuuudi Condor o PeattPeetar Pan (er 85185) El mmce . oo ce tine, ‘Theywere hav-ing a Eeiy-body had 2 time, Ewin body had a Evinrbo- dy ad a Ewly-body had 2 ae, Ewiy bendy had a aiasasese Chena Mase See, Ine 211 oe rd St NIC TOE Eyriy-tordy Bada time, Evo ty-bordy tal a Evstry-bo-ey bat a time, Ev-ty-to-dy tat a 201 We rd Set NTC T4036 a 2 er 83185) FOUR-EYED MOE: masnss "SAR nhinhnnannannananannn ®S6UUBUBEUBEULUBULUUUKTUHUUVIS Chale Mae Sie Ine Green— thought ed cal one ier 211 Wat dS BPE 10006 Pasi Petr Ren0Ley 213 5013686 PranlCondutor tet an'pop - pin, bang - Hata bop = pis, Cheese Soin, Ie, 311 Wet nd Sue YC 10036 Petia Prerine Rew 80023, cool ian’ kissin’ an’ Bit - tn! anf mis - si’ hey were air sasest ANnnAnnnnnnannnnnnnannnnaa m : Pesin'Pecaar {oy 89993) eek dit woba > r me, vty: body had a time, Ewry~ body had a real Emly; body bad a ime, Evry- body fad a rea Ewty- body had 2 time, Ewry- body hal 2 rea nu su ou ee (Chelsea Masi Seice Ine. 311 West rd Seve YC 10036 212 S41 8656 SSUCECEEEEBCBLEEHTUVLUUVUHTUUIS Heecieeseee ” Pesta Rev 85103; # ~ s No MoE: time, Evty boey had 2 tine, Evty body had (Chetes Mae Serie, Ine 11 Wet et See NYC 10036 mnsenass6 Paannannnnnnrnnnnnrannnannannnans FimniCandictor 5 a Pests Pecaiar Re enuR3 He swayed, «im Jack and ils (Chen Matic Sei Ie. 311 Wea nd Soe NYC 10006 an sen8e LITTLE MOE: of ¥ ¥ Chale Masi Serene 311 West ee Soe TC 10036 aizsatese annnnnnnnnannnnrannnannn vga Gis) on 2 srecch-er. They were bite’ «mm! hold i, feint- int an’ fold-int, they were in love, bav-in! a good time, (Chee Mic Serie, 201 Wat rd Suet NYE 10016 mn sas eeeeeeeuuEEuEuuuuUUUY i indeindecor = Petter ated Lie bighver s EAT NOE (cont): | Lie is so pera: - fi # g 8 a 5 ® 8 | hnhnnannnnnnananes sannnnhnnnn + + hele Mate Sevieg Jae 311 Wat nt Set HY 10026 1 Weed Set NIC 10136 212 541.5656 Paso Coneocer ~ Le] T stigttly Faster Peat recaar (Re. 831083, wer ee Lue is so pron =, mts wht ev ty - bordy Le is so pean = ar, dats what ev - ty - body says. als ome mye oa 311 Wat rd Set IC 10056 an sa18isé annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnannnandt 5 a a 2 2 3 2 3 9 2 2 2 3 3 3 9 3 3 3 3 3 3 mo Postar er 30}, | be] EAT MOE (cont) : * Chlen Mase Servic, ne Watt Bd Sve NC 10016 21rs0-656 Pran!Condecor a Prater (Re. 35155), 1 mot din - er teres no thing to wear but clothes. ¥ (Chebee Mate Sere Ine 11 West Gr Suet NYC 1086 212501865 ANN KAnAnAAAAAAAAANANANS ma) a... tesa Teenie [=] engrtly Faster Twas ‘2 ww 7 ie 0 pal - so peal - lay thats wat is spe + alls ier wo dont It ney bo dy fool Chee Mate Srey ne. 211 We et Set YC 1038 ain sasese %86UUE BBC KHKCEEKEKBEEKEKEKUYY (Calo Masi Sarin Ie. B11 Wat id Sire NYC 10036 aiasasese annnnnnnnnnnannnnnnann i eae Peta Pactae ne (ee 5195, ue 13 ewer 1 get thi ay, Bees —notting:o do but dine el ee ee 6eUbBeEUEU SY e o » = 5 eS QB oes tesscreate, 1 Wat id Se YC 10836 onsnass. , [Alittle Brighter 10 « ss ie a-y = do- dy fool ya— ‘n+ y = do-6y fool ya ot i Chatre Masic Seve, 31 Waa id Siet NIC 1036 Pet eeatar Peer 8193, ‘annnnannnanhnannnnnnanmnn Piane'Conducior = e819), 17] [A Little Brighter 88 12: Chee Mase Serie Ie. 1 Wes rd Sire NYC 10035 21754-3586 -=wseTrerseeeueuvuvbe vu vu UU Y en 85099) TAAnANAAAAN A nena of? au 4 Chee Masi Secs, Ine 310 Wat nd Soe NYC 10036 ar sns6s ~” PIANOICONDUCTOR ” Five Guys Named Moe ® » » I Know What I've Got / > > 2 Azure-Te (en 20029), (Cue: NOMAX: Andste' node. 10 MOE: Hey, we now shel no devi. (4a) 2 NOMAX: 3 eis dont know wae Tim get- tng 50 Qe 31 Wea rd See NYC 10038 2insesdess MKeowthcareTe (ee 80095, tought Td my 10 switch ex (Ras) ,2 1% = ‘ A — = —- = =| a + — find me seme-one rch, bat Wid my se bow ig can yon get cl i caAATnnhinnnnnnnnnnnnannan«& seeing, 50 (hele Masi Serie Ie. M1 Wet Gel Sine NYC 10036 2p sasi36 LKnowaaes (nen B15, a t i ¢ My frends say I coud co a this keeps up TM sson eed a aurse.—— el Dut be- eveme Ieoulddo a tot worse. a ¢| Chen Mase Ser re. SL Westend Set WC 1005 mn senst vereevrevuesueueuesueuvuuUuUUY Linowibcare Te (Rew 83083) nnnnnnnnanane. nnnann hota Mae Sy, Ie. 211 Wnt rk Set YE 1096 arsasee d i i a Ehsowhcare Te ee 01 2 fs i heres somacihing you should know: — [forgot to ll ber E 7 i 8 211 West Gt Set VE 1006 2rrse66 ‘eee CEB KE BEKEKBEEKEEBUYHHUUYD Phie/Condctor = 1 nether Te 2 (es. 83155) FOUR-EYED MOE: a « fos Chelee Mane Serie, Ine B12 Wert rd Set HVC 10096 ainsensess nhnnnnnnnannnnnaannnag » Deere co et ran a ee 103) — yas ways aay Sidewalk tables they are filed with peo-ple, Par-is, pray in she"l come. back some- day. | Wer 00. Caiee Mae Soin, a Wat Led Seat NYC 10036 msaase hi ee ee i | Cees Mate Serie, Ine B11 Woes rd Set NIC 1036 (ee 83193) 212 sas6s6 AATANHKANnNNnnnAnNA ANNA OMe WD nnccoscer _ * Maman. aoa eoveuus en? 569 |, (Chet Matis Sen, ne 211 Wet nt Sued NYC 10006 an sass = eeweweweeweveeswewveee s . (her 830) ] ANHHhhANAHANANAAAAANAN AN hooey (Chris Mase Seite. 311 Wort did Some NIC 1036 m2sa266 ¢ @ \ ef “=~ Terre swereeweereeeueseeoewewesvIvd 211 Wet rt Sree NYC 10036 LEnotpcare Te ew 230093) 212502656 ml PIANO/CONDUCTOR * Five Guys Named aoe «| Knock Me A Kiss — arranged by: R.L. Royal Cue: EAT MOE: “Ido tall the ime" GUYS:"Yeah!" Je ; C882), se TENOR: Bum Bum Buh Dub Duh Bum Bum Bun Bum Buh Dah Duh ‘mp tshiy Ban |_204 TENOR: Bon BARITONE: Bun Bun Buh Duh Duh Bum Bum Bum Bum Buh Dah Duh 4 4 ‘A e e ¢ ¢ c € € € Ee Ee Ee e Ee eC (Chetee Mai Sere, Ie. 311 West Set NYC 1036 sn sersesé nolConduter ¢d@ Buh Duh Dun 1 We nd Sve BC 10036 Knock MeAKise Bun Buh Da Bw 2a saise 10. Kreck MeAKg Doh Buh Duh Boh Duh BehDooDar Bak abot ut cur ake ist fer your sake; Bas by Come on ant Krock Me Kis. nrnnnannnannnnan ecannnnanninn cain Pantcondecne st nook Meise Dun Duh Bah Du Buh Dub Buh DeoDat Bab Yih teh cho de Buh. Derren sinesne est et 9 moses PinrCondeae las coe ae When you press your Ups mine wwanan E@tnen an an dp Cate Ma ei Ie Wat dat IC TE ans a iW ted Soe C1006 Kook MeAKie Buh Deh Boh ‘Yoh Bok Doo Dat apres a Bait'n Deoow— Baht ‘2 a Bsh__ Deo Dat ‘pros over a TENOR malady vhen Tee your kiss when T fel you kiss— ‘when [feel your kiss ‘when I feel your bist o Decom— BahDit Doo Dit Doo-Dat I Wee Same RVC 1S by Kanex Me a ‘an nnanhnannnnannnannhnnannannae 20 Met drd soe CE PuelCondaer 06 Jowett [Pie jan unite fin fen Seah Om The - = i o> a ra Dehbch DehBchDch DabBuhDshBuhDsh Bh Dsh Buh DahIch DahBshDshBah Dah BohDsh Bah Bah eee te DabBchDahBsh Dot Dah BuhDahBchDut_ Bah DakBubDarBuhDet Buh au = Z oe apa Bu Do Bes | Deh Buh Dah Bah DoE Dui Boh Dat Duh Bah Deh Beh Baby | Bok Boks Behn Bom Baby 90 Ee Ee Ee Ee RUSSEASEGERe ee Lone Se — Ee — Ee e hese Men Seg Ie 1 Wate Set IC 1056 onseus 2 20 ested Sa C1036 So, Ba- by, Knock Me a Kiss arses PIANO/CONDUCTOR FiveGuys Named Maz | Safe, Sane and Single (Cue: NOWAX: 1 Nomsx, Bi NO MOE: What de jou bunt odo? Love'em and eave ei? Gospel and iS z 3 4 ‘Sob Yo 7 BIG MOE and NO MOE Dialogue Bs ya so al Atempo | (L132) of Vamp er Nand ae doer EAT MOE: Keka annnnn TANT Tera (hele Masi Servic ne 212 Wes id Sire IC 10096 pissaacse oe a. Sefe Sane aracenes ; Rev BI) 2 13 wonman is che sweetest thing, on hat ve all a-gree, hat when she geis the wedding band a = ‘man no longer fee, Thats why Tm safe, sane and sin-gle— Tm on my merry say. Yen, Tm w 2 LITTLE NOE: Denise seme cometh rasa SifeSame om yx) judge gave her the tank ce- cout, an’ give him ninety days. That's, why Tin 2 2 — safe same md Sin- gle Thats how Tm going mo say, nmnannnanhnnnnhnannannan a er e weei|o Fe el . * 2 Chen Masi Serie, 31 We nd See NYC 10836 arses bao nn mu a ee SSS Safe Sane (oy tS ie Vos ee en ae ) 20 Wes fd eves YE 1006 212s0-2656 PiandCondaeoe a. i § li annnhnhnannnnnannannanan@e® = ‘Siend of mine got merrind to 2 gil named Nelle Gry. She pewaed his waich at! sold his car ant safe, sant and sin-gle— Im on my merry way. Yes, Im = (ete Muse Serie. ne 21 Wes ind Set NTC 10036 128s13656 a3. Sef Sane 7 mentinay @ Br meee ae enc es ee ee 4 safe sme md sin = gk Tm my mer yay Ys, Tm yo sme and sin = gle Tass, how Tm gon > mS sty. Mee soe ne 1 Wen el 136 ansasis E ' i 5 A A i i a Ae (avg tread! @ “ eo |Varnp til ready! yongy. (Cheee Mae Sie, ne 1 Wan ted Soot NYC 10036 228013656 Qanannnnannnannnnannnnann s/Condectr ais. Saf Sane = . ren 83155) n 2 SS cour-ed 2 girl for fifteen years. Her paw ssid we should wed. WF my horse could on-ly cook Ta » = [Tempo marry him in- stead ‘Thats why Tm safe, seme ard singe Tn Ye, Tm fe, sme and single Tha's how Tim gonna aay, Po wy ocey om Ym mm me ome me eye Tat tow Im gent am, Petes aatieSeviyIn. 21 Wet ed iat NYC 186 asa. New Tempo: s Z A0CClanne Chetes Mase Sere, In. 21 ert Sue FC 10036 airseasss nnonnanann faannnnnnnannn . » Dy ieee em - SafeySane ew e508) sae TamkGotIm safe. rd how Tm gon - as say. Thmk God Tm po rm atm, Tink od Te ‘Yes, Tm safe, sane Yes Tm safe, sme fe —____ a and sin gle— Tao's snd sin gle— That's Tsk God Tm Tuk God Im PuscCmucar 4: ue saps rn (en 3095) Ye, Tm mile, sme and single That's. tow Ye, Ta safe, sme oan sine gle That's how aAnnnannnnnnnhnannnanrn naa eouconoucron 2 Five Guys Named Moe > Push Ka Pi Shi Pie (en 31085), 1, NO MOE: “Yos don': know what a Suigo boy is? ‘He dant know wis 2 Suigo boy is! Where do you say your people come from?” > 1] (4 208) : Sao Viee » » ’ ) te ie eee ce eseda tats 3) nome 4 ‘ . Suis go boy from Fair - a bad. Lite twa in Teal = aa, ~~ ie . ° ” Came by plane to New York town Dressed pte ack was clown, AmTeust | shes u ¥ ar AnToust Al sh Recon h r Pg & — 7) == Hse SS | POS! RA MSH PE fy. He, 0 FSH KA SHI PE los o =o i cor FE iS BL AY EE EYE YAH AL. BLA Ws de new = ype so be = bop. oS by ty —— ‘aaqaannnhhnannnnannnnannnnnae r Puke onder en S058) , EAT MOE: 2 2 2» Sow him rind, Saigo meta sd tom, She sid she would pi-wi = Bee, Theo she ook tim to a Show Tey saw in the tat row yp Sr keto all se sid 0 = him ws tis, Antevet x9 UVUUUUUUUUUUUVYVOT UU U ) PianslCondocor _ eee 30093) ote oj, "Repeat Ad ib. for Audience Participation (Sing-etong) 2 = so i pee ec memicrersne rere ship obare 678 68 hen back thar 5, vv a iS 2 Upon Dialogue cue: "Now ls go back and ind ot whats happend to he Saigo boy” ‘Epo bar 97 and sominue on tothe reek ofthe cong. is ¥ Ds.al \ es o es « e@ TON CUE s lasttineso Piane/Condscoe me eam ¢ [f] rour-eveo moe: An? suet Bhs AnTaust sit) Larmnrannannnnannnnnnnannadne decor Fash Ka r : ex 3085) PUSH XA PI SHI PE Hey" Hey, Fun-ny ing ts that stems, mo one ows just what ft means. } E oe a Puke i i ANnNnHhnnAnnnnAnnAanane | 00 BLL AY EE EYE YAH A BIA Ws he ew 3 OF ae Ss oS [Repeat Ad lib. for Audience Participation (Conga Line)! 110 a (Cue trumpet, trombone and sax solos at beginning of conga line. 00 BLL AY EE EYE YAH A_ BLA SS PUSH KA PL SHE PE Hey Hey, Pus KA Pl SH PE Hay." Hey, at FimetCondsctor . a 3S Final Chorus ALY PUSH «KA FI SHI IE Hey, Hey, VOCAL COUNTER MELODY Hoy—— Hey. oo |B AY «FE OEYE YAH A BIA END OF ACT ONE 4 ararnnnannnannannnannn CUOUBCCHCHGHOHHHEBHOHHHHHHTHHS uw Piano Conductor Act 2 A Musical by Clarke Peters Featuring Louis Jordan's Greatest Hits NOTICE: DO NOT DEFACE! ‘Should you find it to mack cies or cuts, use a SOFT BLACK LEAD PENCIL ONLY. NOT FOR SALE. FOR PROFESSIONAL USE ONLY. ‘This book is rented and remains the property of ‘MUSIC THEATRE INTERNATIONAL 545 Eighth Avenue ‘New York, NY 10018 (212) 868-6668 All of the music, lyrics and dialogue contained herein are fully protected by copyright. Any interpolation of eny new music or lyrics into the Play or any changes in any part of the music, lyrics or dialogue of the Play will constitue a willful infringement of said copyrights and will subject you to all the criminal penalties and civil liabilities provided under the Unted States Copyright Act. “Early inthe Moming” writen by Louis Jordan, Leo Hickman, Dalias Bartiey; by permission of Cherio Corp, ‘ive Guys Named Moe" writen by Lary Wyn, Jey Breser; by permission cf MOA Mase Publishing a dvson cl MCA, Inc. "Beware, Brother, Beware" witen by Monty Lasco, Dick Adams, Fleecie Moore; by permission of Cherio Corp. {Lhe im Fat Lk That writen by Claude Demet, Louis Jordan: by permiesin of MCA Mase Publishing 2 Divison A, Inc. “Mossy Bossy" written by Jon Hensick; by penriesion of Hendicks Music Ine, acmiistered by EMI Apri Musi, In. ‘Pettin’ and Pokin™ written by Lora Lee; by permission of Pic Corp. “Lite ls So Peculiar" writin by Johnny Burky, Jimmy Van Housen; by permission of Famous Music Corporation. “Know What Ve Got" written by Sid Robin, Louie Jordan; by pomriasion of Pio Corp. “Azure Te* written by Bill Davis, Don WoE; by permission of Fred Ahlert Music Group. "Knock Me A Kiss writen by. Mike Jackson, Andy Raza; vocaland orchestral arrangements by Reginald Royal: ty perrission of MCA Music Publishing, a Diision of NCA. ino. “Safe, Sane and Single" writen by Louis Jordan, Johnny Lange, Hy Heath; by permission of RYTOVC, Inc, Johnny Lange Musis Co. and Bulls Eye Music inc. “Push Ka Pi Shi Pie* written by Joe Wiloughby, Louis Jordan, Dr. Walt Merrick; by permission of Cherlo Comp. “Scturéay Night Fah Fy" writen by Elie Wah, Louie Jordan; by permission of Chero Corp. ‘What's the Use of Gating Seber writen ty Bubsy Meyers: by permission of MCA Muse Publishing, Dhsion of MCA {i ad Any Sense" writen by R. McCoy, C Singleton: by permission of WE Music Cor. a Administrator for Walden uso Ine. “Dad Gum Ya Hide Boy" writen by Guy Browley, wr; by permission of EMI Linart Catalog, Inc “Let the Good Times Rot!" writen by Fleecie Moore, Sam Theard; by permission o! RYTVOG, Inc. "Reet, Petite and Gone" written by Spencer Lee, Louis Jordan; by permission of Pie Corp. *Cakionia® writen by Fleocio Moore; by pemission of Cherio Corp. “aint Nobody Here But Us Chickens” written by Joan Whitney, Alex Kramer: by permission of Kramer-Whitney, nc. ‘Deri Let the Sun Catch You Gryng* wien by Jo Greene by perrssion of MCA Music Publishing, a Dvsion ct MCA, inc. “Choo, Choo, Ch’ Boogie" written by Vaughn Horion, Denver Daring, Miton Gebier; by pemrission of RYTVOS inc. “Look Out Sister wnittan by Sid Robin, Louis Jorden; by permiasion of Pic Corp. “Hurry Home” witten by Joseph Meyer. Burdy Bemier, Robert Emmerich: by permission of Lary Spier, Inc. “Is Youls or ls You Ain’ My Baby?" written by S. Austin, Louis Jordan; by permission of MCA Music Publishing, 2 Division of MCA. Inc. AAMRARARARARHHKHKRARRARRPRPARAAP Song # Five Guys Named Moe Title Page # ret t Early In The Morning Five Guys Named Moe Five Guys Vamp Brother Beware T Like Them Fat Like That! Messy Bessy Pettin’ and Pokin’ /Life Is So Peculiar I Know What I've Got/Azure Te Knock Me A Kiss Safe Sane and Single Push Ka Pi Shi Pie rac 2 Enu'acte Saturday Night Fish Fry What's The Use...Go Back Home Dad Gum Your Hide Boy ‘The Cabaret Caldonia There Ain't Nobody Here But Us Chickens Don't Let The Sua Catch You Crying Choo Choo Ch’Boogie Look Out, Sister Is You Is ~ Medley Lorraine Music Five Guys Reprise 119 132 166 173 184 200 212 223 231 244 250 264 265 268 280 ARAARAKARKARARARRKARRARARRCA rBeeQ uve buonauvvevseeVIsvsvveevsedvdd a Five Guys Named Moe PIANO/CONDUGTOR * . 10 Entr'acte {Re 9699) (des) Orch Cues a] One cutter! Chee Mie Serine 211 Ma rd Sr NYC 10096 2asasese Chats Mae Serie, Ie 201 Wat fd Seat NYC 10026 asusse a—% 4 >UCCOeVGTGIUGUBUBeGTUUGIGBUIIIS PaneCandtor at Erase 4 f (Ree 8083) Chee Mes Serie. Ine 311 Wau rd Sue TC 10036 snsasese peu e eae | | Baase eons 6 125113656 1 Wet ie Sue NYC 10636 o] Ont Cattaher §9- ++ -2--nneeneneeeeeneeee eee cs ee eenees cee e nee eeceanenneeeceeeeee Chee Mase Serie, Ine PrnelCand reoUOCSDCGSOGSGHUEUBLCTUHUVUBBUIBIS Chet Mase Soir Ie (Chtes Mise Serie Ie 2100 We fad Sto VC 10026 i er ans0ass MRARARARARKRARARARAR HaselContecter ms. Eutrade tee 1005) =e Chel Mase Seve Ine 31 We et Sane YC 286 mrsnacse PoCCUUVSVSOURVRUBBEUVUBYVYYVINS i BBBHOKOHKBHUHKKDHHKHHKEKKENEdE fl IF =I} = io ~ | We 8 it» te x =o a ™ » ) pew * 1. Oe) 200 Wat ed Se HVC 10026 Che Mae Seri In Eure Rev 985), re PianoConducter @GeenreenannenRnenaneeeneneneann 1 Wan Oot Sov RVC He (hls Marie Serie Ine TanaCondicer oe race mer s653)6: Play Latin solo syle or Sole as writen a * ¥ (hes Mat Serie, Ines 2 Wat ed Sie NYC T0036 2250-5656 ARAARARAARAARARARRRAPAA A pe eeoeuvsvvvuuusUUUBUYVUIS os 311 Wes rd Sines 10006 Rew 5 an savssss | i i ; Esra Ra SOT RARPRARAARL Bees ul nea ~ 73? ys SS rT i Let ; es : : —————SS_ SSS | sc v7 Le | == i we FE Chase Serve. ne, 31 Wa End Se NYC 1036 212508656 ewe eUTUUUEBUTBTUIBSDBGUIIS ses Perec ReeCndecer wer 655 * we mayne “ teste é Chee Mase Serie Ine. 11 Wat dS RE JO836 2i2sass & & PIANOICONDUCTOR ae s « Five Guys Named Mae, + & Saturday Ni ight Fish Fry : (Cue: LITTLE MOE: “Now wat sor of pam ote: focbants Teton neve oat hey” NOMAX: Tdoo' have to go anywhere, ean do ill from ight bere” +] U steadily 1 (4. 166) Sat tee o ra ‘chetes Muse Serve, In 31 We rd Sr FC 10086 ansasee AABRARARAHRARAHRRAHRAAARAR rs &wweueUuUUUvUvUuUueBveHvoHwveVvVvVeUYVYBVYS “Sa mar day sight Chee Masi eric, Ire ey go from 3. Fis rn iF . mee s603, hen you ea un - derstand ‘Al dyoagh the weck its as qhict_— a 2 moe Beton @ Ca Pa 7 oF at house 10 one, You dont have 1 Wee ne Set VE 136 21 sasese PaneCondocee ae PUREE 7 7 4 mena