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New History

How did this system of energy work originate,and how was it developed? In 1994,I discovered the Internet and began helping many people around the world with Astral ro!ection and "nergy #ork issues$ Among these people were two young men who had been blind since birth$ %hey did not know sight and,therefore,could not visuali&e at all$ w$ As all astral pro!ection and energy work techni'ues rely on visuali&ation,they were stumped$ (ocusing on what I had to work with,I came up with the idea of using the sense of touch for an astral pro!ection techni'ue$ I called the underlying method body awareness tactile imaging$ %he idea was,if they used body awareness to feel themselves,climbing hand over hand up a rope,this would help trigger an astral pro!ection e)it$ I road tested this and found it very effective$ I called this *the rope+pro!ection techni'ue$ A few months later I was rela)ing by my fire in the evening when an idea surfaced that had been brewing for weeks, As body awareness tactile imaging was so effective as a pro!ection techni'ue,it might also stimulate the energy body in other ways$ I reached down with my body awareness hands and focused on my feet$ I reasoned that as there are primary energy centers-ma!or .hakras/, there must also be smaller energy centers$ %he feet seemed a good place to start$ I moved my point of body awareness to focus on various parts of my body$ %his caused some mild energy sensations, but nothing ma!or happened$ %hen I focused on my right big toe and moved my point of body awareness back and forth through it$ #ithin seconds this caused strong bu&&ing and throbbing sensations$ I increased my attention and sensations grew even stronger$ ")cited I tried this on other parts on my feet and other areas of my body$ %he energy sensations this produced were mind0blowing$ I saw there flabbergasted, reali&ing that I had discovered a ma!or secret of energy work$ I continued working like this for months, several hours a day, feeling my though my energy body a fraction of an inch at a time$ I kept e)tensive notes and sketches and before long a rudimentary mode of the human energy body emerged, along with a improved understanding of how it all worked$ I then wrote an energy work tutorial called *1"# "nergy #ays+ - 1"# for short/ and release it on the Internet$ %his sparked a flood of feedback from energy workers and astral pro!ectors all over the world$ 2y continued personal e)ploration, plus helping others with energy0related problems and issues,progressively enhanced my under0standing of the human energy body and how it works$ 3ody Awareness %actile Imaging energy work became the foundation of all my work$ I reali&ed the importance of the energy body and how it is fundamentally related to all spiritual abilities and phenomena$ 4timulating and developing the energy body is key to everything metaphysical$ All my books, starting with the publication of Astral 5ynamics by Hampton 6oads ublishing .ompany in 1999, reflected this by presenting energy works tutorials$

I began presenting workshops and seminars in 7889$ %he instant feedback gained from personally working with groups of people was invaluable$ %his greatly improved my understanding of the energy body and stimulation and development practices$ I learned something new from every group I taught, and this continues today$ 3ody awareness tactile imaging energy work has come a long way since 1994$ It has steadily grown into the book you are holding$ However, I will always consider this system to be a work in progress$ As my e)plorations continue, I am always discovering new and e)citing ways to use energy$