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Curled up in the back seat with my face buried in a book, I didnt even get a glimpse of the car that

crashed into us on that Saturday morning. All I could vividly remember were the sounds. The screech of metal scrapping metal, the screams of my mother, and the sudden silence that came after everything stopped moving. Just before I passed out I knew that there was no walking away from this one. Several hours later.. An eyebrow lifted. An eyelid trembled, and finally an eye fluttered open. Gradually both my eyes opened to blink at the bright light above. Slowly all feeling came back to me. The sharp shooting pain was worth wiggling my fingers to make sure I was actually alive. My body was so stiff I wouldnt have been surprised if I had been covered in solid concert. I tried shifting my head to look around but realized that there was some sort of cast around my neck. I took a deep breath to stop myself from panicking. Faith, honey. You awake? I didnt recognize the voice. I couldnt even move to look at person. A sense of dread, fear and chocking sadness settled into my chest as I squeezed my eyes shut. This was not good news. Honey, I saw your eyes open. I know youre awake. I have something to tell you. Please open your eyes child because you have to hear this now, the female voice gently asked.

With my eyes still closed I murmured quietly, Just tell me. I knew exactly what she was going to say. Okay, with a shuddered breath and a shaking voice she went ahead. Im so very sorry darling but your parents didnt make it. Shards of pure pain speared through my heart. Tears streamed down my face as sobs rocked my body. With the hands of a stranger in mine I wept for the only family I had. Six months later Eat, she ordered No, I stubbornly replied You should be happy that I brought you some chocolate pudding as desert instead of that nasty kale smoothie youre supposed to be drinking, she muttered with a shake of her head. Youre right. Even though youre getting paid to do this; thank you kind lady, for bringing me this delicious food all the way from the cafeteria. It is food meant for gods alone, I retorted sarcastically Kids in Africa would say different you ungrateful brat, she replied trying to smother a smile. Can I Fed-Ex this to them? Again being the smart aleck I am. Nope, she chuckles as she leaves the room shaking her head.