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A tempo Aber Accelerando (Accel) Ad libitum (Ad lib.

) Adagietto Adagio Affettuoso Affrettando Agitato Al, alla Alla breve Alla misura Allargando Allegretto Allegro Allegro assai Allegro moderato Amabile Amore Amoroso Andante Andantino Anima Animando Animato Anime Appassionato Assai Assez Attacca Ausdruck

In time But Gradually getting faster At choice Rather slow Slow Tenderly Hurrying Agitated In the style of With a minim beat In strict time Broadening Fairly quick Fast Very fast Moderately fast Amiable, pleasant Love Loving At a walking pace Slightly faster than andante Spirit Becoming more lively Animated, lively Animated, lively With passion Very Enough Go immediately to next section Expression

Avec Ben Bewegt Breit Brio Calando Cantabile Cantando Cedez Come Comodo Con, col Crescendo (Cresc.) Da capo (DC) Dal segno (DS) Deciso Decrescendo (Decresc.) Delicato Diminuendo (Dim.) Dolce Dolente Dolore Doloroso Doppio movimento Douce E, ed Ein Einfach En dehors En pressant En retenant

With Well With movement, agitated Broad, expansive Vigour Getting softer, dying away In a singing style Singing Yield, relax the speed As, similar to At a comfortable speed With Gradually getting louder Repeat from beginning Repeat from "S" sign With determination Gradually getting quieter Delicate Gradually getting quieter Sweet, soft Sad, mournful Grief Sorrowful Twice as fast Sweet And One Simple Prominent hurrying Holding back, slowing a little

Energico Espressivo Estinto Et Etwas Facile Fine Forte (F) Fortepiano (FP) Fortissimo (FF) Forza Fruhlich Fuoco Giocoso Giusto Grave Grazioso Immer Incalzando Lacrimoso Langsam Largamente Larghetto Largo Lebhaft Legato Legerement Leggiero Lent Lento Lunga Lunga pausa

Energetic Expressive As soft as possible And Somewhat, rather Easy The end Loud Loud, then immediately soft Very Loud Force Cheerful, joyful Fire Playful, merry Proper, exact Very slow, solemn Graceful Always Getting quicker Sad Slow Broadly Rather slow Slow and stately Lively Smoothly Light Light, nimble Slow Slow Long Long pause

Lusingando Ma Maestoso Mais Marcato Marziale Massig Meno Mesto Mezzo Mezzo forte (MF) Mezzo piano (MP) Misura Mit Moderato Modere Moins Molto Morendo Mosso Nicht Niente Nobilmente Non Non Ohne Ossia Perdendosi Pesante Peu Piacevole Piangevole

Coaxing But Majestic But Emphatic, accented In a military style At a moderate speed Less Sad Half Moderately loud Moderately quiet Measure With Moderate speed At a moderate speed Less Very much Dying away Movement Not Nothing (silence) Nobly Not Not Without Or, alternatively Dying away Heavy Little Pleasant Plaintive, like a lament

Pianissimo (PP) Piano (P) Piu Plus Pochettino Poco Possibile Presser Presto Prima volta Prima, primo Quasi Ralentir Rallentando (Rall.) Retenu Rinforzando (RF, RFZ) Risoluto Ritardando (Rit.) Ritenuto (Rit.) Ritmico Rubato Ruhig Sans Scherzando Schnell Seconda volta Seconda, secondo Segue Sehr Semplice Sempre

Very quiet Quiet More More Rather little A little Possible hurry Fast (faster than allegro) First time First As if, resembling Slow down Gradually getting slower Held back Reinforcing Bold, strong Gradually getting slower Held back Rhythmically With some freedom of time Peaceful Without Playfully, joking Fast Second time Second Go straight on without stopping Very Simple, plain Always

Senza Senza misura Sforzando (SF) Sforzato (SFZ) Simile (sim.) Smorzando Sonoro Sopra Sostenuto Sotto Staccato (Stacc.) Stringendo Subito Suss Tanta Tempo Teneramente Tenerezza Tenuto Tosto Tranquillo Traurig Tres Tristamento, Triste Troppo Un, Une Und Veloce Vif Vite Vivace, vivo

Without In free time Forced, accented Forced, accented In the same way Dying away in tone and speed Resonant, with a rich tone Above Sustained Below Detached Gradually getting faster Suddenly Sweet So much Speed, time Tenderly Tenderly Held Swift, Rapid Calm Sad Very Sorrowful Too much One And Swift Lively Quick Lively, quick

Voce Volante Voll Wenig Wieder Zart Zu

Voice Flying, fast Full Little Again Tender, delicate To, too