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Reaction Classification: Decomposition

Chemical Reaction Project

Its a type of chemical reaction where one reactant yields to several products. The general form of decomposition is: AB -> A+B

Another way to know from the five reactions which one is a decomposition is just by looking at the very first part of the reaction equation meaning these: H2O ! NA2CO3 ! H2O2 ! 2HCL !

NaCl- sodium chloride NaCl ! Na + Cl2 Na(sodium) is just an atom. Cl(chlorine) is a diatomic element that forms molecule of two atoms. However the element is not balanced. It becomes 2NaCl ! 2Na + Cl2 Balance it so you have the same number of atoms.

Examples Continued..
Al2O3:Aluminum Oxide Al: Aluminum O: Oxygen Step 1 : Break down Al2O3 which goes to Al2O3! Al + O2 Step 2 : Now its time to balance the equations which goes to

2 Al2O ! 4 Al + 3 O2
Step 3: Make sure the equation is balanced correctly

Examples Continued..
H2O ! Hydrogen Oxide H + O H(Hydrogen) O(Oxygen) Determine if either one is a diatomic element. Both hydrogen and oxygen are diatomic.

2H2O ! 2H2O2
Now the equation is balanced equally

Pictures of Decomposition

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