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Connect- October 10th-11th

Starts Saturday at 2pm

Ends Sunday at 11:00am.

Emazing Race- 2pm at Bandshell Park (125 E Fifth St)

Cost- 6 pairs of new Socks or $5

Please wear walking/running shoes!

Registration begins at 2:00p, Race at 2:30p, and food at

5:30p. Everything will end at 7:00pm.

Connect Overnite- At 8pm Saturday to Sunday at

Cost- Free!

Girls at Goodman’s House (4850 Timber Creek Lane Ames)

Bring a Sleeping bag, pillow, Swimming suite/Towel/Pool
floatation device, and a snacky food to share

Activities to include a night of pampering, a possible

cook-off, marshmallow microwave wars, and a late
night movie.

Guys at Henry’s House (21469 630th Ave. Nevada)

Bring something to sleep in (ie. Tent, tarp, box),
sleeping bag, clothes (best if they can get dirty and if
they allow you to hide well in the dark),a lawnchair, a
bible/pen/notebook, a snack item to share with others,
and a fun attitude.

Activities to include bonfire, capture the flag, primal

warfare, and the like.

Parents with students who can’t drive are asked to find a

ride for their student or be at the student’s respective
(based on gender) location at 11:00a.

In case of poor weather we will postpone the race to Sunday at 2pm to

7pm and cancel the overnighter.
If you have a time conflict with one of these events please do your best
to ensure your student is a part of as much as possible. If you have
any questions please let us know (cmcline@gmail.com or 563-380-