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Global markets for lyophilization and related CMO services to reach $28.

7 billion by 20 8
For pharmaceutical or biotechnology products, lyophilization processing/freeze drying is critical to maintain the function and integrity of the drug or biomolecule. Moreover, without the use of lyophilization, 60% of biotherapeutics, including recombinant proteins, plasma, vaccines, and antibodies, could not be made commercially viable. ncreasing demand for in!ectable biotech drugs and vaccine mar"et e#pansion, growing need for new or upgraded lyophilization e$uipment, and growing mar"ets in the emerging and developing economies will drive significant growth in this mar"et for the foreseeable future. %&& 'esearch provides an in(depth analysis of the global mar"et for lyophilization/freeze( drying e$uipment and related contract manufacturing organization services through its report )yophilization *$uipment and +ervices, -echnologies and .lobal Mar"ets. /ccording to the report, this mar"et was valued at 012.3 billion in 4014 and 015.6 billion in 4016. %&& 'esearch pro!ects the mar"et to grow to 047.5 billion by 4017, and register a five(year compound annual growth rate 8&/.'9 of 10.:% from 4016 to 4017. !se this report to" .ain an overview of the global mar"et for lyophilization and freeze(drying e$uipment and services products. /nalyze global mar"et trends, with data from 4011 and 4014, estimates for 4016, and pro!ections of &/.'s through 4017. dentify lypholization/freeze drying e$uipment, and mar"et data used in the pharmaceutical/biotechnology, food, and chemical industries, and other sectors. /ssess the components of freeze(drying e$uipment, including the drying chamber, condenser, vacuum system, and process control instrumentation. 'eview comprehensive company profiles of ma!or players in the industry. -o order your copy of this report 8or any of its chapters9 or to download the complimentary introd#ction chapter, clic" here.