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In The IntertwiningThe Chiasm, Merleau-Ponty, develops a notion of flesh which expresses the interrelation between "the seer and

the visible" (139 ! "#ainst $ant, %usserl, and %eide##er &"what is this talis'an of color, this sin#ular virtue of the visible that 'a(es it, held as the end of the #a)e, nonetheless 'uch 'ore than a correlative of 'y vision, such that it i'poses 'y vision upon 'e as a continuation of its own soverei#n existence" (131 * "It is the body and it alone, because it is a two-di'ensional bein#, that can brin# us to the thin#s in the'selves, which are the'selves not flat bein#s but bein#s in depth, inaccessible to a sub+ect that would survey the' fro' above!!!,hen we spea( of the flesh of the visible, we do not 'ean to do anthropolo#y, to describe a world covered over with all our own pro+ections, leavin# aside what it can be under the hu'an 'as(" (13- ., MerleauPonty exa'ines this notion of flesh as it proble'ati)es the opposition between body/world, sub+ect/ob+ect! 0his brid#in# of oppositions hin#es on the (our body bein# "a bein# of two leaves, fro' one side a thin# a'on# thin#s and otherwise what sees the' and touches the'" (131 ! "t the sa'e ti'e, thou#h, we2re never able to be both si'ultaneously3"either 'y ri#ht hand really passes over to the ran( of touched, but then its hold on the world is interrupted4 or it retains its hold on the world, but then I do not really touch it'y ri#ht hand touchin#" (156 ! ,ithin this structure of one hand touchin# the other or hearin# our voice and then the voice of another there still re'ains a #ap or so'ethin# withdrawn beyond which Merleau-Ponty ac(nowled#es and which can2t be theori)ed throu#h the notion of the flesh! In the case of the touched or touchin# hands, both confi#urations re'ain #iven to us only as effects of our (a body3the body as so'ethin# which is touched is not exhaustive of what we could consider a body to be! Maybe it would be 'ore accurate to say that Merleau-Ponty is tal(in# about one (ind of body (I2' not sure exactly what one would call it while at the sa'e ti'e there re'ains another body which cannot be #iven to any lived experience (the underlyin# bioche'ical processes that are not capable of bein# perceived !