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Suzanne Setti 3/8/11 Writing Assignment 1 Bromobenzene (0.44 mL, 4.2 mmol) issol!e in an"# rous et"er (1.

$ mL) %as in&e'te ro(%ise into magnesium turnings (0.0)3 g, 3.8 mm eol) in an"# rous et"er (1.0 mL). *"e magnesium turnings %ere 'rus"e %it" a stir ro to start t"e rea'tion. A+ter t"e rea'tion sto((e , t"e rea'tion !ial %as (la'e in a %arm %ater bat" +or 3 min. *"e bro%n mi,ture %as t"en s-uirte onto a small (ie'e o+ soli ./2. A+ter t"e rea'tion %as 'om(lete, t"e mi,ture %as treate %it" 0.l (31, 4 mL, 12.0 mmol) an t"e 'ontents trans+erre to a se(arator# +unnel. *"e et"er ("ase %as t"en e,tra'te %it" %ater (1.$ mL), 102 a-ueous 1a/0 (2 2.0 mL), an %ater (1.$ mL, 83.2 mmol) again. *"e +irst t%o e,tra'ts %ere is'ar e an t"e last t"ree %ere 'ombine an (la'e in a %arm %ater bat" +or $ min. *"e solution %as a'i i+ie to a (0 o+ 1 %it" 'on'entrate 0.l an %as (la'e in an i'e bat" +or 10 min. Su'tion +iltration #iel e 'ru e benzoi' a'i , a %"ite (re'i(itate3 0.138 g (1.13 mmol, 2).42 #iel ), m( 121.$5122.$ 6. (lit. m( 122 6.).