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North American Markets for Commercial Roofing Materials to Reach $4.

7 Billion By 2017
Though hard hit by the recent economic downturn, the roofing materials industry remains a vital part of the economy. Indeed, higher performance materials with increasing reflectivity and greater insulation capacity are currently being developed that promise higher energy efficiency and lower utility costs. Growing environmental concerns, increased federal and state tax incentives, and an improving economy will drive steady growth in this market for the foreseeable future. BCC esearch provides an in!depth analysis of the "orth #merican market for commercial roofing materials through its report Commercial oofing $aterials% The "orth #merican $arket. #ccording to the report, this market was valued at &'.( billion in )*++ and reached &'., billion in )*+). BCC esearch pro-ects the market to grow to &(.. billion by )*+., and register a five!year compound annual growth rate /C#G 0 of ,..1 from )*+) to )*+.. Use this re ort to% Gain an overview of all commercial roofing products used in the "orth #merican /2.3. and Canada0 market. #naly4e market trends, with data from )*+*, )*++ and )*+), and pro-ections of compound annual growth rates /C#G s0 through )*+.. #ssess the latest in product developments, material, and technology enhancements, as well as a detailed look at the various distribution channels and their dynamics. 5valuate industry structure and competitive analysis. 5xamine actual and pro-ected volumes in emerging applications. eview comprehensive company profiles of ma-or players in the industry. To or!er your copy of this report /or any of its chapters0 or to download the com limentary intro!"ction chapter, click here.