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Faculty Meeting on PBL February 12, 2014


Greek Mask Project

Illustrates the qualities of an ancient Greek mask

Illustrates many qualities of an ancient Greek mask

Illustrates some qualities of an ancient Greek mask

Illustrates few qualities of an ancient Greek Mask

Why Bother
My three year old grandson could make a better Greek mask !ery little information !ery little interaction with group members *o analysis +isorgani#ed ,nfocused *o explanations $onstant sentence errors



Extensive information Extensive interaction with group members Strong analysis "ell organi#ed $learly %ocused &ppropriate explanations %ree of errors in grammar' usage' and spelling Extensive eye contact Shows enthusiasm $lear voice %ully discusses and doesn-t read )resentation

Sufficient Information Sufficient interaction with group members Good analysis (rgani#ed %ocused Some explanations Generally free of sentence errors

Some information Some interaction with group members Some analysis Generally organi#ed Generally focused &dequate explanations Some sentence errors

ittle information ittle interaction with group members imited analysis )oorly organi#ed )oorly focused %ew explanations %requent sentence errors


(ral presentation

Good eye contact Shows some enthusiasm $lear voice +iscusses and doesn-t read presentation

Some eye contact ittle enthusiasm ,nclear voice Reads description

ittle eye contact ittle enthusiasm Mumbles Reads description

My six month old grandson who doesn-t yet talk could explain the mask better