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Drawbacks of HDI

Out of the three main components of the HDI (life expectancy, education, and income) some factors are more important than others. The HDI is flawed for this reason as the score of the three is averaged out. any argue that the HDI should !ecome more human"centred and expanded to include more dimensions, ranging from gender e#uity to environmental !iodiversity The $%& (gross national product) per capita figure ' and conse#uently the HDI figure ' ta(es no account of income distri!ution. If income is unevenly distri!uted, then the $%& per capita will actually !e an inaccurate measure of the monetary well"!eing of the people. )ne#ual development is not human development. *ongevity can also !e distorted as the life expectancy of a person does not consider how healthy the life was led. I.e. + person aged ,- years old !ut has suffered serious illness in the last .years of their life would have a higher HDI value compared to a /- year old who has led a very healthy life.