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Sierra Morgan Morgan English 102 12 February 2013 Academic Language Why do we write the way we do for academic writing? When starting off my academic papers I always start by using an attention getter to real in the reader. This is important because if the reader isnt interested by the first paragraph then its likely they could lose interest in the rest of the paper all together. We dont need this kind of attention when were tweeting because frankly it doesnt matter whose reading them. Academic language is aimed at a specific audience to persuade them on the topic at hand, this is done so through complex sentences, claims, and evidence. The process of perfecting academic language can be tedious but teaches me to become a better writer along the way. When Im writing academically my audience is who Im trying to convince and believe in what Im saying. Academic language helps with this because in order to make it sound good you have to have a wide range of vocabulary. Its important to show you have the skills to write academically correct in your paper because the way you present information is the way the audience will perceive it as well. While writing my paper on airport screening last semester I needed statistics to back up my claim. The claim was The best decision for the citizens safety was to make airport screening more affective using certain travel requirements, new technology, and making restrictions that all protect our country (Morgan par. 1). To show my audience why this is important I had to make clear evidence. One piece I used was. On the day of the attack while boarding flights most of the hijackers used the U.S. identification they obtained over the

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past couple months (Morgan par. 3). Once you have evidence to support your claim then the readers have reason to believe in your ideas. I write academic language because it is beneficial to others, while when Im tweeting, its beneficial for me. My statements would not be as effective written as short incomplete sentences. The flow of academic language provides background for the reader so it could be read by anyone and be understood. Whereas, my tweets may not be understood by anyone besides me because there is not complex sentence structure leaving question for who, what, when, where, and why. In academic language when the words you use arent your own its easy to find the source because you can just look at the citation made and then find it on the work cited page. When Im tweeting I take credit for others tweets without even realizing I stole it. Academic language has rules that have to be followed in order for it to be completed correctly. Writers need these rules to communicate efficiently so we can understand each others work.

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Work cited Morgan, Sierra. Airport Screening. 11 Nov. 2013.print.