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Snow hits South East England On Monday February 2nd 2009 the South East of England was hit

by snow. I know this is not unusual in many parts of the world but it was interesting to wat!h the whole region grind to a "irtual standstill. #t the time of writing this arti!le the ma$or %ondon airports of &eathrow 'atwi!k and %ondon (ity were all !losed. Stansted airport had been !losed but has $ust had one runway re)opened. *+la!e table here, -his table shows the number of s!hools reported !losed. It is interesting to note that although the snow was no hea"ier in the South East of England one of the eastern (ounties reported more than 2.0 of its s!hools are !losed. -his ga"e the !hildren lots time to play in the snow snowballing making snowmen and snow angels. -he snow ga"e an added dimension produ!ing some "ery pi!tures/ue s!enes many !aptured on !amera. -ra"el !haos has ensued the M2. is !losed in many pla!es and many s!hools throughout the !ountry ha"e been !losed.