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L -31/32 : Overall effectiveness Factor

Prof. K.K.Pant Department of Chemical Engineering IIT Delhi.

Non isothermal pellet Energy balance

Energy balance

Mass Balance

d [ De (dC A / dr )r ] 2 rA c r 0 dr

Non isothermal pellet effectiveness factor

Overall effectiveness factor (Both internal and external diffusion are important

Rate per unit volume

Rate per unit surface area internal

Solve for CAs, Conc at pellet Surface

Overall rate in terms of bulk concentration


Overall effectiveness factor and rate of reaction for a first order reaction

Rate of reaction, -rA

= (Actual overall rate of reaction) divided by (rate that would result if the entire surface were exposed to the bulk conditions, CAb, Ts)

= " 1+ k1Sab /k c ac -r = (-r ) = k CAb

" A " Ab " 1

-rA = -r = -r Sab = k CAbSab

' A b " A " 1

Mears Criterion for External Diffusion Uses the measured rate of reaction to check if mass transfer from bulk gas phase to the catalyst surface can be neglected. Mears proposed that when

external mass transfer resistance was neglected. From the data given estimate the Thiele modulus and effectiveness factor for each pellet. What should be the size of the pellet so that diffusion resistance does not affect the rate?


SURFACE RATE is same. Calculate 12 and 11. and corresponding effectiveness factors Calculate radius of the pellet when approaches to 1.