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Civil Engineering Department E.C.E. ASSIGNMENT (PART -1)

(1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6) (7) (8) (9) (10) (11) (12) (13) Role of Civil Engineer Scope of Civil Engineer Impact on Infrastructure Development on the Economic Development of a Country Planning & Importance of Planning Scheduling, Importance of Scheduling & Scheduling Techniques Surveying; Object & Uses of Surveying Definition & Difference Between: Plane Surveying & Geodetic Surveying Fundamental Principles of Surveying Classification of Surveying Instruments used in Chain Surveying, Operations in Chain Surveying Principle of Chain Surveying, Terms Related with Chain Surveying Errors in Chaining Examples on Chaining & Compass Surveying.

(I) A 20 m chain was found to be 10 cm too long after chaining a distance of 1500 m. It was found to be 18 cm too long at the end of one days work after chaining the total distance of 3900 m. Find the true distance if chain was correct before the commencement of work. (II) The following observations were taken with a prismatic compass while running a closed traverse ABCDE. Calculate the correct included angles of the traverse if required.
Line AB BC CD DE EA Reduced Bearing S 62 E N 57 E N 47 W N 88 W S 21 W


Conventional Symbols Types of Scales, construction of Scales.

Note: This assignment should be submitted on or before 20th Nov, 2012 & should be written in the journal pages. Put assignments on the back of your ECE journal. Write any 6 questions from Question no. 1 to 12; hence, all questions are important. Question no.13 is compulsory for all. No need to submit/write Question no. 14.