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Units in general In general there are 6 types of units in Warpath Redux: Infantry, Light Armour, Heavy Armour, Ordnan e, !ommand and "pe ial# $here are no air units in %arpath &e ause they are not needed# $he te hnology level in %arpath is 'uite high and air units (ust %ouldn)t ma*e sense# With extremely dura&le armour and shields on most vehi les the ne essary resear h for pin point long range fire from moving targets simply isn)t feasi&le# As su h the furthest you %ill see a hover vehi le off the ground is a&out +, meters and as su h, they are generally lassed as either Light or Heavy Armour -.unships are the losest you %ill get to air units/# Units on the ta&letop are groupings of 0, 1 and 2 model3s on the same &ase# $his provides a visually pleasing sight of hundreds of models on the ta&le, &ut %ith the easy manoeuvra&ility of a typi al %ar game# $ypi ally standard units are 0 models, elite units are 1 models and vehi les, ommand models and monsters are &y themselves# Unit "tatisti s 4a h grouping of models has something alled a "tatline# $his is a series of num&ers that tell you things li*e: ho% far they an move, shoot and ta*e damage# 4very grouping of models has 5 "tatisti s: "peed, 6elee "*ill, Ranged "*ill, 7efen e, 8erve, "pe ial and !ost# A "tatline loo*s li*e this# Unit9s 8ame "peed 6elee "*ill Ranged "*ill 7efen e 8erve "pe ial !ost

In addition to a "tatline, a Unit %ill al%ays have a note under it saying %hat Weapons and 4'uipment that unit has# Under that you %ill have the Units Options %hi h detail hanges you an ma*e to the unit during for e reation# $hese ould &e spe ial e'uipment or %eapons#