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Dominique Ricks INT-375

What is Language? Language varies depending on the people who using, its the task at hand, and the society in which it all takes place. To understand power, persuasion, and how people live together, a conscious engagement with language is necessary. Linguist meaning is use, we dont judge the meaning of a word as correct or incorrect; rather what the word means alters as it is used in different ways. Description is defined as describing what people are doing with language and prescription is setting down rules for proper language use. Then there is what we call bad language. This appears when language changing becomes overcomplicated. Jargon is defined as the use of words and expressions that are difficult to understand for people not a part of specialized group. Powerful people tend to speak in complex ways. The use of specialized language between such professionals is necessary for good communication (such as doctors). Then on the other hand some professionals may use specialized terms to make a simple message more difficult to understand. Language is a ruled governed system. Such rules exist like sentence placement, nouns, and plurals. Although there are many rules in the language system it is still diverse. Languages include different accents, the pronunciation and dialects, the orders of words. Language is used in all forms of life. Language coincides with various aspects of our lives such as, advertising, representation, politics, media, gender, ethnicity, age, social class, and identity.