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2013 Math Challenge

Score: Name: Michael Edward D. Tibule

Solve each item on scratch paper, when necessary. Write the correct answer on the blank space.
_______1. _______2. _______3. _______4. _______5. _______6. _______7. _______8. _______9. What is the place value of 7 in 763? There are tens in 385? Write "six hundred five" in numerals. What is the largest three-digit odd number? How many odd numbers are greater than 6 but less than 19? Two more than 5 is equal to three more than what number? What is 2 + 3 + 4 - 2? If 104 + N = 104, what is N? What is the total l when 10 is added to the sum of 25 and 52?

_______10. Mother has 8 sandwiches. There will be 16 visitors coming. How many more sandwiches does she need to prepare? _______11. In a line, there are 3 pupils ahead of Remy and 7 pupils behind her. How many pupils are in the line? _______12. Mark received three toy cars, 4 balls and ten pens. How many items did he get in all? _______13. Teacher Len is 25 years older than me. I am 7 years old. How old is Teacher Len? _______14. A bag contains 30 marbles. Seven are red, 5 are blue, 2 are yellow and the rest are green. _______15. How many green marbles are in the bag? _______16. Liz has 9 stickers while Bon has 5. How many stickers should Liz give Bon for them to have the same number of stickers? _______17. How much all is six P5.00 coins and two P2.0 .00 bills? _______18. Pedro has three P50.00 bills. Juan has eight P20.00 bills. Who has more money and by how much? _______19. What number is 51ess than 2 more than 52? _______20. Carl started playing a video game at 12:30 pm. When the game was over, the clock showed this time. How long did the game last? _______21. Jean baked a cake and cut it into 8 equal pieces. She gave 3 pieces to Andy. What fraction of the cake was left with Jean? _______22. Miguel has 12 marbles. One- half of them are blue. One-third of the rest is white. How many marbles are not colored blue or white? _______23. In a class election, Paula got one-third of the class votes. If she got 12 votes, how many pupils are there in the class? _______24. The first day of a month falls on a Wednesday. What day is it on the 1oth of that month? _______25. The puppies are 14 days old. How many weeks old are the puppies? _______26. My birthday was Tuesday. What was the day three days before my birthday? _______27. Draw the next two figures in the pattern. C O D D O _______28. Iggy was 7 years old when Tina turned 2. Tina turned 10 years old today. How old is Iggy? _______29. I am a two-digit number. The sum of my digits is 9. My ones digit is twice my tens digit. What number am I? _______30. ABCD is a rectangle whose area is 12 square units. How many square units are contained in the shaded area, EFBA? _______31. From a 10 cm by 20 Cm rectangular cardboard, a square with side length 8 cm is cut. What I the perimeter of the shaded figure? _______32. 31. A basket contains 12 mangoes, 15 bananas and no other fruit. If 3 more bananas are added to the basket, what fraction of the fruit in the basket will be bananas?

2013-MTAP Reviewer- Michael Edward Tibule

_______33. Cora had P60.00. She spent one third of her money in one store. She spent another third of her money in another store. After going to the next store, she had only P5.00 left. How much did she spend in the last store? _______34. Grace sleeps at 9:00 in the evening. What time should she set her alarm clock to have hours of sleep? _______35. Ann and Ben started reading their book s at the same time. Ann read 8 pages per day. Ben reads 12 pages a day. After 2 days, how many more pages had Ben read than Ann? _______36. Vi had P150 in her wallet. She spent P80 f or a toy. She earned P50 for doing a chore. Then, she spent F30 for lunch. How much money did Vi have left? _______37. Nica had 6 sandwiches for her 5 friends. She sliced each sandwich into halves. One friend got 2 slices. The second one got 1 slice, the third and the fourth got 2 slices each and the last one got 3. How many halves of sandwiches were left for Nica? _______38. Jane has two pieces of ribbon. One piece is 10 cm longer than the other. The total length of the two pieces is 40 cm. How long is the shorter piece? _______39. Jed has a magic money box. Every day, it doubles the number of coins inside it. Jed put in one P5 coin on Monday. He did not put any more coin after that. On Tuesday, he checked and for und two P5 coins. How many coins did Jed see on Friday? _______40. A storekeeper sold 31 eggs in the morning and 32 eggs in the afternoon. At the end of the day, 9 eggs were not sold. How many eggs were there in all? _______41. Lily rented 6 tables. Each table must have 6 chairs. How many chairs does she need? _______42. There are 7 cars and 6 motorcycles in the parking lot. How many wheels are there? _______43. Jun buys a bag and a shirt. 1he sh1rt costs half as much as the bag. The total cost is P360. How much does the shirt cost? _______44. Jen puts a number into a machine. The machine doubled the number then added 3 more. _______45. The number 27 came out of the machine. What number did Jen put into the machine? _______46. Ben walks from school to Danny's house which is 6 blocks east of the school. Ben then walks 11 blocks west to his own house. How many blocks away does Ben live from the school? _______47. Fifty-two children and 29 adults went to the stad1um for a school event. The stadium has 95 seats. How many seats were empty? _______48. Coach Pete ordered three jersey s for players Ben, Frank and Jun. The numbers on the jerseys are 9, 12, and 17. Ben's jersey has an even number. Frank's jersey has the largest number. What number is on Jun's jersey? _______49. Bob and Anton both start with the same number. Bob adds 6 to the number. Anton multiplies the number by 2. They both get the same result. What number did they both start with? _______50. The product of two different whole numbers is 7. What is the is sum? _______51. Along a straight road, an ice cream vendor is 2 km from the bus and 5 km from the train. What is the least possible distance between the bus and the train? _______52. 50. If you subtract 15 ones from 15 tens, what is the result?

2013-MTAP Reviewer- Michael Edward Tibule

2011 Math Challenge

Name: Michael Edward D. Tibule
Time: 70 minutes. Solve each item and write the answer on the blank before the number.
_______1. _______2. _______3. _______4. _______5. _______6. _______7. _______8. _______9. What is the place value of 8 in 4807? What is 19 more than 17 + 28? What is 25 less than 23 + 29? What is missing in (18 + 7) + 9 = 1i+ (7+9)? Which is the greatest among 236, 188,456,601, 592? You have 457 sticks. How many bundles of 10 can you make? Subtract the sum of 25 + 37 from 100. What number is 27 more than 94 45? What number is midway between 44 and 50?


_______10. Write LXXVII in Hindu-Arabic. _______11. Rina had 5 dozen roses. She sold 56 of them. How many remained? _______12. If 27 + N = 65, what is N? _______13. Subtract34 from 50.and add the difference to 45. _______14. Elsie had 85 . She bought a purse for 45.75. How much money had she left? _______15. Choose" <, =, or>" to put in 42 + 37____55+ 24 _______16. What fraction of the figure is shaded? _______17. What fraction names 9 of the 17 equal parts into which a whole is divided? _______18. Lucy had 1/2 of a small cake. She shared it equally with her two sisters. What fraction of the cake did each of the 3 sisters get? _______19. What will you put in the blank to make 29 +____= 75? _______20. What number does not belong in (18, 24, 30, 34, 42, 48)? _______21. In the pattern 18, 23, N, 33, 38, 43, what is N? _______22. If I double my number, I get 86. What is my number? _______23. If you skip count by 2s beginning at 10 at the first skip, what will you say at the 10th skip? _______24. How many minutes are in 3 1/2 hours? _______25. Kate is 4 1/2 years old. Lucy is 52 months old. Who is older? _______26. How many 5-peso coins are equal to 6 P20-bills? _______27. How much do you have if you have two P100-bills, three P50- bills and two P20-bills? _______28. Ana has 35 and Leo has 45.50. How much more do they need to buy a gift for mother worth P98.50? _______29. A family were on their way to visit grandma in the province 235 kilometers from their home. After driving 165 kilometers they stopped at a beach. How many kilometers from grandma's house were they then? _______30. Iggyboy has a book of 195 pages. The first week, he read 65 pages. The second week he read 78 pages. How many more pages he has to read? _______31. Pepot bought 12 apples. She gave 2 to each of her two brothers. How many apples were left with her?

2013-MTAP Reviewer- Michael Edward Tibule

_______32. I am greater 43 + 29 but less than 42 + 32. What number am I? _______33. Mother bought 2 kilos of rice at 38.50 a kilo. How much change did she get from a P100-bill? _______34. Our table has the measurements in the figure. What is the measure around the table? _______35. My tens digit is 3 more than my ones digit. My hundreds is 1 less than my tens digit. What number am I if the sum of my "digits is 20? _______36. Aida skips counting by 5s. She began by saying 7, 12, 17, 22, 27, 32, 37, and so on. _______37. What number did she say on the 12th kip? _______38. Double my number and subtract 9; then you will get 67. What is my number? _______39. My sister is 5 years older than I am. In 5 years, she will be 18 years old. How old am I today? _______40. Pete had 65. On his birthday, father gave him '50 and his uncle gave him 40. How much money had Pete then? _______41. Nora baked a big cake. She cut it into 48 equal pieces. She sold 45 pieces. What fraction of the cake remained? _______42. Rose has 85 stamps in her album; Ann has 57 stamps. On Ann's birthday, Rose gave her 12 of her stamps. Then, how many more stamps has Rose than Ann then? _______43. You have 10 guavas, 8 santols, 13 oranges and 9 apples. You give 4 friends as many fruits as you can so all have the same number and the same kind of fruits. How many fruits will remain with you? _______44. I am thinking of a number such that if 9 is removed from it and 17 is added, the result is What is my number? _______45. What is the 15th number in the pattern 12, 16, 20, 24, ...? _______46. Rod collected 52 shells; Rita collected 7 fewer shells than Rod. How many shells did the two collect together? _______47. There are 48 balls in a box. One-third of the balls are red, 1/4 of them are white and the rest are yellow. How many yellow balls are there? _______48. Ricky had 38 marbles. He gave 12 to his brother and then he won 15 marbles in a game. How many marbles had he then? _______49. One number is 5 more than another. If their sum is 37, what is the bigger number? _______50. Rita bought a purse and a bag for 235. If the bag cost 45 more than the purse, what is the cost of the purse? _______51. John is now twice as old as Peter. The sum of their r ages is 36 years. In 5 years time, how old will John be?

_______1. _______2. _______3. _______4. _______5. _______6. _______7. _______8. _______9.

What is the place value of 8 in 385? 675 means 6 7 tens and 5 ones.

What number is before 900? Which of <, > or = will make 789 700 + 98 true? Write "eight hundred twelve" in symbols. What number comes after 179? What is twelve more than 15 + 18? What Is 36- 17? If 14 + 12 = A + 14, what is A?

10. Add 8 to my number and then subtract 11to get 23. What is my number?

11. There are 26 candies in a bag. If Joey will eat 5, how many candies will be left?

2013-MTAP Reviewer- Michael Edward Tibule

_ 12. Mr. Garcia caught 16 fish. But 9 are still small so he let them back into the water . How many fish did he bring home?

13. My auntie is 18 years old r than I am. If I am 7 years old, how old is my auntie?

----- 14. Nineteen girls and 25 boys went to the zoo. How many pupils went to the zoo?

15. Nena bought 15 apples. She gave 3 to her friend and 4 to her sister. How many apples had she left?

16. How many 25 pieces are equal to ftJ.OO?

17. How many '20.00 bills are equal to a fDlOO.OO?

18. Which of<, > or = will make P18.50 + P3.50 _ P22.00 true?

19. How much money do you have, if you have 2 P20-bills and one fDS.OO coin?

20. Ican save P2.00 a day. How much can Isave in 7 days?

21. What i's the shape of a blackboard?

_ 22. What is the shape of a plate?

23. What time does the dock show?

2013-MTAP Reviewer- Michael Edward Tibule

24. Write seven-elevenths in symbols.

25. One-half is equal to how many tenths?

26. What is 3/5 of 25?

27. How much more is 1/2 of P60 than 1/4 of PlOO?

28. How many days are there in February during a leap year7

----- 29. On what date do we celebrate New Year?

30. How many days are there in July?

31. Today, January 18, is Thursday. What day will it be 10 days from today?

32. In 3, 5, 7, 9,---- N, 15, what number is N?

----- 33. If 7 days ago was a Friday, what day will it be 3days from today?

34. How many fives are there in 35?

35. How many sets of 4 are there in a set of 24?

36. Pete counted 18 chicken legs .in his Lolo's farm. How many chickens were there?

2013-MTAP Reviewer- Michael Edward Tibule

37. If you subtract 9 from my number and then multiply it by 5, you get 35. What is my number?

38. Each of 4 vases contain 6 roses. How many roses are there?

----- 39. What fraction names the shaded part?

40. Mother divided a cake into .16 equal parts. She gave 5 p_ieces to their neighbor. What fraction of the cake did Mother give away?

41. My numerator is 7 and my qenominator is 5 more than my numerator . What fraction am I?

42 . What will you add to 5/8 to make it equal to 1?

43. Rita arranged 1 1/2 dozen roses for her mother's party. She put 4 pink roses and 2 white roses in each vase. How many vases did she use?

44. Luz started doing her homework at 6:45. She spent 45 minutes in her homework.

What time did she finish?

_ his bus?

45. Joe has to catch a train at 7:30. He is still at home at 6:45. If he takes 38 minutes to reach the station, will he catch

46. How many triangles can you count in the figure?

2013-MTAP Reviewer- Michael Edward Tibule

47. Pete will build a fence around his vegetable garden . His garden is 12 m long and 9 m wide. How many meters of

fencing material does he need?

-48. Jane has 3 m of ribbon. She will divide it into 5 equal pieces . How many centimeters long will be each piece? _ 49. There are 12 red balls in a box. There are 5 less than twice as many blue balls as red balls in the box. How many balls

are in the box?

50. Debbie bought a doli and a table set. The table . set cost P52.50. The doll cost P17.50 more than the table set. How much in all did Debbie spend?

2013-MTAP Reviewer- Michael Edward Tibule