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A325 and A490 Structural Bolts

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A325 and A490 Structural Bolts

ASTM A325 bolts are supplied as plain or galvanized (mechanical or hot dipped). We offer A325 bolts as Type 1, Type 3 (weathering steel), or A325T (thread-to-head, in lengths up to four times diameter, and 105 ksi over 1". The Type 1 bolts are made as medium steel with sufficient harden ability to obtain the required properties. The Type 3 bolts are made from composition "A" from Table 2 in the ASTM A325 specification (medium carbon steel with Copper, Nickel, and Chromium additions for weathering purposes). Dimensions are a specified for Heavy Hex Structural Bolts in ANSI/ASME B18.2.6 and threads are UNC (Unified Coarse) per ANSI/ASME B1.1. A325M METRIC STRUCTURAL BOLTS ASTM A325M bolts are supplied as plain or galvanized (mechanical or hot dipped). The chemical and mechanical properties are given in ASTM F568 ("Standard Specification for Carbon and Alloy Steel Externally Threaded Metric Fasteners"). The ASTM A325M bolt is equivalent to the properties of an ASTM F568 class 8.8 bolt. These properties are essentially identical to class 8.8 in ISO 898/I. Surface discontinuity limits are specified in ASTM F788/F788M. The ASTM A325M bolts are produced to the dimensions for heavy hex structural bolts as specified in ANSI B18.2.3.7M. The threads are rolled as specified in ANSI B1.13M, to a metric coarse thread with grade 6g tolerance. A490 STRUCTURAL BOLTS ASTM A490 bolts are supplied as plain (black) only. These bolts are heat treated to a tensile strength range of greater than 150 ksi. Medium carbon, alloy steel is used for these bolts. Dimensions are as specified for Heavy Hex Structural Bolts in ANS/ASME B1.1. more on applications > To order standard fasteners, contact a sales representative Repeat customers may fax your orders to (336) 852-9730.

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What is 8.8 grade steel

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What is 8.8 grade steel?

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A grade 8.8 fastener can be manufactured from any material whose mechanical properties meet or exceed the requirements set forth in the relevant harmonised standards. The two-digit nomenclature is not used to describe individual steel grades and only applies to metric fasteners defined under ISO 965 (as well as derived standards) The designation system is based on two numbers e.g 8.8 . The first number is the tensile strength of the bolt material (N/mm )/100. The second number is = 1/100.(the ratio of the Proof (or Yield ) stress and the Tensile strength expressed as a percentage = 100.[Yield (Proof stress) /Tensile strength] /100 meaning that a grade 8.8 bolt has a nominal ultimate tensile strength (UTS) of 800N/mm2 (or Mpa) and a nominal yield strength of 640N/mm2 (or Mpa). These values are not expressed in Kg/mm or PSI as the first is an expression of mass by surface-area, the second is an expression of weight by surface-area and neither are true units under the SI system. Lastly, the actual steel grade used by manufacturers may vary but in most cases, a grade 8.8 fastener (self-colour, black-oxide or zinc plated) will be manufactured from a medium-alloy medium carbon steel, typically with 0.30 - 0.50 % Carbon and alloyed with other elements such as Molybdenum, Vanadium, Manganese and sometimes Boron or Cobalt in small quantities. These alloying elements provide the required mechanical properties to reach the minimum strength set forth by the harmonised standards. Bare in mind that people sometimes refer to "high-tensile bolts" which are typically grade 8.8 or superior under the metric fastener system. Grade 8.8 and superior bolts should always have their grade permanently marked on the head to differentiate them from "low-tensile bolts" as inadvertantly replacing the former with the latter could have disastrous effects. Grade 4.6 bolts are typically refered to as "low tensile" and are often used in the construction industry as these bolts offer higher ductility and resilience compared to "high-tensile" bolts. Hope this helps.
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What is 8.8 grade steel

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