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Healthy Eating A persons weight and body shape are determined by many factors, including physical activity, eating

patterns, societal influences as well as heredity (genetic make-up). Therefore, there is no ideal weight for someone of the same height age due to different body shapes, frames and makeup. SO How does one achieve and maintain a desirable body weight and size without dieting?
!. Adopt healthy eating habits (following "anadas #ood $uide to %ealthy &ating, eat when you are hungry, not bored etc). '. &ngage in daily physical activity (include strength, endurance, fle(ibility, activities etc) ). *earn to accept yourself (ie. #eel good about yourself).

Food Guide Assignment

In class preliminary knowledge $o to www.hc-sc.gc.ca, then %ealthy *iving, then #ood and +utrition and find the answers to the following ,uestions!. .n what principles is the food guide based/ The principles of this food guide is '. 0hat are the recommendations for the 1 food groups/ The 1 recommendations for the 1 foods groups are 2egetables and #ruit, $raind products, 3ilk and Alternatives, and 3eat and Alternatives. ). 0hat constitutes a 4serving- for each group/ The food servings per day for(numbers listed in the order of 2egetables, $rains, 3ilk and 3eat) '-) 1)'! 1-5 61'! 7-!) 8 8 )-1 !-' #emale 9 8 )-1 ' !1-!5 3ale 5 9 )-1 ) !1-!5 #emale 9-5 8-9 ' ' adults !7-6: 3ales 5-!: 5 ' ) adults !7-6: Adults 9 8 ) ' #emale 6!; Adults 9 9 ) ) 3ales 6!; 1. %ow do the recommendations differ according to different age groups, gender and pregnancy/ The recommendations differ for in female and male. 3ale have larger servings and female has less. Also as the age increase the amount of physical activity you do increases also therefore as you grow the amount of food you consume becomes larger, however when you grow 6:; you amount of vitamins and minerals differ. #or pregnant women they need more irons in their diet for their body to work appropriately. 6. "omplete your own food guide using the tool on the "anadas #ood $uide site. 3y personal food guide< need to have 9 servings of vegetables or fruit, 8 servings od grains ) servings of 3ilk or =airy and finally ' servings of 3eat.

At Home section >rint the chart below which will give you the food group serving data for three days. <nclude it and the conclusion ,uestion Canada s Food Guide Assignment! A diet of balanced, nutritious meals combined with regular physical activity enables you to achieve and maintain a healthy body weight, have more energy, and en?oy better overall health. 0hen eating tries to limit food and beverages that are high in calories, fat, sugar, and salt. To =o @sing the chart below, insert the number of servings you should have each day, according to Canadas Food Guide and record your actual food choices and servings by shading in the symbols. "ompare to your food guide that you created in class

AlternativesMilk and

DAY 1 Break ast !ongee "tra#berries and blueberries$ orange %& milk "nack (unch Almond milk "and#ich "nack )inner "alad$ a**le$ and orange Noodles "teak Milk "nack





DAY 2 Break ast !ongee Orange$ *eaches and blueberries Milk "nack "tra#berries (unch !lementine$ and blackberries Noodles Almond milk


',% % ' '

AlternativesMeat and

FruitsVegetables and

Name: Whitney

Added Oils and Fats

Grain Products

"nack )inner Orange and a**le "and#ich and ham "nack



DAY 3 Break ast Milk and banana "nack (unch Banana Noodles !hicken "nack )inner Bee -ice "alad and banana "nack






RECOMMENDED DAILY FOOD GUIDE SERVINGS Vegetables and Grain Products Milk and Meat and Fruits Alternative Alternatives MY DAILY TOTALS )ay ' . / 0 %

)ay % )ay /

.10 +

/ +

% '

% %

SMART CHOICES CHECKLIST 2 2 2 I eat the recommended amount and type of food each day. I eat at least one dark green and one orange vegetable each day I choose vegetables and fruit, grain products, and lean meat and alternatives prepared with little or no added fat, sugar or salt. I have vegetables and fruit more often than juice. At least half of my grain product choices are whole grain each day. I drink skim, 1% or 2% milk each day. I choose lower fat milk alternatives. I have meat alternatives such as beans, lentils and tofu often. I eat at least two ood !uide "ervings of fish each week. I include a small amount of unsaturated fat #oils used in cooking, salad dressing, margarine, and mayonnaise$ each day. I satisfy my thirst with water. I limit foods and beverages that are high in calories, fat, sugar or salt.

2 2 2 2

"onclusion Auestions!) =id you eat a variety of foods from all of the food groups/ &(plain the importance of variety. <nclude in your answer an understanding of the role of micronutrients in a healthy diet. =uring the ) days < ate a variety of foods from the different food groups, because after doing the research < understood the importance of the different nutrients and how it would help our body to functions. Therefore, in order for us to stay healthy we need to include all food groups in out diet. ') <n what food group did you have the most difficulty meeting the recommended servings/ 0hy do you think there were barriers for you in getting all of the food groups ade,uately into your diet. The food group that < have most difficulties meeting the recommended is having enough diary products. There is this barrier because < donBt like have diary products and also as a boarder there isnBt as many alternatives to replace diary. )) =id you food consumption meet you energy needs for daily activities/ Cefer to the energy e,uation and your understanding of calories to e(plain your energy needs.

< think my food consumption meet my energy need for the day, because during the week on some days < have more physical activity, therefore < tend to be hungrier. %owever on the days when < did not do much physical activity < would not very hungry therefore < eat less. Also < try to have food that meet the 1 food groups and has different nutrients in it. < also try to have food with less sugar and fat. Dome of the food < have may have high calories but not from the sugar or fat.

Assignment components which must be submitted includes!.Eour "anadas food $uide (application) '.>reliminary research ,uestions (knowledge) ). ) day data collection sheet (in,uiry) 1. "onclusion ,uestions (communication)

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