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Minutes of the meeting 22 January 2014 Committee Room 2 Civic Centre Present: Mrs P Winston-Chairman and By roo! Cemetery Mr " #agg- Cryo$ Road Mr B %hru so$e- Re&ton Manor Mr ' Button- Bu$! Buying Manager Mr P Ba$doc!-(en)ood Mr M Chand$er- Burton #ie$d Ms % (aste- Musgrove #arm Ms ' Puc!ett- Pu $icity *fficer Ms + ,a)son- Christchurch- Jemmett- Wi$$iam Road- Musgrove ne) Caro$ Ridings- %ecretary Ju$ie "homas . /BC 4 tenants

10 20

Apologies Mr R "ay$or- *rion Way- 1veryone )ished him a s&eedy recovery0 Ms B Raggett Chairmans Opening Remarks

2We$come to our first meeting of 20140 /$though $ast year )as dec$ared the )ettest on record)e have a$ready ec$i&sed this- according to forecasters )ho agree 3ecem er sa) the most rainfa$$ in a month resu$ting in terri $e f$ooding over Christmas0 %ome a$$otments are severe$y affected and under )ater- others 4ust saturated- and ma!ing digging im&ossi $e0 "he ne) a&&ointment of a &u $icity officer- 'i$da has meant )e no) have a good- )e$$ maintained )e site- and 5 ho&e this )i$$ im&rove information for &$ot ho$ders0 Meetings have een he$d )ith /nne 3avies and Ju$ie Rogers to share and discuss ideas and concerns a out &rovision of a$$otments in the /shford area- and ho) to &$an ahead for the ne6t one to five years0 Current$y time &ressures have meant any for)ard strategic &$anning has een de$ayed0 *ur a$$otments are a &recious resource and those )ho s&end the effort and time to )or! and im&rove their &$ot shou$d e commended0 We shou$d therefore res&ect the &rivi$ege of eing a tenant and commit to )or!ing the &$ot0 5t sti$$ seems a too $ong and time$y &rocess to remove tenants )ho do not &ut in the hours re7uired and ho$ds u& a &otentia$ ne) mem er from the $ong )aiting $ist0 "he year ahead cou$d e an im&ortant one for a$$ of us- )hatever the )eather may ring- and 5 ho&e you are a $e to en4oy the considera $e enefits that a$$otment gardening rings0 5n vie) of )hat cou$d e a cha$$enging year ahead 5 )ou$d $i!e to as! for a &ro&osa$ and second for authority to contact the area re& for su&&ort and guidance0 Pro&osed .'i$da Puc!ett %econded- "ony #agg Carried unanimous$y ! Min"#es /greed $! %"lk %"&ing Managers Repor# / &oor sa$e of autumn onions and gar$ic- and 890 )as )ritten off0 810:;0<4 in /ccount 1 4 "rees in the schoo$ are overhanging the drive to the seed shed and the &otato $orry )i$$ not e a $e to ma!e the de$ivery0 Ms Puc!ett as!ed a out attracting non &$ot ho$ders to the seed shed0

Ju$ie stated that /shford Borough Counci$ Community 'rants #und match funded the &urchase of the seed shed so has to e avai$a $e to a$$ residents in the orough- not 4ust a$$otment ho$ders0 0 Mr #agg confirmed that non a$$otment ho$ders )ere uying goods from the shed0 Mr Button e6&$ained that if there )ere more vo$unteers- then the shed cou$d have e6tended o&ening hours0 "he Chairman e6&$ained that some days no ody turns u& to the shed0 %he as!ed #orum mem ers to encourage &$ot ho$ders to use the seed shed0 Ms Puc!ett as!ed a out )aiving the 4oining fee0 Mr Button confirmed that there is 4ust an annua$ fee0 '! (")li*i#& O++i*ers Repor# Ms Puc!ett has met /nne 3avies and 1i$een ,a) )ith the Chairman today0 Ju$ie Rogers )as una $e to attend ut 3ean %&urre$$ attended0 "he fo$$o)ing matters )ere discussed:"he forum having tenants emai$ addresses0 5t )ou$d a&&ear that )hen tenants )ere as!ed to give their emai$ address to the forum they thought that it )as an internet chat room0 5t )as therefore considered that there shou$d e a change in name to /shford /$$otment %ociety and the #orum is the Committee0 Mr #agg e6&$ained that the name forum had to e changed to society )hen the seed shed o&ened0 Ju$ie )asn2t sure that this )as the case0 "he change of name )as therefore agreed0 #unding- "he Counci$ s&ends 84=-000 on admin and genera$ e6&enses re$ating to a$$otmentsnot inc$uding the )ater i$$- therefore > 8:0 &er &$ot0 Ms Puc!ett has as!ed to $oo! at these figures0 1i$een had given a run do)n of )hat ha&&ens )hen a &$ot ecomes vacant0 %ome &eo&$e on the )aiting $ist cannot e contacted- and some names don2t ta$$y )ith the )aiting $ist0 1i$een is eing as!ed to $oo! again at the $ist and confirm the num ers0 /$so $oo!ing at as!ing &ros&ective tenants if they are sti$$ interested in having a &$ot if they have een on the $ist for more than a year0 /t &resent 290 on the $ist and =40 &$ot ho$ders0 ?on cu$tivation notices- "his system does not seem to e )or!ing0 /nne and 1i$een agreed to $oo! at this again ut not efore March as the &$ots are too )et at &resent to cu$tivate0 5t )as rought u& that some &$ots have not een cu$tivated for years0 Pum&!in %ho)- unfortunate$y not many &eo&$e attended as the )eather )as so &oor0 "he )e site is receiving a num er of hits and is gro)ing0 5t has a ne)s and )hats on &age )hich needs more information0 "here )i$$ e &hotos of a$$ the sites0 "here is a$so a face oo! &age0 5f anyone has any suggestions to ma!e the sho) more attractive these )i$$ e gratefu$$y received0 "he Counci$ does not have any more money for the a$$otments so a$$ the money )e have comes from the seed shed or the sho)0 5n future the Counci$ )i$$ on$y do 1 mai$ shot to tenants &er year- ;th March0 "he Committee cou$d $oo! at s&onsorshi& and grants0 We cou$d attract a $o) $eve$ of s&onsorshi& to he$& hire ha$$s- &u $icity etc0 Com&anies $i!e Wyeva$e and %ains ury2s may e interested in &roviding s&onsorshi&0 / motion )as &ro&osed to see if Mem ers )ere ha&&y to attract discreet and sensitive s&onsorshi&0 "his )as seconded y Ms ,a)son0 @nanimous vote carried0 Mr #agg said that if )e are going do)n the s&onsorshi& route a treasurer is re7uired0

"he Chairman said that there )as a re7uest for a treasurer on the )e and a re7uest )i$$ e added to the mai$ shot00 ,! Treas"rers Repor# "here is sti$$ no "reasurer -! Sho. Se*re#aries Repor#

"he %ho) )i$$ e on 2A /ugust at the Ba&tist Church (a$$- (ythe Road- Wi$$es orough0 "he schedu$e )i$$ e going out in March- ear$ier than usua$0 5t )i$$ a$so e on the )e site0 "here is a need to ma!e a &oint that this is a fun sho)- not serious0 *n the schedu$e it )i$$ state ho) much an entry is0 Re&s shou$d encourage tenants to sho)- es&ecia$$y ne) &$ot ho$ders0 /! Si#e Represen#a#i0es Repor#

Burton #arm-?ot much going on0 "here )as a rea! in- in 3ecem er- a fe) sheds )ere ro!en into ut it a&&ears that nothing )as sto$en0 "his )as re&orted to the &o$ice and a crime num er )as o tained0 #ences from gardens surrounding the a$$otment have fa$$en do)n0 2 &$ots are under offer0 Musgrove #arm- ?ot much going on0 1 ne) &$ot ho$der- 1 &erson handed ac! their !eys and 1 vacant &$ot ut there may e others0 Christchurch etc- %ever f$ooding )hich a$so resu$ted in )ater into ac! gardens of the &ro&erties in Wi$$iam Road0 "his may e due to a ditch fi$$ing in0 ,ots of )ind damage to sheds and greenhouses0 Re&ton Manor- "here )as a 7uestion over )ho )as res&onsi $e for the fences surrounding the a$$otment0 "hese are the res&onsi i$ity of the house o)ners not the Counci$0 Mem ers cou$d go through the Counci$ )ho )i$$ as! house o)ners to re&air fences if they are eing $eft0 (en)ood- "his is the Ard year running that the )ater ta&s have not een turned off0 Mr Ba$doc! )as to$d that someone must e turning them ac! on0 (e )as a$so concerned that he had rung u& a num er of times a out &$ots not eing cu$tivated and had no res&onse0 / fe) &$ots had not een cu$tivated since the summer0 (e has a$so &honed u& a out &osts eing &ut ac! to sto& vehic$es driving onto the site0 (e )as to$d that this )as for an inva$id ut he disagreed0 "here are ruts eing formed y the vehic$es- and if this freeBes it )i$$ e a hea$th and safety matter0 (e )ou$d $i!e the hedges ad4acent to the schoo$ cut ac! as the &$ots there are $osing sun0 Mr Chand$er commented that )henever he emai$ed 1i$een he had a res&onse0 Ju$ie e6&$ained that there )as no $onger a dedicated mem er of staff )ho dea$ )ith a$$otments0 "he 7uestion of Pers&e6 for the notice oards came u&0 *n some sites there is no Pers&e6 or it is too sma$$0 Ju$ie said that the counci$ )i$$ $aminate &osters if necessary0 Cryo$ Road- Ju$ie )i$$ meet Mr #agg on site0 "here are 2 ne) tenants0 Pro $em )ith &$ot 10and ivy is overhanging the )ater tan! )hich needs to e cut severe$y0 0

By roo! .%uffering from 2 &$ot ho$ders doing nothing- ho)ever the hedges have een cut and in the ga$es 2 &o&$ar trees fe$$ over0 "hese have een removed0 Ju$ie stated that the rest of the &o&$ars )ou$d e fe$$ed0 0 1 Allo#men#s O++i*ers Repor# "here are current$y 2;2 &eo&$e on the )aiting $ist0 Current vacancies 1 under offer on Burton #arm- 1 under offer Beaver #ie$d 2 under offerWestrees and 2 under offer Musgrove ,ettings since 1st *cto er -11 ?on cu$tivation $etters )i$$ e sent out after the &$ots have dried out0 /s soon as the )eather im&roves and &$ots are not cu$tivated &$ease $et your a$$otment officer !no)0 Ms (aste e6&ressed concern that some tenants )aste )ater and 4ust &utting in a fe) &$ants and nothing e$se "he ne6t financia$ year 201=C201; )i$$ e even tighter0 %ometimes tenants do turn ta&s ac! on after they have een turned off for the )inter0 Ju$ie )as concerned over the negativity of the meeting tonight0 Ju$ie suggested that as a $eisure activityCho y &erha&s they shou$d consider funding a coach tri& to Wis$ey- De) 'ardens or other gardens that &eo&$e )ere interested in0 Pat Ba$doc! added that he )or!s for a coach com&any so cou$d get a reduced rate0 1veryone seemed to $i!e this idea0 "he Chairman &ointed out that the meeting )as the on$y o&&ortunity for mem ers to e6&ress their vie)s0 11! AO% Ms (aste said that a fe) &$ot ho$ders had suggested ho$ding coffee mornings at the seed shed to get more &eo&$e interested and a$so se$$ing &roduce0 Mr #agg e6&$ained that )e cou$d on$y se$$ sur&$us cro&s not &roduce them to se$$ commercia$$y0 5n the &ast there have een &$ant sa$es and machinery sa$es in the seed shed0 "he Chairman said that &eo&$e cou$d come and use the shed and a$so vo$unteer0 Ms Puc!ett as!ed ho) tenants cou$d e contacted- need emai$ addresses0 We )i$$ e re$iant on &osters and Musgrove ne) has no notice oard0 Mr #agg mentioned out and a out in the D 1 as a )ay of advertising )hat is going on0 "he seed shed is o&en every %aturday in #e ruary 3/"1 *# "(1 ?1E" M11"5?'- ;0A0 W13?1%3/F 2A /&ri$ 2014 Committee Room 2

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