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Meter Lesson III Objectives: Identifying time signatures based on barlines as clues Using counting beats per measure

as a skill to identify meter chalk, board, example

3 notes | rest note | dotted note | note note | rest note || time signature is 3/4

Materials: Examples:

note note rest | O note | note note note | dotted note quarter note || time signature is 4/4

rest note | dotted note | rest | 4 notes | 2 notes note || time signature is 4/4

123(4)|1(23)4|1234|123(4)|| Sequence Prepare: Examples on the board Partner: Review of a time signature What do the numbers tell us about the music? Beats per measure, beat=note Where the bar lines occur Practice: Using the examples on the board, count each individual measure to figure out how many beats fit per measure. Then, using this knowledge determine what the time signature would be to have 3 quarter note beats per measure.