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Name- Taylor Vardeman Title of your resear ! "a"er- Dance: An Underestimated Art Form Su#$e t of your senior "ro$e t- teaching choreography to beginner dancers %& Resear ! "a"er syno"sis 'at least () *ords+, Dance has many benefits that should be explored by every person. You do not have to be good at dancing to experience the joy that dance brings. No matter your race age si!e or s"ill dance is great for everyone. (& Pro$e t des ri"tion 'at least )- *ords+, .i/e a ste"-#y-ste" e0"lanation of e0a tly *!at you did for your "ro$e t& # choreographed dance moves for group numbers in the musical Beauty and the Beast. $hen # taught each dance to a group of beginner dancers for several %ee"s. After teaching the choreography # cleaned the choreography. $his means # perfected each individual&s timing so that everyone %as together. $hen the dancers performed my choreography in the official performance of Beauty and the Beast. 1& Relations!i"s #et*een resear ! "a"er and "ro$e t,

'y paper reflected ho% dance is beneficial to every individual. 'y paper also explained the joy that dance can bring and # thin" that this %as evident in some of the beginner dancers that # taught. 2& Information a#out t!e "ro$e t, A. Total !ours s"ent on t!e "ro$e t, () hours *. Tas3s in/ol/ed in om"letin4 t!e "ro$e t, using chorus class time to complete choreography and teach it. +. 5ate started on t!e "ro$e t, ,eptember - .)/0 5ate "ro$e t *as om"leted, November /( .)/0 5& List materials used 'usic player +amera E& List e/ery resour e used You1$ube 'rs. Amy 'c#ntyre


Cir le 6es7 No7 or NA 'not a""li a#le+ A& 5id you use an inter/ie* in your "ro$e t 6es 8& 9a/e you as3ed for ad/i e: omments a#out your "ro$e t from ot!er "eo"le; 6es C& 9a/e you e/er done t!is ty"e of "ro$e t #efore; 6es 5& <ould you re ommend your "ro$e t area for future seniors;

No No No 6es


If yes7 e0"lain,

If no7 e0"lain, #t is very stressful and too over%helming for one person. *ecause of these reasons it also %as not fun. =& Ans*er in () *ords or less, A& <ould you feel t!reatened to s!o* your "ro$e t to an e0"ert for e/aluation; <!y or *!y not; No. # thin" # have done the best that # can do %ith the resources that # %as given. #t may not be the best dance performance but it %as certainly the best that these beginner dancers %ere capable of and # am proud of them for that. 8& List 1 t!in4s you !a/e learned from om"letin4 t!is "ro$e t& /. # have learned ho% to have more patience %ith others. .. # have learned ho% to create choreography for the beginner dancer 0. # have learned ho% to explain choreography to beginner dancer in a %ay they %ill understand it. C& List "ersonal satisfa tions you 4ained from t!is e0"erien e& # %as very satisfied to see %hen the dancer %ere improving. #t also felt great to see the dancers practicing %hen # had not told them to. # %as satisfying to see the dancers finally perform their the dances on stage in front of an audience. >& E0"lain any "ro#lems you en ountered in om"letin4 your "ro$e t& #t %as difficult to get some of the dancers that # %as teaching to stop tal"ing. #t too" me a %hile to figure out a %ay to get them to pay attention but # finally reali!ed ho% to do it. All # had to do %as "eep on teaching the steps %hile they %ere tal"ing and

then %hen %e did the steps %ith the music they %ould embarrass themselves because they did not "no% the choreography. $hey then learned to listen to me %hile # %as teaching. ?& <!at 4rade *ould you 4i/e yourself for your "ro$e t; Justify t!e e/aluation in at least () *ords& # thin" # %ould give myself a -0 because # %or"ed extremely hard on my product. # put many hours into my final product and used up every moment of my time to perfect it. # feel li"e # could have done better on my research paper. @& If 4i/en t!e o""ortunity7 *!at *ould you do differently re4ardin4 t!is "ro$e t sin e you no* an s"ea3 from e0"erien e; # %ould put less on my plate. # thin" my dances could have been even better if # %ould have had less dancers and less dances to choreograph.