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Global markets for adhesives and adhesive applicators to reach $51.

4 billion by 2019
Increased demand for adhesives is driven by the emergence of new market applications that have resulted from evolving and improving assembly processes. Growth opportunities have been brought about by a shift from major forms of industrial joining such as welding and mechanical fastening to adhesive bonding in major industries, such as automobiles. Similarly, miniaturization of components in the electronics industries has allowed the use of adhesives to replace soldering and brazing. B !esearch provides an in"depth and detailed analysis of the global market for adhesives and adhesive applicators through its report, #dhesives and #dhesive #pplicators$ %echnologies and Global &arkets. #ccording to the report, this market was valued at '().* billion in +,-+ and '*-.- billion in +,-( and is e.pected to reach '*+./ billion in +,-*. B !esearch projects that the market will grow to '0-.* billion in +,-), to register a five"year compound annual growth rate 1 #G!2 of (.34. Use this report to:

Gain an overview of the global as well as regional markets for adhesives and adhesive applying e5uipment. #nalyze global market trends for the year +,-+, e.pected market figures for years +,-(, +,-* and +,-), along with compound annual growth rates 1 #G!2 for the five"year period from +,-* to +,-). 6iscuss the various technologies involved in the manufacturing of different types of adhesives, including the value of such products produced and utilized globally as well as in different regions. !eview coverage of product lifestyle and technology lifestyle 1%7 2 of various types of adhesives and methods employed by various manufacturers and users in maintaining ecological balance.

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