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Texas Revolution Web Quest-Primary Sources Name: _ Farzeen Syeda____________Date: __2/11________Period: _4___ Directions: Answer each questions or prompts

in complete sentences. 20 points each One paragraph per question or prompt. Use a separate sheet if necessary. Use these websites for this assignment: http://www.tamu.edu/ccbn/dewitt/dewitt.htm Sons of Dewitt Colony https://www.tsl.texas.gov/exhibits/presidents/burnet/dav_burnet_apr7_1836_1.html

D. (March 8-May 1836)


David G. Burnet to Henry Raguet, April 7, 1836. President Burnet calls t e !Runa"ay #crape! pre$ature, %udges t e ar$y under Houston to &e !in 'ine condition and ig spirits,! and calls on eastern (e)ans to %oin t e 'ray. *in+ to docu$ent

,n t is docu$ent, Burnet $a+es an assess$ent o' t e ar$y. -as t is an accurate assess$ent. - y or " y not. 1. David G. Burnet

David G. Burnet gave an over view opinion on the army and its potential. I feel that this assessment was accurate but does not say all it has to say. It the letter it states that the army requires reinforcements which indicates that the army does not have enough people to fight on an offensive side. We can tell that they soldiers have gained experience based on the time this letter was sent. his letter was sent a few months after the revolution started so they have a good idea of what they should be doing. !ost of the soldiers may have fallen or are in an ill state. In the first paragraph it shows that panic has subsided and confidence has gained. In the last paragraph" it writes of the army#s readiness to fight. We could tell that they were ready and excited to fight$$

+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ %. /uan 0. #eguin. Account o' t e Battle o' #an

/acinto, April 11, 1836. 2ro$ aut or3s Personal Memoirs of Juan N. Seguin, from the year 1834 to the Retreat of General Woll from The ity of San !ntonio 184" 418516. 7,t $ay &e necessary to scroll do"n to t e docu$ent.8 ttp9::&oo+s.google.co$:&oo+s.
id;#<=ud-=Ha>5?@pg;PA1A6@dB;PersonalCDe$oirsCo'C/uanC0.C#eguin, C'ro$Ct eCyearC1835CtoCt eCRetreatCo'CGeneralC-ollC'ro$C( eC?ityCo'C#anCAntonioC1851@ l;en@ sa;E@ei;FoP6GB#A/sHAyAH1BoH=Ag@ved;A??s=6AI"AAJv;onepage@B;PersonalK1ADe$oirs K1Ao'K1A/uanK1A0.K1A#eguinK1?K1A'ro$K1At eK1AyearK1A1835K1AtoK1At eK1ARetreatK1Ao' K1AGeneralK1A-ollK1A'ro$K1A( eK1A?ityK1Ao'K1A#anK1AAntonioK1A1851@';'alse

- y "as t is an i$portant dialogue. This was an important dialogue because it states all of Seguin's background information and achievements. His different stories are listed here that describe his life. This is a very important primary source that include many of his letters and descriptions.This tells us about us life and ideas that changed the way of thinking.Without this dialogue we would be at a loss of information.



( e !pu&lic! (reaty o' Felasco, Day 15, 1836. #anta Anna pro$ises not to ta+e up ar$s against (e)as and to order all De)ican troops to evacuate 'ro$ (e)as. *in+ to docu$ent ( e !secret! (reaty o' Felasco, Day 15, 1836. #anta Anna pledges to 'ul'ill stipulations in si) articles !so 'ar as concerns i$sel'.! A$ong t e$ are pledges to "or+ to gain t e De)ican govern$ent3s agree$ent to t e independence o' (e)as and to a &oundary &et"een t e t"o nations not to e)tend &eyond t e Rio Grande. *in+ to docu$ent
Compare these two treaties. Why was a secret treaty necessary? What possible effect can the secret treaty have in the future? &.

( ey didn3t "ant t e pu&lic to get involved "it t e rules speci'ically designed 'or #anta Anna. ( ey ad speci'ic rules and regulations t at could c ange lives o' ot ers so e didn3t "ant t e$ involved. ( e pu&lic $ig t ave given ars ras decisions and t e &est option "as to let #a$ Houston and ot er i$portant o''icials andle it.