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Mama's EGR Milk Money... Hacking your ECM using Calterm 3.6 (by Rawze 1 !13!13"...

################################################################## WARNING! WARNING! WARNING! WARNING! WARNING! THIS MUST NOT TO BE DONE ON ENGINES WITHIN THE USA!!!
There are steep penalties for modifying the emissions components on any engine that falls Under EPA regulations. Doing so will land you with SERIOUS I!ES""

################################################################ DO !OT USE T#E $A%&UP'RESTORE PARA(ATERS OPTIO! I! %A)TER( $$$$

When Downloading your cal file to your engine, MAKE SURE THE OPT O! TO "A#KUP$RESTORE PARAMETERS S !OT #HE#KED% So&e of the feature' and (ara&eter' HA)E TO "E ED TED, and are (art of the delete% Re'toring your feature' u'ing calter& will o*erwrite the& +ac, to their origonal *alue' and could &a,e your cal un'ta+le%

################################################################ %ER&'( ()*R C+,&-R+.&)/ -E')RE RE(O*I!+ A!, #ARD-ARE$$$$$$$$$

-ou 'hould A"SO.UTE.- *erify your /Mil, Money/ delete "R0ORE REMO) !1 -OUR HARDWARE2, and (utting the truc, +ac, on the road% Start the truc, and .erify your *+T position"% Ma,e 'ure it i' at 34 during idle, unle'' you ha*e '(ecifically 'et it 'o&ewhere el'e% This is .ery important% f you ha*e done e*erything right, and your )1T (o'ition i' a+o*e 564, then something is .ery wrong% A cou(le of (eo(le ha*e gi*en &e feed+ac,, 'aying that a +ad cal can +e corrected +y !OT u'ing the feature' and (ara&ater' o(tion during a download% Other' ha*e re(orted that it can +e corrected +y u'ing an older cal for your engine, then editing that in'tead% So&eti&e' a' old a' a 7899 file% f your engine i' one of the few that end u( with a +ad cal, downgrade your engine software%

There has been parameter changes and additions in this Update Read the document carefully!!!!!!!!

Thi' docu&ent i' an ongoing (roce'', #hec, regularly for u(date'2

(ama/s E+R (il0 (oney...

a& +y no &ean' an e:(ert on thi' #alter& 'oftware, +ut do ,now that there 'ee&' to +e a 'eriou' lac, of hel( out there on how to u'e thi' 'tuff% t clai&' it i' an engineering de*elo(&ent tool u'ed to &onitor E#M/' for #u&&in' engine' with the a+ility to alter the cali+ration data% Well, t will do ;u't that, +ut the (ro+le& i' that it i' not *ery friendly and the hel( file' are *ague at +e't% The (roce'' that a& a+out to 'hare doe'n/t co&e fro& any for&al training, +ut rather +y the hour' and hour' '(ent *ia trial and error trying to figure thi' 'tuff out, and the +old willingne'' to ri', &y truc, and it' E#M for the (ur(o'e of engine e:(loration and the (ur'uit of the all &ighty MP1% My truc, i' a Pro<'tar with an S= that ha' E1R and DP0% The E#M i' a #M>?9, and the #ali+ration that wa' in &y engine wa' the original fro& when the truc, wa' new% 'et u( n'ite ? and #alter& @%5% and got the& regi'tered Anot going into detail a+out thatB% ha*e an nline<3 Ada(ter, 'o in'talled the dri*er' for that and u'ed a generic, +ut good Cuality US"<TO<RS7@7 ada(ter fro& Radio Shac, to get the ada(ter 'et u( on #OM7 A had to al'o di'a+le #OM7 in the " OS a' wellB% -e', could ha*e u'ed the US" cord for the inline ada(ter, +ut found that the co&&unication' i' &uch &ore 'ta+le and relia+le u'ing the RS7@7% Running the #alter& 'oftware, chec,ed under /O(tion'/ and found that had !O (ri*ilege', 'o clo'ed the (rogra& and hac,ed the #alter&D@%lic file% ;u't 'i&(ly added the following to the +otto& of the file and &ade it loo, li,e thi'%%% E.icence0ile :&ln'F:'iGHhtt(F$$www%w@%org$7889$=M.Sche&a<in'tanceHI EProduct' a*aila+leGHAllProduct'H $I ETool0a&ily fa&ilyGHEngineeringH $I ETool0a&ily fa&ilyGH0ieldEngineeringH $I EProduct1rou( a*aila+leGHtrueHIMRE$Product1rou(I EProduct1rou( a*aila+leGHtrueHIHDE$Product1rou(I EProduct1rou( a*aila+leGHtrueHIHHPE$Product1rou(I EProduct1rou( a*aila+leGHtrueHI.DE$Product1rou(I EProduct1rou( a*aila+leGHtrueHI.DAE$Product1rou(I EProduct1rou( a*aila+leGHtrueHI.DDE$Product1rou(I E0eatureIToggleSecurityKeyE$0eatureI E0eatureI#R#0ile'E$0eatureI E0eatureISendO(erationE$0eatureI E0eatureISPEEDDownloadE$0eatureI E0eatureISPEEDU(loadE$0eatureI E0eatureI gnoreRange.i&it'E$0eatureI E0eatureIUnloc,E$0eatureI E0eatureI#ali+rationEditorE$0eatureI

E0eatureISa*e0ile#ali+rationE$0eatureI E0eatureISa*eModule#ali+rationE$0eatureI E0eatureIModuleEditorE$0eatureI E0eatureIHe:EditorE$0eatureI E0eatureI"loc,Un"loc,0ault'E$0eatureI E0eatureIDownloadE$0eatureI E0eatureIE:(ortE$0eatureI E0eatureIO*erlayE$0eatureI E0eatureIA''e&+leE$0eatureI E0eatureIDi*ideE$0eatureI E0eatureI#hangeRun.ocationE$0eatureI E0eatureISecureDownloadE$0eatureI E0eatureISto(EngineE$0eatureI E0eatureISu+fileTa+leEditE$0eatureI E0eatureITe&(oraryWrite'toSecureModule'E$0eatureI E0eatureIT)OT)#E$0eatureI EProduct1rou( a*aila+leGHH $I E$.icence0ileI After that Re<ran #alter& and went to O(tion'<I Security and cho'e .i'cen'e file u(grade, and cho'e &y hac,ed #alter&D@,lic file then u(graded% After that, all the o(tion' were now a*aila+le in the left window% The ne:t thing did wa' get #alter& 'et u( with &y D.A% went to O(tion'<IDatalin,, and 'et u( the D.A% n &y ca'e, had to choo'e the following%%% ProtocolF J96@6 Ada(terF RP9798a <<E thi' i' the correct 'etting for an !. !E<3 ada(ter%

)endorF #u&&in' nc% De*iceF De*ice D<78,#OM7, !. !E K$3 J96@6 Tool Adre''F 8:>A <<E changed the default 'o that there i' no interference fro& other de*ice' in &y truc,%

'a*ed the (ara&eter' and clo'ed #alter& and +efore going any further, en'ured there wa' !O E#M (a''word' in the E#M +y u'ing the n'ite La((it 'oftware and deleting A.. E#M (a''word' including the OEM% I also recommend highly1 that you use cummins Insite to print out A)) features and parameter for your .ehicle $E ORE A!, SO T-ARE %#A!+ES O%%UR""". f

you loo'e your 'etting', t i' difficult to get the& +ac,, and u'ually reCuire' 'o&e (hone call' to a dealer or cu&&in' the&'el*e'% al'o en'ured that had the &eta<file for &y engine, or at lea't one that wa' clo'e to &y #M>?9% All &eta<file' are 'tored under the /cFM#alter& Mecfg/ folder% 0or &y engine, the clo'e't one found wa' done 'o +y o(ening the file' one at a ti&e and reading the =M. code at a+out line 99 or 'o% There i' a line that that read' /E&oduleDna&eI#M>?9E$&oduleDna&eI/ for the correct file that goe' to the #M>?9% The other file' will read a different E#M ty(e% actually too, the ti&e to rena&e all the file' in the folder 'o that would not ha*e to loo, in'ide the& again to 'ee what E#M they +elonged to% At thi' (oint, then en'ured wa' 'till connected with &y ca+le' and turned the truc, ,ey<'witch to the O! (o'ition% The ,ey<'witch in the truc, HAS TO "E O! to connect to the E#M, ;u't li,e in the n'ite 'oftware% Re<ran #alter&, and #ho'e /Select Product/ fro& the &ain &enu% cho'e /Eagle<Red/ fro& the &enu a' thi' i' the clo'e't (roduct re(re'entation for &y S= Engine% !e:t #ho'e /Tool'<IUnloc,/% clic,ed on the /0ind de*ice'/ +utton, and en'ured the 8:88 wa' li'ted in the de*ice addre'' +o:, then cho'e /Di'(lay #ur% Statu'/ and 'aw that the E#M 'ecurity wa' 'et to Secure% cho'e the +utton /Switch/, and it changed to /Un'ecured/% then #ho'e 588D under &odule 'tatu' and cho'e the /A((ly/ +utton% 0or 'o&e rea'on, ;u't choo'ing /Switch/ without re<a((lying the 588D o(tion cau'ed the E#M not to 'tay unloc,ed, +ut 'etting the 588D and A((ly o(tion' &ade it 'tic,% clo'ed the Unloc, feature and cho'e /O(en Module/% At thi' (oint, had to choo'e again /Eagle Red/ fro& the to( li't, then 'elected the configuration file Athe #M>?9 &etafile had foundB fro& the file choo'er, then hit /Auto&atic/% got a warning &e''age for the config file not &atching the actual &odule config, +ut the *er'ion' were *ery clo'e% One ended in 8%@@ and the actual &odule ended in 8%69 thin,% Thi' i' (erfectly o,% f you get an !. !E ada(ter fir&ware warning, then thi' i' !OT o,% Thi' will cau'e &any (ro+le& when hac,ing the E#M, 'o correct the (ro+le& if you ha*e to, or u(grade #alter& to &atch the !. !E fir&ware% My nline fr&ware i' 3%K5 and &y #alter& i' @%5%88> and they &atch% A0ir&ware 3%@7 reCuire' #alter& @%5%88?B% When the 'creen o(en' all th way, then Pre'' 0? on the ,ey+oard to re&o*e the circle<'la'h fro& the Screwdri*er 'y&+ol at the +otto& of the 'creen% Thi' (ut' the 'oftware in Edit &ode% f your E#M i' unloc,ed (ro(erly and ready for editing Afro& u'ing the Unloc, ToolB, then you will al'o 'ee a 'y&+ol at the +otto& of the 'creen that loo,' li,e a (adloc, that ha' +een o(ened% f the (adloc, i' clo'ed, then you will ha*e to u'e the Unloc, Tool again to get it unloc,ed% The E#M MUST +e unloc,ed +efore you can &a,e A!- change' to it% With the E#M Unloc,ed, fir't thing i' fir't% -ou need to add the Engineering Security Key a' the fir't entry in 'creen8 to &onitor% Thi' will en'ure later, when you &a,e change' to the E#M that the Unloc, 'etting get' 'a*ed to any #A. file' you &ight create, a' well a' tell you it' current 'tate whene*er you load or re<load a cali+ration% To do thi', choo'e the fir't +lan, '(read'heet<loo,ing field in 'creen8 and (re'' 09% And 'earch for /engrD'ec/% #hec, the little chec,+o: ne:t to the /DEngrDSecurityDKey/ (ara&ater and choo'e /A((ly/% 1oing +ac, to Screen8 'hould now 'how the (ara&ater in the fir't field and al'o 'how /U!.O#KED/ for it' current 'etting% f thi' i' the ca'e, then you are good to go for editing the Module% MAKE A "A#KUP 0 .E 0 RST2 #hoo'e /U(load/ fro& the &ain &enu and &a,e a +ac,u( of your E#M +efore going any further% Thi' will en'ure you can reco*er fro& a failed download, or a (ara&eter change that &ight corru(t the E#M% During the U(load $ Download

(roce'', it i' not unu'ual to get 'o&e alar&' on the da'h of the truc,% Thi' i' +ecau'e the E#M i' (ut in +oot<loader &ode and ta,en out of A((lication &ode during the u(load% After the u(load i' done, add (ara&eter' to Screen8 that you want to change% !ote that not all (ara&eter' are edita+le% Many (ara&eter' are hard<coded, +ut thi' really doe'n/t li&it you &uch +ecau'e 'o&ewhere el'e in the thou'and' of (ara&eter' i' the +y(a'', or actual edita+le 'etting to re(lace it% One thing that hel(ed &e in finding edita+le (ara&eter' i' the de'cri(tion'% Ju't a+out any de'cri(tion that ha' the word' /Tell' the Tool/, or /infor&' the Tool/ are !OT edita+le% The'e are out(ut (ara&eter' only that actually are ;u't Out(ut' of other 'etting' and re'ult'% Many of the *aria+le na&e' include (refi:e' to indicate their function', 0or e:a&(le, #D indicate' a u'er<ad;u'ta+le control, and TD indicate' a control toggle% EMOD indicate' a function related to e&i''ion' &anage&ent% There are &any other (refi:e', and learning what they &ean +y 'tudying the co&&ent' i' *ery hel(ful% Many (ara&eter' are #o(ie' of other' with a different na&e, 'o +e thoughtful and in*e'tigate thoroughly +efore choo'ing 'o&ething to change or &onitor% Anyway', When you ha*e 'o&e (ara&eter' 'elected and you Edit their *alue, f the E#M will let you change the&, then the )alue field will turn -ellow indicating there wa' a change% Ma,e your change' to all field' de'ired, then u'e the /Sa*e/ +utton at the to( to actually co&&it the& into te&(orary ra&<'(ace in the E#M% The'e change' will 'tay until the (ower i' cycled on the E#M Athe ,ey'witch in the da'h of the truc, turned off, then on a againB% Thi' &a,e' it ea'y to change 'o&ething and then te't it without 'crewing u( your E#M% To (er&anently change 'o&ething, you need to get a little creati*e% 0ir't, Set all the change' you want to &a,e, Then u'e the /Sa*e/ +utton to 'end the& to the E#M, then #hoo'e the /U(load/ function fro& the &ain &enu% U(load the file and 'a*e it a' a #A. file% After that, -ou will need to choo'e /Download/ to Download it "A#K to the E#M% The E#M will then ha*e the edited file a' it' &ain #ali+ration file and the change' will then +e (er&anent% -ou can co&(are the &odule, or the new cal file to your original +ac,u( to 'ee what change' you ha*e &ade if you get lo't along the way u'ing the co&(are tool% f you decide for 'o&e rea'on to hac, a %ecfg or %cal file directly then there i' a tool to Re<certify the file/' #R#% Ju't choo'e /#R# 0ile'/ fro& the &ain &enu and 'elect the hac,ed %ecfg or %cal file and then add the& to the li't and choo'e o,% They will +e u(dated with the new #R# info (er&anently% hac,ed &y %ecfg to &a,e it &atch &y e:act engine cali+ration 'oftware *er'ion to eli&inate the warning &e''age' whene*er o(ened the Module Editor thi' way%

Some cool parameters to chec0'monitor while trou2leshooting the engine or perhaps test dri.ing the truc0...
E1ADD.DEngineDS(eed 0inalDTi&ing DTur+ochargerDS(eed 0TTDCD#o&(0l#&dD* < < < < The current li*e RPM of the engine% The current li*e engine Ti&ing A8%8 G ?%89 TD#B The current li*e '(eed in RPM of the tur+ocharger% The current li*e fuel flow rate co&&and% .i*e #o&&anded )1T (o'titon 4%

D)1TDActuatorDPo'itionD#o&&anded < E!1!D0inalDTorCueD#&d <

The current li*e torCue load on the engine%

Derates and Engine Protection Shutdowns...

There are ton' of (ara&eter' that deal with derate' and engine 'hutdown'% Searching (ara&eter na&e' that include /DRT/ or /EPD/ in the na&e are al&o't alway' related to derate'% So&e derate' will cau'e an alar& in the da'h, +ut there are &any that are 'ilent% Silent derate' are in (lace to (rotect the li&it' of the engine co&(onent' and ha((en on a regular +a'i' a' a nor&al (art of engine o(eration% The con'eCuence' of turning the& off &ay +e 'e*ere, de(ending on what it &ight +e, if the dri*er of the truc, i' not aware that tho'e co&(onent' can now +e (u'hed +eyond their intended li&it'% Di'a+ling A.. derate' will i&(ro*e (erfor&ance and fuel &ileage for the engine, and +ecau'e dri*e &y own truc,, and no one el'e doe', di'a+led the& A.. rather than try and 'ort the& out%

Engine (rotection 'hutdown' can al'o +e eli&inated 'o that when a 'hutdown alar& occur', then engine will not +e effected +y it% The +ad thing, i' that if your engine run' out of oil, it can de'troy it'elf in 'hort order, +ut the good thing i' that you can +y(a'' or un(lug a co&(onent or 'en'or that &ay ha*e failed, li,e your E1R *al*e, or DP0 can without it 'hutting you down% 0iretruc,', 'chool +u'e' and other e&ergency *ehicle' are often 'et thi' way 'o that in an e&ergency, the *ehicle can 'till +e &o*ed% Here i' the &a( to di'a+le all derate' and 'hutdown'%%%

Disa2le Engine Protections and Shutdowns3

C_AIF_AlphaAltDerateOvrEn C_EPD_Derate_Suppress_En C_EPD_EMT_Trq_Drt_En C_EPS_s_Enable C_TSD_Active_Enable T_AFW_Enable T_EPD_Shutdo n_Override_En T_!1"#"_Trip_$eset_En C_C%&_Turbo_Drt_Fuel_Delta C_OFC_Fuel_&i)it_Override_*alue C_OFC_&&i)ErrorSet_Thd T_E$C_MinEn-a-e*ehSpd T_ISD_&oadin-_Thd T_ISD'_Period T_Ma.En-Spd_With_/ero_*ss T_PTP_S itched_Trq_&i) C_ADD_s_$eportFaultEnable C_AIF_AlphaFuel$ateEnable C_C1&_Fuel_C)d_Filter_Coe22 C_CCP_&east_sev_Err_En C_CCP_Mod_Err_En C_C%&_Turbo_Drt_Fuel_Ma. C_COT_Derate_Active_Enable C_EMO_E-rO22EPD_Enable 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 '((( +(( +,,#, , 1(( #+(( 1+(( +00" ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( <-- {&in 'peed in (#hr for Engine )ra*e +must be , or higher-!!! <-- {Enable for Alternator Warning. !"n # $ ! "ff%

C_EPD_AECD_Trq_Drt_En C_EPD_Au._S _$estart_&i)_En C_EPD_C%T_$estart_&i)_En C_EPD_C%T_$PM_Drt_En C_EPD_C%T_Sev_SD_En C_EPD_C%T_Trq_Drt_En C_EPD_COT_$estart_&i)_En C_EPD_COT_Trq_Drt_En C_EPD_CT_$PM_Drt_En C_EPD_CT_Trq_Drt_En C_EPD_CT'_Trq_Drt_En C_EPD_E3$_$estart_&i)_En C_EPD_EMT_$estart_&i)_En C_EPD_EP_$PM_Drt_En C_EPD_OP_$PM_Drt_En C_EPD_OP_Trq_Drt_En C_EPD_OT_Trq_Drt_En C_EPD_Soot_$PM_Drt_En FTT_p_M2-Tri)_p T_AT_En-ine_Shutdo n_Enable T_DIO_Enable T_EPD_CCP_Torque_Derate_En T_EPD_En-ine_Protection_En T_EPD_Shutdo n_En T_ISD_Enable T_ISD_Ovrd_Enable T_ISD_T)ptr_Enable T_OFC_Fuel_&i)it_4ser_Override T_PTP_Enable T_$SC_3D_ProtectionEnable T_*SS_Ta)per_Sensitivit5

( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( <-- {Auto-Ad8ust fueling to control 'oot !"33 # $!"n% <-- {2isable .ran* .ase 3ilter Alarms. 4unch a 5#67 hole into .ran* .ase 3ilter so the engine can breathe easier After 2isabling This Alarm.% <-- {Anti-Theft .an 'hutdo/n Engine !0es # $!1o%

0eleting t1e +2ter!treatment system on t1e &34 Engine (CM561".

The'e (ara&eter change' co&(letely re&o*e the logic for the DP0 and After<treat&ent ADo'ingB in;ector% t too, &any hour' of re'earch and co&(ari'on of #A. file' to get the (ro(er change'% The'e change' 'hould wor, on A.. #M>?9 engine' that ha*e a DP0 and no DE0 'y'te&% The nfor&ation ha' +een *erified and te'ted a' well% After &a,ing the'e ad;u't&ent', Re&o*e the DP0 and DO# and hollow the& out with a ha&&er and chi'el, or re(lace the& with a &uffler% The &ain Wiring harne'' going to the DP0 then need' to +e un(lugged and wra((ed to (re*ent corro'ion% Plea'e ta,e note that the'e change' do !OT affect the E1R 'y'te& it'elf, only the After<treat&ent 'y'te&% f the *ehicle ha' &ore that 788,N &ile' on it, then the MAP A nta,e Manifold Air Pre''ure Sen'orB 'hould al'o +e re&o*ed fro& the inta,e and re(laced or cleaned thoroughly with a dry tooth+ru'h to en'ure accurate charge (re''ure feed+ac, to the E#M% Thi' will en'ure &a:i&u& hor'e(ower and fuel efficiency a' the E#M will now rely hea*ily on thi' 'en'or for it' torCue cur*e' +ecau'e of the lac, of e:tra 'en'or' that were arranged at the DP0% Here are the change' that need to ta,e (lace%%%

Disa2le DP 3
C_EPD_Derate_Suppress_En C_PTM_ATM_Input_Override_En T_EMD_&o _E22_Err$eset_Enbl T_%IM_DIA3_Test_Enbl T_OC&_FacePlu-_Disable T_OC&_FacePlu-_Disable T_OC$_TransCo)p_Enbl C_APM_6$_OverTe)p_S5sIO C_APM_6$_OverTe)p_S5sPer2 C_APM_t)_DPFOut_%iT)ptr C_EPD_Soot_Spd_Derate P_OCD_2n_DOC_6)lE22 C_AIM_FT_DOCInT)ptr_Enbl (1D"(E#F ((+EC1(# 1( 1"(( 1 ( 1 1 1 1 1 1 1

C_AIM_FT_DOCOutT)ptr_Enbl C_AIM_FT_DPFDeltaP_Enbl C_AIM_FT_DPFOutT)ptr_Enbl C_AIM_FT_Filter_De3reenin-_Enbl C_AIM_FT_Filter_De3reenin-_E.t_Enbl C_AIM_FT_Filter_De3reenin-_E.t_4serSelect C_AIM_FT_Filter_De3reenin-_4serSelect C_AIM_FT_Filter_Init_Enbl C_AIM_FT_Filter_Init_4serSelect C_APM_DOCDelta_%i_Select C_APM_6$_%CDesorb_Chec7 C_ATD_DeltaT_Enable C_ATD_FT_AFT_%istor5_Enbl C_ATD_FT_%ET_Setup_4serSelect C_ATD_$TD_T1T#Field_En C_ATM_OT_$estart_&i)_En C_CCP_&east_sev_Err_En C_CCP_Mod_Err_En C_C%%_E3$TubeClo-Enable C_D&C_1AS_/ero_Fuel_6dot_Enable C_EMO_DocFacePlu--edEnable C_EMO_DocMissin-Enable C_EMO_DPFMissin-Enable C_EMO_DPFPlu--edEnable C_EMO_E-rO22EPD_Enable C_EMO_%iEOPMEnable C_EMO_Ine22Dosin-Enable C_EMO_S appedTher)istorEnable C_EPD_AECD_Trq_Drt_En C_EPD_Soot_Trq_Drt_En C_%IM_DIA3_pr_S5s_&ea7_Thresh C_%IM_FT_DoserTest_Enbl

( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( (

C_%IM_FT_DoserTest_4serSelect C_%IM_FT_Dosin-_Enbl C_%IM_FT_Dosin-_4serSelect C_OFC_FCEnable C_PTM_App&bl_Monitor_En C_PTM_D&_$TD_Inhibit$e-enEn C_PTM_Ine22Desoot_6o&a)p_Enable C_PTM_Ine22Desoot_8&a)p_Enable C_PTM_Mobile$e-en*ehSpdDisEnable C_PTM_Mobile$e-en*ehSpdDis4serSel C_PTM_S$e-en_Test_Enable C_PTM_S itchTest_Enable_Ti)e C_PTM_TM_DOC_In_Te)p_En C_$e-enInPTO4serSelectable C_SFP_FT_Soot_Fill_Enbl C_SFP_FT_Soot_Fill_4serSelect C_SF$_Ine22_Stat$e-en_FaultEnbl C_SF$_Ine22Stat$e-enEnbl C_S$e-en_S itch_Mu._4ser_Selectable C_S$e-enS itch4serSelectable P_PTM_Mobile$e-enOFF_FlaP_SFP_3reenFilterInPlant P_SFP_Soot_Sta-e P_SF$_$e-en_Tri--er_State T_ATD_FT_%ET_Setup_Enbl T_ATM_Enbl T_DOP_DPF&a)pEnable T_EPD_CCP_Torque_Derate_En T_%IM_Enbl T_OCD_DOCD_E22_Enable T_OCD_DOCD_&oE22_9e5on_Clr_En T_OCM_Enbl

( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( (

T_PIP_Enbl T_PTM_AutoDesorb_Enable T_PTM_PTO$e-enEnable T_SFD_%iDeltaP_Dia-_Enable T_SFD_%iSoot&oad_Dia-_Enable T_SFM_Enbl T_SF$_Application&abel_Ov_Enbl T_S$e-en_S itch_Mu._Enable T_S$e-enS itchEnable T_TFC_Te.h_4&i)_Allo ed

( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( (

A -AR!I!+ $E ORE %O!TI!UI!+...

DISA$)I!+ ' DE)ETI!+ ,OUR E+R -I)) &I)) ,OUR TUR$O I PRE%AUTIO!S ARE !OT TA&E! " The &ain (ro+le& that i' created whene*er the E1R on a newer engine i' di'a+led i' that E:hau't ga' te&(erature AE1TB i' no longer regulated% !ewer )1T tur+o/' are not de'igned to with'tand the higher e:hau't ga' te&(erature' created when there i' no longer E1R% With E1R in (lace, E:hau't ga' i' regulated to roughly 3?8 Deg 0ahrenheit% Modern )1T Tur+o/' li,e the Hol'et +rand can handle 9@38 Deg 0 for only @ &inute' at a ti&e, and an outer ca'ing te&(erature of no &ore than 688 Deg 0 at the e:hau't hou'ing% With !O E1R, a clean +urning die'el can ha*e E1T/' a' high a' 9K88N Deg 0 or &ore during a hard (ull% What thi' &ean' i' that SOMETH !1 or SOMEO!E Athe dri*erB will ha*e to &anually regulate thi' te&(erature while dri*ing under hea*y torCue condition'% The ea'ie't and chea(e't way to do thi', i' to in'tall a O38%88 Pyro&eter in the da'h of the truc, and (ut the 'en'or on the OUTS DE of the e:hau't hou'ing of the tur+o% f (ulling u( a 'tee( hill and the tur+o ca'ing reache' >38N Degree' 0, then the dri*er will need to +ac, off the accelerator, choo'e a lower gear, and u'e le'' torCue% The only other alternati*e to thi' i' to re(lace the tur+o with an older<'tyle tur+o that i' le'' fuel efficient% There i' a 'econd (ro+le& that i' created +y the higher e:hau't te&(' a' well, and that i' the accu&ulation of heat on the e:hau't 'ide of the engine o*erall% After high torCue condition', thi' e:tra heat MUST +e +led off +efore the engine can +e 'hut down, or e:hau't co&(onent', including, yet again, the tur+o, can +e da&aged o*er ti&e% What thi' 'econd (ro+le& tran'late' to i' that after a hard hill cli&+, or other hea*y torCue condition', the engine &u't +e idled for 'e*eral &inute' +efore 'hutting it off% Again, that Pyro gauge on the out'ide of the tur+o hou'ing can hel( you with thi'% When the Pyro gauge i' le'' than K38<388 Deg 0% it i' 'afe to turn off your engine without cau'ing heat da&age to the tur+o% Thi' i' actually a (ro+le& that e:i't' on &o't all +igger die'el engine', e*en with E1R 'till acti*e +ecau'e the e:hau't ga' i' allowed to get >88N degree' at ti&e'

during Regen cycle', or at high altitude condition'% Thi' warning i' fro& e:(erience and fro& re'earching and (erfor&ing failure analy'i' on 'e*eral doPen failed tur+o/' after an E1R delete wa' (erfor&ed, 'o don/t 'ay D D!/T K!OW A!- "ETTER when your loo,ing at a (o((ed tur+o, a runaway engine, and O@,888 (lu' ;u't to get a new tur+o%

Switching O


The E1R logic on the S= #M>?9 engine' i' dee(ly e&+edded% After all, The Entire E#M and all of it' (rogra&&ing wa' re<de'igned for ;u't that (ur(o'e% To co&(letely re&o*e the E1R fro& the engine, including it' hardware, 'o&e (retty tric,y thing' ha*e to +e done% There are a few (lace' out there that ha*e figured out 'o&e of the change' needed, li,e PD and other', +ut !O!E O T#ESE $UT%#ER S#OPS #A*E A%%O(P)IS#ED IT %ORRE%T), SO AR""" What you end u( with, After '(ending 'e*eral thou'and' of dollar' to the'e o*er<(riced croo,', i' an engine that cannot control the tur+ocharger correctly% Their 'olution to try and co*er the'e fact' u(, i' for you to +uy 'o&e O*er (riced After<Mar,et Mechanical Tur+o for 'e*eral thou'and &ore dollar'% The end re'ult i' an engine that ha' no &ore engine +ra,e, or a *ery cra((y after<&ar,et e:hau't +ra,e, a' well a' little or no control +y the E#M to &aintain decent co&+u'tion efficiency% Secondary effect' include e:ce'' head and e:hau't (re''ure', (oor cylinder co&(en'ation, (oor ti&ing control, and if you decide to ,ee( your e:i'ting )1T, de'troyed tur+ochargerA'B and (o''i+ly a crac,ed head or ga',et'% wa' challenged with the'e 'a&e (ro+le&' when re'earching thi' 'u+;ect, and ,now full well that THE E#M #A! ! 0A#T OPERATE THE E!1 !E )ER- WE.. with it' e:i'ting )1T and E1R 'witched O00% The /#o&+u'tion Manager/ ha' the final 'ay, a' to weather or not the E1R 'hould +e on or off, and &a,ing it WA!T the egr off i' the (ro+le&% t cannot +e 'ati'fied +y di'a+ling the E1R logic or any co&(onent'% The only thing that will &a,e it ha((y 'o that it run' the engine a' efficiently a' (o''i+le while the E1R i' actually off, i' if it i' +eing told to do 'o +y the /E&i''ion' Manager/% The E&i''ion' Manager i' the only thing in the E#M ha' thi' a+ility +ecau'e the E1R can actually cau'e the engine to 'tall and 'hut down when it i' +eing o(erated in e:tre&e high altitude' Ali,e the to( of *eil (a' at 97,888 ftB, or while the engine i' +elow 9K8 degree' for the 'a&e rea'on% t can al'o reCue't an /off condition/ if there i' a fault in one of the E1R co&(onent'% THE PROPER WA- i' to lea*e the E1R logic O!, and n'tead, con*ince the E&i''ion' Manager that there are condition' (re'ent where there i' no need for it to +e on% "OTH &u't +e ha((y for the engine to run a' efficiently a' (o''i+le% Knowing all that would &a,e it Ea'y rightQ%%% !OT222% So&eone' fir't a''u&(tion would +e to &a,e the engine thin, it' at high Attitude all the ti&e, +ut the (ro+le& with that, i' that the #o&+u'tion Mgr need' the correct Altitude for the engine to ,ee( co&+u'tion

efficiency at it' (ea,% The 'a&e (ro+le& e:i't' for the engine te&(erature, 'o thi' lea*e' only one o+*iou' o(tion left, and that i' #o&(onent 0ailure% #o&(onent failure doe' in fact wor, to di'a+le the E1R, +ut cau'e' other (ro+le&'% So&e cali+ration' are lenient on thi', +ut 'o&e aren/t% That i' why 'o&e (eo(le get away with un(lugging their E1R *al*e or E1R Te&( 'en'or, and other' do not% Su((re''ing the'e error' i' ea'y, 'o thi' i' a *ia+le o(tion, +ut the E&i''ion' Mgr will 'to(, or (erha(' get 'tuc, while (erfor&ing other ta',', li,e a /Tur+o or Pi(e cleaning cycle/% The'e thing' hel( ,ee( the engine and tur+o healthy, 'o how do we /1et our #a,e and Eat it Too/Q The E&i''ion' Mgr deter&ine' how &uch E1R we need +y calculating it% t u'e' E1T, and *ariou' other 'en'or' and ta+le' to do thi', and co&e' u( with 'o&e re'ult'% .owering E:hau't 1a' Te&(' +y a large a&ount, +y editing how the engine calculate' E1T &a,e' the E&i''ion Mgr want far le'' E1R% t can +e 'o &uch le'', that it can actually 'hut O00 the E1R ;u't for that rea'on alone% Al'o 0ortunately, the #o&+u'tion Mgr doe' not u'e E1T in it' calculation', unle'' it +eco&e' e:ce''i*e% Thi' &ean' that if E1T were *ery low, then "OTH &anager' will +e ha((y% Thi' i' the 'tart of how got the E1R turned O00, and all the Manager' ha((y a+out it% After that, ;u't 'et 'o&e in'urance', or redundancie', in (lace to en'ure the condition' are (er&anent no &atter the actual engine condition'% !ow, with +oth Manager' ha((y, the co&(onent fault', re&o*al, etc, do not interfere with their o(eration'% t i' !OT reco&&ended to re&o*e the /E:hau't "ac,<(re''ure 'en'or/ or the /Tur+o nlet Te&( Sen'or/% The'e hel( with engine and tur+o efficiency% -ou MUST in'tall a +loc,ing (late at the inta,e where the *enturi<(i(e &eet' the &anifold, or at the *ery lea't, en'ure the E1R *al*e i' co&(letely clo'ed +efore doing the delete, otherwi'e there will +e fuel &ileage and$or (ower lo''e'% t i' al'o OK to +loc, $ re&o*e the E1R cooler, Egr )al*e, /Egr Te&( Sen'or/, and /Delta<P Sen'or/ after the (ara&eter' are changed% T S A.SO H 1H.- RE#OME!DED to re<&a( the tur+ocharger for o(ti&al !O!<E1R (erfor&ance *ia the /T1# Min$Ma: #lo'ing Ta+le'/% Thi' will i&(ro*e hor'e(ower and fuel &ileage +y allowing the co&+u'tion &anager to &o*e the )1T where it need' to for full non<egr o(eration'% t ,now' what to do,%%% 1i*e it 'o&e +reathing roo& to do it%

Turn Off ' Delete E+R3

C_C1$_E3$_O22_Override_*alue C_E3$_Enable C_EPD_EMT_*irtual_Sensor_En C_TPE_E.haust_1oost_Para)eter C_TPE_E.haust_O22set_Para)eter T_C1&_E3$_Frac_4ser_Override T_C1$_E3$_O22_4ser_Override 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 <- {T9:' &U'T 'TA0 "1 "r ;<T Turbo /ill not function 4roperly.%

T_EAC_Pre2_EFA_Error_Enable T_EMO_Cap_E&_4ser_Override T_I6M_E3$T_&ead_Enable C_AIP_E3$Ori2iceT)ptr_Ovrd_*al C_C1&_E3$_Frac_Override_*alue C_CSE_E3$_Frac_C)d_On_Thd C_EMO_Cap_E&_Override_*alue C_EPD_E3$_$PM_Drt_Err_Sev C_C%%_E3$T_Disable_Thd C_C%%_E3$T_Enable_Thd C_T3C_&&i) C_T3C_4&i) C_C%%_E3$TubeClo-Enable C_E3$DeltaPEnable C_EMO_E-rO22EPD_Enable C_EMO_*3T_E3$_Chi_Allo ed C_EPD_AECD_Trq_Drt_En C_EPD_E3$_$PM_Drt_En C_EPD_E3$_Trq_Drt_En C_EPD_E3$'_Trq_Drt_En C_PTM_Enable E3$_Delta_Pressure_9e5on_Error T_AIP_E3$Ori2iceT)ptr_Ovrd_En T_CIT_Ad=_Enable T_E3A_D&_A/_Enable T_E3A_D&_CS_Enable T_E3A_D&_Pos_Esti)ate_Enable T_E3$_DP_I$_Enable T_EMO_AAP_AECD_Enable T_EMO_Air_%andlin-_AECD_Enable

1 1 1 '+( ( 1 1+ ,11 :;,<; :;,<+ , +, ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( <- {T9:' &U'T 'TA0 "1 "r ;<T Turbo /ill become Eratic 2uring Turbo .leaning .ycle.%


Dealing with Error %odes after a Delete...

The #M>?9 ha' 7 ta+le' that will ,ee( error' and$or engine fault' fro& +eing re(orted% The ta+le R #A1TD"loc,D0aultD#ode' S i' to 'u((re'' fault' acro'' the datalin,, and ta+le R #0TRD"loc,D.a&(D0aultD#ode' S i' for ,ee(ing your da'h error light' at +ay% Mo't all engine' ha*e an error code or 7 already in the'e ta+le' +y default, 'o +ecau'e of thi', not e*ery cali+ration will ha*e the 'a&e e:act 'et of error' 'u((re''ed% While the E#M i' running, +efore 'etting a fault, it will 'can each of the'e ta+le' 'tarting fro& the to( to 'ee if that (articular fault i' li'ted% f it encounter' a Pero or +lan, field in the ta+le while 'canning downward, it will a''u&e it ha' reached the +otto& of the ta+le and ignore any *alue' further down the li't% "ecau'e of thi' +eha*ior, any fault' you add to the li't, need to +e done 'o that there are no Pero' in +etween the&% f your goal i' to 'u((re''$delete the E1R, you will need to add 'e*eral code' to the'e ta+le' 'o that you can un(lug the co&(onent' without the engine co&(laining a+out it% The &ain co&(onent' the E#M i' going to co&(lain a+out are going to +e the E1R *al*e, the E1R differential (re''ure 'en'or ADelta<P Sen'orB, and the E1R te&(% 'en'or% All of the'e 'en'or' ha*e 'e*eral code' a''ociated with the&, and 'ince there i' li&ited '(ace in the ta+le, 'ugge't only including the code' a''ociated with un(lugging the& +e u'ed, a' well a' actually un(lugging the&% Thi' &ean' for the E1R te&( 'en'or, you will u'e code 7@?3 A*oltage a+o*e nor&alB% 0or the Delta<P 'en'or, u'e code 77?K A*oltage +elow nor&alB% 0or the E1R *al*e it'elf, code 9>6@ Acontrol circuit a+nor&al rateB will do the tric,% n total, for ;u't the E1R, you will need to add code' 7@?3, 77?K, and 9>6@ a' a 'tart% 0or the DP0, ha*e only e*er 'een code 955? co&e u( after un(lugging all of it, with the other delete (ara&eter' already in (lace% al'o highly reco&&end in'talling an engine fan on$off 'witch to hel( (rotect the engine$tur+o during long hill cli&+'% 0or truc,' that do not ha*e thi' 'witch, found that 'i&(ly in'talling an on$off 'witch in 'erie' with the +lac, wire of the fan 'olenoid i' a great 'olution% Thi' eli&inate' the need for adding fu'e', etc% +ecau'e it i' after all it i' 'i&(ly ;u't a ground wire% The E#M will co&(lain a+out it *ia code 7@?? Afan *oltage a+o*e nor&alB, 'o threw that code into the li't a' well% .oo,ing +ac,, 'u&&ing it all u(, you will need to add code' 7@?3, 77?K, 9>6@, 955?, and 7@?? to "OTH ta+le'% My engine already had code' 7@5?, 7@5>, and 999 for the #A1TD"loc,D0aultD#ode' ta+le, and code @@>3 in the other ta+le% left the& a' i', and 'i&(ly added the new code' to the li't in each ta+le a' 'hown +elow% Dealing with other error' you &ight 'ee will reCuire 'o&e e:tra con'ideration +efore ;u't 'i&(ly adding the& to the ta+le'% One good and co&&on e:a&(le of thi', i' error code 8@K5 A#ali+ration Me&ory Software < "ad ntelligent De*iceB% Thi' error i' not nearly a' har&ful a' it i' de'cri+ed in the 0 S 'oftware, +ut frea,' &o't (eo(le out nonethele''% Thi' error code will +e generated if there i' any /conflict of intere't/ a&ong engine feature'% A good e:a&(le of thi' i' the PTO engine feature% There are (ara&eter' for the PTO that will allow$di'<allow an acti*e regen when the engine i' in PTO &ode% f one of the'e (ara&eter' i' 'et, +ut the regen 'witch ha' +een

rendered u'ele'' *ia the DP0 delete, then thi' create' a conflict% A PTO &anual regen cannot ta,e (lace if the 'witch ha' +een di'a+led, 'o the E#M throw' code 8@K5 a' a re'ult% Re'ol*ing error code 8@K5 i' 'i&(ly a &atter of figuring out what need' to +e turned off in the engine feature' to acco&&odate the E1R delete, and nothing &ore% -e', you can 'i&(ly add it to the +loc,ed fault ta+le', +ut it i' +etter to fir't try and re'ol*e what &ight +e in conflict, 'o that engine feature', 'uch a' PTO will continue to wor, correctly% ha*e al'o 'een where the (ara&eter R T_Mux_SRegen_Switch_Source_Address S 'et incorrectTly can cau'e thi', or where R TDSRegenSwitchEna+le S i' not 'et to 8 after a delete% Another co&&on error that co&e' u( when dealing with an engine that ha' had the /Other<1uy'/ delete' in the& (re*iou'ly, i' error 75@5 A)1T Actuator Dri*er #ircuitB% Thi' code i' an actual fault, and not a gho't of the delete% The (ro+le& that i' created, if the delete ha' +een done correctly, i' that the )1T and it' Actuator are now run in a &uch wider +and of o(eration, where (re*iou'ly, they were not% J"..,PD , "D, and all the other +rain +utcher' out there 'u((re'' thi' error for rea'on' +eyond &e, and 'u((o'e you could too, +ut (er'onally, thin, correcting the actual (ro+le& i' the correct 'olution to thi' one% What ty(ically cau'e' thi' error i' either too &uch +ac,la'h in the gear for the Actuator +ecau'e it i' worn out, The )1 ring it'elf i' not tra*eling it' full range of &otion, or the actuator i' out of cali+ration% f you are getting thi' error, then reco&&end you re&o*e the actuator fro& the tur+o and chec, e*erything% There i' a hole in the control ar& Athe ar& with the gear teethB of the tur+o it'elf that will align with a hole under it, in the tur+o hou'ing, when the ar& i' al&o't all the way to the right% Thi' i' called the /P ! Po'ition/% t i' thi' (o'ition that the control ar& MUST "E ! when the (er<cali+rated actuator i' (laced down onto the tur+o% U'e the dull end of a drill<+it that fit' 'nug into thi' hole to align the actuator ar& (reci'ely to the hole under it% Then u'e in'ite 'oftware to (er<cali+rate the actuator "E0ORE (lacing it down onto the tur+o, ta,ing care not to &o*e the control ar& in the (roce''% "efore doing all of thi', you 'hould chec, the range of &otion of the control ar& +y &o*ing it all the way to the right, where it will align 'lightly (a't with the hole under it, and all the way to the left, where HA.0 of that 'a&e hole will +e *i'i+le out fro& underneath the edge of the control ar&% f you cannot &o*e the control ar& thi' full tra*el length without it +inding or dragging, then there i' 'o&ething wrong with the tur+o% Any &ore then U<9$7 tooth free<(lay in the actuator gear it'elf on the actuator, and it ha' too &uch +ac,la'h a' well% ha*e had &ore than one tech argue thi' with &e, +ut ha*e had 'e*eral (eo(le re(ort that the error goe' away after re<cali+rating the Actuator carefully, u'ing thi' &ethod% Here i' the ta+le' fro& &y own engine, 'hown here a' a reference%%
.A<T=)loc*=3ault=.odes ( 1 ' # ; , + 0 '#+0 '#+> 111 '#0, ''0; 1>"# 1++0 '#00 .3TR=)loc*=>amp=3ault=.odes ( 1 ' # ; , + 0 ##>, '#0, ''0; 1>"# 1++0 '#00 ( (

> " 1( 11 1' 1# 1;

( ( ( ( ( ( (

> " 1( 11 1' 1# 1;

( ( ( ( ( ( (

*+T Re4(apping 5Impro.es Power and uel Economy63

These *alues (UST 2e set for Ta2les to 2e Acti.e3 T_T3C_*ariable_4&i)_Mode 1 T_T3C_*ariable_&&i)_Mode 1 C_T3C_Ma.&i)it*ariable$ateEn 1 O(tionally, the Para&eter R TDT1#D)aria+leD..i&DMode S can +e 'et to 8 if you want the engine to ha*e a 9884 'toc, non<egr tur+o &a((ing%Thi' wor,' well on engine' that are already 588N HP and ha*e the +igger tur+o already%
%7T+%7(a87%losing7Ta2le ?@8 ( , #' ( + #( #( ,,( + #( #( ,0, + #( #( >', + #( #( "(( + #( #( 1((( + #( #( 11(( + #( #( 1'(( + #( #( 1#(( + #( #( 1;(( + #( #( 1,(( + #( #( 1+(( + #( #( 10(( + #( #( #> ++ ++ ++ ++ ++ ;( ;( ;( ;( ;( ;( ;( ;( ,( ++ ++ ++ ++ ++ ;( ;( ;( ;( ;( ;( ;( ;( 0, ++ ++ ++ ++ ++ ;, ;, ;, ;, ;, ;, ;, ;, 1(( ++ ++ ++ ++ ++ ;, ;, ;, ;, ;, ;, ;, ;, 1,( ++ ++ ++ ++ ++ ,( ,( ,( ,( ,( ,( ,( ,( 10, ++ ++ ++ ++ ++ +, +, +, +, +, +, +, +, '(( ++ ++ ++ ++ ++ +, +, +, +, +, +, +, +, '', ++ ++ ++ ++ ++ +, +, +, +, +, +, +, +, ',( ++ ++ ++ ++ ++ +, +, +, +, +, +, +, +, '0, ++ ++ ++ ++ ++ +, +, +, +, +, +, +, +, #(( ++ ++ ++ ++ ++ +, +, +, +, +, +, +, +, #', ++ ++ ++ ++ ++ +, +, +, +, +, +, +, +, #,( ;( ;( ;( ;( ;( ,, ,, ,, ,, ,, ,, ,, ,,

1>(( 1"(( '((( '1(( ''(( '#((

+ + + + + +

#( #( + + + +

#( #( + + + +

;( ;( + + + +

;( ;( + + + +

;, ;, + + + +

;, ;, + + + +

,( ,( + + + +

+, +, + + + +

+, +, + + + +

+, +, + + + +

+, +, + + + +

+, +, + + + +

+, +, + + + +

+, +, + + + +

,, ,, + + + +

%7T+%7(in7%losing7Ta2le ?@8 ( , ( ,,( ,0, >', "(( 1((( 11(( 1'(( 1#(( 1;(( 1,(( 1+(( 10(( 1>(( 1"(( '((( '1(( ''(( '#(( , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,

#' , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,

#> 1( 1( 1( 1( 1( 1( 1( 1( 1( 1( 1> 1> 1> 1> 1> , , , ,

,( 1> 1> 1> 1> 1> 1> 1' 1' 1' 1' ', ', ', ', ', , , , ,

0, '( '( '( '( '( '( 1# 1# 1# 1, ', ', ', ', ', , , , ,

1(( '( '( '( '( '( '( 1, 1; 1; 1> '> '> '> '> '> , , , ,

1,( #( #( #( #( #( #( ', ', ', '> #, #, #, #, #, , , , ,

10, ;( #( #( ;( ;( ;( #' #' #' #, ;, ;, ;, ;, ;, , , , ,

'(( +( #( #( ;( ;, ;, ;, ;, ;, ;, ;, ;, ;, ;, ;, , , , ,

'', +( #( #( ;( ;, ;, ;, ;, ;, ;, ;, ;, ;, ;, ;, , , , ,

',( +( #( #( ;( ;, ;, ,, ,, ,, ,, ,, ,, ,, ,, ,, , , , ,

'0, +( #( #( ;( ;, +; +( +( +( +( +( +( +( +( +( , , , ,

#(( +( #( #( ;( ;, +( +( +( +( +( +( +( +( +( +( , , , ,

#', +( #( #( ;( ;, +( +( +( +( +( +( +( +( +( +( , , , ,

#,( +> #( ;( ,( ;, ,; ,; ,; ,; ,; ,; ,; ,; ,; ,; , , , ,

Soot ' $lac0 Smo0e %ontrol 5o.er4fueling6...

There i' a &anager in (lace that li&it' fueling during 'udden change' of the accelerator (edal% t' (ur(o'e i' to li&it fuel while the tur+o i' '(ooling u( 'o that the a&ount of +lac, '&o,e$'oot i' reduced when 'o&eone 'to&(' the fuel (edal% Thi' hel(' to ,ee( the DP0 fro& clogging u( in city traffic and$or +ecau'e of an a+u'i*e dri*er% Without the DP0, Thi' &anager now +eco&e' o(tional% The +enefit of lea*ing thi' &anager acti*e i' le'' +lac, '&o,e and reduced 'oot, a' well a' i&(ro*ed fuel econo&y in city traffic% The down'ide i' that the engine feel' li,e it he'itate' a +it during hard acceleration% f your loo,ing for fa'ter (ower re'(on'e, and don/t care a+out that (ro*er+ial /(uff of +lac, '&o,e/, then 'etting (ara&eter R TDO0#D0uelD.i&itDU'erDO*erride S to a 9 will D SA".E the &anager% f your loo,ing for &a:i&u& fuel econo&y, en'ue it i' 'et to 8%

Twea0ing the Engine $ra0e...

The S= u'e' charge (re''ure to increa'e the 'trength of the engine +ra,e'% The condition i' ,nown a )1T O# or O*er<#lo'ed condition% n an O*er<clo'ed condition, the )1T i' u'ed to (roduce +ac,<(re''ure to (lace re'i'tance on the engine% Thi' al'o re'ult' in increa'ed charge (re''ure at the inta,e &anifold, &a,ing it harder for the engine to co&(re'' the cylinder' a' well% Thi' dou+le<action of re'i'tance &a,e' the engine +ra,e for the S= one of the 'tronge't in it' cla'' of engine'% 0or thi' to ha((en (ro(erly, the E#M &u't ha*e control of the )1T, and it al'o need' the a+ility to force the tur+o (a't it' nor&al /"oo't<Pro*iding/ range of o(eration% The )1T ha' a tra*el range fro& 8 to 9884% 0ro& a+out 3<?84, it will (ro*ide +oo't for co&+u'tion, +ut a+o*e ?84, although it will (ro*ide +oo't, it will (ro*ide the e:ce'' +ac,<(re''ure needed to force e:hau't ga'e' into the E1R 'y'te&, 'o that it can /O*erco&e/ that +oo't at the inta,e &anifold% t i' thi' 'a&e e:ce'' in e:hau't +ac,<(re''ure that i' needed for the engine +ra,e, 'o +etween ?84 and 9884, there i' little increa'e in +oo't gain, +ut &uch +ac,<(re''ure gain% When thi' i' ha((ening, the tur+o/' actuating ring i' e:tended (a't the &ain hou'ing and relie' on a ,eyed retainer ring in the &o't rear hou'ing to ,ee( it in (lace% Thi' retainer ring 'uffer' heat e:(an'ion on a con'tant +a'i' and ha' +een ,nown to *i+rate at high freCuency a' it get' worn% The 'ound i' al&o't dentical in nature to the 'ound (roduced if the tur+ine were to touch the hou'ing% Thi' annoying /'Cueal/ i' actually not nearly a' har&ful a' it would 'ee&, +ut can ea'ily confu'e a dri*er or &echanic into thin,ing the tur+o i' +ad% f thi' *i+ration +eco&e' 'e*ere to the (oint of fluctuating the engine during o*er<clo'ed condition', then it i' ti&e to re(lace the tur+ocharger% U'ually, +y the ti&e it get' thi' worn, the re't of the tur+o will 'how 'ign' of failure a' well% Here are the ta+le' that control the O*er<#lo'ing li&it' during engine +ra,ing e*ent' with &odified *alue' to (ro*ide &a:i&u& +ra,ing a+ility% )alue' a+o*e 684 clo'ing can +e difficult for the )1T Actuator to achie*e or &aintain a' the outer retaining ring get' worn% A 'econd concern that need' to +e con'idered hea*ily, when altering the engine +ra,e 'etting' i' e:ce'' +ac,<(re''ure% .ot' of +ac,<(re''ure i' u'ed to &a,e the engine +ra,e wor,, +ut if it i' e:ce''i*e, t can cau'e e:hau't *al*e' not to clo'e (ro(erly% Thi' re'ult' in the *al*e +eing 'truc, +y the (i'ton hard, then dri*en u( into the head, witch re'ult' on crac,ing and de'troying it% The condition i' ,nown a&ong &echanic' a' /Dro((ing A )al*e/% The higher the RPM of the engine, the higher the ri',% To (re*ent thi', reco&&end the higher RPM range' +e 'et a +it lower a' a (rotection%

Engine $ra0es3
T_E$C_Service1r7ActivateEn 1 <-! Engine )ra*e Acti?ates /hen )ra*e 4edal is pressed +and @a*es are turned on in the

T_FCC_En-ine_1ra7e_En C_FCC_En-ine_1ra7e_Ti)e C_FCC_En-ine_OverSpd_Thd

1 1,((( ',((

dash-. <-- ! Engine 3an is used to help engine bra*es <-- ,$$$ ! &a*e fan come on after , seconds. <-- &aA R4& Engine 3an can spin before it EAplodes!

Use *+T to ma0e Engine $ra0es Stronger3

.=T<.=E=)ra*e=".=U>im=Table $PM ,(( +(( 0(( >(( "(( 1((( 11(( 1'(( 1#(( 1;(( 1,(( 1+(( 10(( 1>(( 1"(( '((( '1(( ''(( '#(( A >0 >0 >0 >0 >0 >0 >0 >0 >, >, >( 0, 0, 0, 0, 0' 0( 0( 0( .=T<.=EAh=E=)ra*e=".=U>im=Table $PM ,(( +(( 0(( >(( "(( 1((( 11(( 1'(( 1#(( 1;(( 1,(( 1+(( 10(( 1>(( 1"(( '((( '1(( ''(( '#(( A >0 >0 >0 >0 >0 >0 >0 >0 >, >, >( 0, 0, 0, 0, 0' 0( 0( 0(

Engine Timing...
The Engine Ti&ing can +e &onitored *ia Para&eter R 0inalDTi&ing S% When watching thi' (ara&eter, you will Cuic,ly notice that it will 'wing +oth Po'iti*e A!D !egati*e% t i' not the a+'olute ti&ing of the engine, +ut rather an Off'et to the &echanical ti&ing 'et when the engine i' +uilt% The actual ti&ing i' ?%89 Degree' forward of thi' (ara&eter% Thia &ean' that when the ti&ing i' Pero, the &echanical Ti&ing i' at ?%89 Degree', and when thi' (ara&eter read' 9%8, the &echanical ti&ing i' actually >%89 TD#% The E#M ha' the a+ility to alter the engine ti&ing greatly, and i' &a((ed *ia 'e*eral ti&ing and fuel ta+le'% The engine i' &a((ed correctly, and i' 'et for *ery good fuel efficiency *' (ower already, 'o if you are not (lanning on doing 'o&ething radical with the engine, the'e ta+le' are +e't left alone% There i' howe*er the i''ue of E1R, or lac, thereof, once it ha' +een deleted% The Ti&ing i' generally retarded a +it +y default due to E1R% Thi' &ean' that without E1R, there i' a 'light (ower increa'e due to ti&ing, +ut al'o an increa'e in actual E1T/'% Without E1R, the ti&ing can +e ad*anced ea'ily *ia a /Ti&ing Shift/ to further i&(ro*e engine fuel efficiency, .owering E1T/' a' well, wich hel( (rotect the tur+o and i&(ro*e fuel &ileage at the 'a&e ti&e% Studying the &echanical (roce'' hea*ily, al'o noticed that when it co&e' to ti&ing, there i' little or no li*e /lead co&(en'ation/ for &echanical la'h in the engine concerning ti&ing% Ha*ing lead co&(en'ation in the engine ti&ing on the fly will allow the engine to run 'lightly '&oother, a' well a' &a,e the fueling rate &ore 'ta+le, witch 'a*e' fuel% Studying how the in;ector' are actually (ri&&ed during a fueling$ti&ing cycle actually re*ealed that the ti&ing actuator' actually fini'h their cycle *ery clo'e to when the o*erhead ca& 'tart' to co&(re'' the in;ector for co&+u'tion% "ecau'e of thi', a 'light 'hift forward in Hydraulic delay during the ti&ing actuator (roce'', would re'ult in the ca& actually ending the ti&ing cycle &echanically ;u't ahead of the 'olenoid% Too &uch 'hift and the ti&ing cycle +eco&e' erratic, and too little cau'e' the ti&ing to +eco&e *ery un'ta+le% The default hydraulic delay 'et in R #TSDtiDT&ActDelayDc S of 9%@ en'ure' the ti&ing cycle end' +efore the &echanic' ta,e' o*er% Shifting thi' delay forward a +it will cau'e interference fro& the ca& Aand al'o increa'e' ti&ing 'lightlyB% The la'h in the ca& it'elf will alter the ti&ing, and the re'ult i' a &echanically co&(en'ated ti&ing off'et, witch now include' the engine la'h% A *alue of 7%K 'ee&' to wor, Cuite well for thi' on engine' that do not ha*e other ti&ing or actuator (ro+le&'% Shifting the ti&ing forward to i&(ro*e fuel econo&y wor,' well, +ut the further the 'hift, the higher ri', of cylinder fla'hing% With le'' forward co&(re''ion and a lower angle on the (i'ton ar&, there i' le'' re'i'tance for engine ca& to +e (u'hed forward, re'ulting in a fa'ter, hotter +urn% Since the +urn i' fa'ter, le'' re'idual heat i' (roduced, +ut &uch higher co&+u'tion te&(' will occur% Thi' can re'ult in +urning the to(' of the (i'ton' and $ or 'coring the&, the in;ector, or the *al*e' if it i' not ,e(t in chec,% Mo't docu&ent' on thi' 'u+;ect for die'el engine' agree that the (ro+le& will not li,ely occur under hea*y engine load until the ti&ing 'hifted forward &ore

than N97<9K degree'% Thi' &u't +e ,e(t in &ind if you (lan on (erfor&ing any ti&ing 'hift' to i&(ro*e fuel &ileage% The further the 'hift in ti&ing, the +etter fuel &ileage will +eco&e on the S=, +ut al'o, to( end torCue will 'uffer re'ulting in 'lightly le'' (ower% Thi' i' !OT the 'a&e a' lowering the (ower, or 'lowing acceleration rate' on the engine to 'a*e fuel, +ut rather an actual trade<off of fuel econo&y, cleaner, hotter +urning fuel, lower E1T/', and le'' engine 'train at the e:(en'e of direct torCue% With all that 'aid, ha*e 'o&e (ara&eter e:a&(le'% Plea'e note al'o that with the hydraulic delay 'et further ahead, the ti&ing i' actually cut 'hort fro& the actual nu&+er' u'ed for the 'hift, and i' 'lightly le''%

or #ighest Power and Performance 5)ower uel Economy and #igher E+T/s63 CTS_ti_T)ActDela5_c 1<# T_C1&_SOI_Incre)ent_Enable 1 C_C1&_SOI_Incre)ent :(<0 Stoc0 Setting3 CTS_ti_T)ActDela5_c T_C1&_SOI_Incre)ent_Enable C_C1&_SOI_Incre)ent

1<# ( (

$est $alance of Power .s uel Economy and )ower E+T/S3 CTS_ti_T)ActDela5_c '<; T_C1&_SOI_Incre)ent_Enable 1 C_C1&_SOI_Incre)ent # (a8 uel Economy Possi2le .ia Timing Shift. CTS_ti_T)ActDela5_c '<; T_C1&_SOI_Incre)ent_Enable 1 C_C1&_SOI_Incre)ent > %an 2e as much as 9: (P+. *ery )ow E+T/s 5Slightly )ower Power6...

%ruise %ontrol... (a0e %ruise %ontrol Operate Down to ; (P#. 5+reat for long hill clim2s63

C_CC_Ma.$oadSpd&o er&i) C_CC_Min$e2erenceSpeed C_CC_CancelSpeed C_$oad_Speed_&i)it_De2ault

, , , 1;(

Reading Incal iles...

At 'o&e (oint, it i' ine*ita+le% -ou are going to need to reference, or co&(are your edit' to a factory cali+ration for a (articular engine% ncal i' a 'et of 'oftware di',' that ha*e A.. of the late't factory cali+ration' for A.. engine'% The'e file' are 'tored on the di',' in their *ariou' folder' and can +e ea'ily 'earched for, +ut #alter& will not read the& in their current for&at% The file' on the di',' are co&(re''ed and (a''word (rotected, 'o they will ha*e to +e unco&(re''ed +efore #alter& will read the&% To Unco&(re'' a (articular cali+ration file, ;u't co(y it fro& the #D, then re<na&e it, changing it' e:ten'ion to /%rar/% Of coar'e, you will need WinRar to De<co&(re'' it, and of coar'e, it will a', you for a (a''word% The (w i' either going to +e /nd'e/ or /ocec/ A'(ecial than,' to Si&&a: for (ro*iding the'e (a''word'B de(ending on what ,ind of file it i'% After deco&(re''ing it, #alter& will read it ;u't fine% -ou can a'lo u'e the& for &a,ing #o&(are file'% Thi' i' e:tre&ely handy in identifying what 'etting' ha*e +een altered in an engine, e'(ecially engine' with edited cali+ration' fro& other co&(anie'%

Repairing the /Other4+uys/ $ad Deletes...

f you ha((en to +e one of tho'e unfortunate 'oul' that got 'uc,ered into '(ending 'e*eral thou'and dollar' for one of the /"ig "oy/ delete', then feel 'orry for you, a' your engine i' now totally and royally 'crewed u(% Ho(efully, you weren/t du&+ enough to re&o*e your )1T, wa'ting e*en &ore &oney, or ;u't a' +ad, got 'uc,ered into u'ing their e:hau't re'tricti*e &uffler, the& clai&ing that you need e:hau't +ac,<(re''ure for your )1T to wor, correctly% The'e are +oth atte&(t' to co*er u( the fact that they did a horri+le ;o+ re<(rogra&&ing your engine, and are a+'olutely not nece''ary% To 'tart with, you will need the factory cal file for your engine, 'o you can u'e it a' a reference% f your E#M i' 'till original, then you will need the A)9QQQQ%QQ nu&+er off it for thi'% A' an e:a&(le, My engine E#M had the nu&+er A)9898K%8> on it% USE THE 0 .E THAT "E.O!1S TO -OUR SPE# 0 # E!1 !E222, !OT M !E% -ou can find thi' file on the cu&&in' / ncal/ cd<ro&'% 'ugge't the octo+er<7897 'et of cd/' or newer% t i' (o''i+le to fi: a +ad delete 'o that it run' 'o&ewhat o, without the file, +ut to get it right, you need your file% The rea'on you will want your engine/' file i' 'o that you can 'et the fueling and ti&ing ta+le' +ac, the way they 'hould +e% Thi' i' i&(ortant for getting your engine to run for &a:i&u& co&+u'tion efficiency +a'ed on the hardware for that engine, e'(ecially if you are 'ee,ing fuel &ileage i&(ro*e&ent' and want to do a

ti&ing 'hift% Al'o, &o't of the /Other guy'/ delete' 'et the cran, angle too low under hea*y torCue load, ri',ing a crac, in the engine +loc,, or da&age to +earing ca(', e*entually wea,ening the retaining +olt', witch can cau'e a +earing to '(in, a crac, in the +loc,, etc%% f you *alue your engine, and want it to li*e a long healthy life, you will need to fi: A.. the +utchery tho'e guy' ha*e done% "efore we +egin, would li,e to clear u( an ur+an legend that a cou(le of the'e /"ig "oy/ co&(anie' li,e Pu,e Delete' nc, Jun,<"all, "ully<Da&aged, Da&age S(ec, etc,%%% ha*e +een (u,ing to it' cu'to&er'% There i' no 'elf<de'truct code in the'e cal file' if you connect to your engine, a' well, there i' no a&ount of (a''wording or (rotection in your engine that you will need to get (a't that reCuire' their hel(% #alter& doe' not care a+out any (rotection what'oe*er once you u'e the unloc, tool, and the cu&&in' n'ite 'oftware/' La((it feature will delete A!- (a''word' they &ight ha*e 'et during their fee+le atte&(t to hide their +utcher<wor,% An o*er*iew of what need' to +e done re*eal' that fir't, you will need to u(load your cal out of your engine, then &a,e a co(y of it that you can edit% 'ugge't &a,ing a folder for the (ro;ect, and (utting a co(y of the factory cal for your engine in there a' well% Refer to the /Reading ncal 0ile'/ (ortion of thi' doc to get it unPi((ed% !e:t, do a co&(are with calter& 'o you can 'ee all the change'% After that, you 'hould (ut the co&(are file into your (ro;ect folder for reference a' well% -ou will then need to o(en the co(y of your +utchered cal file in calter&, a' well a' o(en the factory cal% "OTH will need to +e o(en Athey will +e in 'e(arate ta+'B% -ou will need to o(en each of the ta+le', one at a ti&e, and co(y<(a'te the *alue' fro& the factory cal ta+le to it' &atching ta+le in the +utchered cal% To co(y a ta+le, o(en that ta+le, choo'e any field, then (re'' /#TR.<A/ then /#TR.<#/% To (a'te thi' ta+le data into the +utchered cal, go to it' ta+ and o(en it' &atching ta+le, highlight any field, then (re'' /#TR.<A/ then /#TR.<)/% The changed field' will now +e in yellow% Sa*e the cal file each ti&e you correct a ta+le +efore going to the ne:t ta+le% Here i' a li't of the fueling$ti&ing ta+le' that need to +e re(aired%%% 0uel 0low Ta+le%%% 0TTDtiD0lT+lLDc Ti&ing Ta+le' 9 V 5 %%% #D#"RDSO DAl(ha8DTa+le #D#"RDSO DAl(ha9DTa+le #D#"RDSO D#hi7DTa+le #D#"RDSO D#hi@DTa+le #D#"RDSO D#hiKDTa+le #D#"RDSO D#hi3DTa+le The /Other guy'/ ha*e al'o 'et your )1T u( to 'elf de'truct% -ou will need to ne:t, go to the R C_EMO_Turbo_Speed_Limit_Table S, where you will di'co*er that they ha*e 'et the &a: '(eed of your tur+o to 938, r(&/' with no regard a' to what tur+o you &ight actually ha*e on your engine% f you ha*e your factory cal, would 'ugge't 'etting thi' ta+le +ac, where it +elong', otherwi'e you could 'et it

acro'' the +oard for a *alue of 983 for all field'% Al'o, the (ara&eter R #D#H.DTur+oDDrtD"ac,u(D.i&it S need' to +e fi:ed a' well% Thi', at lea't will hel( ,ee( the tur+o within it' actual u((er li&it'% !e:t, you will li,ely find that the Engine +ra,e ta+le' are &e''ed u( too% They are 'et t( 664 clo'ing and can cau'e the engine to /Dro( A )al*e/ ARead the 'ection Twea,ing The Engine "ra,e for &ore info on thi'B% -ou will ha*e to correct ta+le' R #DT1#DED"ra,eDO#DU.i&DTa+le S and R #DT1#DE:hDED"ra,eDO#DU.i&DTa+le S either +ac, to factory, or to the 'ugge'ted 'etting' in thi' docu&ent to hel( (rotect your engine% 0inally, you will need to correct all the ta+le' and 'ingle (ara&eter grou(' that are incorrect and$or inco&(lete% Start +y going through A.. of the (ara&eter' and ta+le' li'ted in thi' docu&ent, 'etting the& to their correct *alue' for each grou(% After you ha*e done thi', there are 'till &ore (ara&eter' that the /Other 1uy'/ ha*e 'crewed with that were either not nece''ary, or har&ful to the engine% Here i' a li't of the (ara&eter' ha*e found to +e 'et incorrectly on tho'e +ad, +utchered cal'%%% The /Other 1uy'/ ty(ically 'et the u((er te&(% li&it of the tur+o inlet to 6888 degree'% Thi' 'en'or will let you ,now if your tur+o i' o*erheating, a' well a' i&(ro*e co&+u'tion efficiency +a'ed on air inlet te&(, 'o it 'hould +e corrected%%% #DA PD#o&( nT&(tr..i& G 7@ Afro& 8B #DA PD#o&( nT&(trU.i& G 9893 Afro& 6888B #DA PD#o&( nT&(trD#ountD ncrt G K Afro& 8B TDA PD#o&( nT&(trDO*rdDEn G 8

The e:hau't +ac,<(re''ure 'en'or i' needed for o(ti&iPed co&+u'tion and to hel( (re*ent E:ce'' +ac,(re''ure% The (ara&eter' for it need to +e 'et +ac, correctly, and of cor'e, you need to hoo, it +ac, u( if it ha' +een re&o*ed%%% #DA PDE:hau'tPre''..i& G 39 Afro& 8B #DA PDE:hau'tPre''U.i& G 6?7 Afro& 6888B 0uel control error correction need' to +e fi:ed,%%% #DO0#D..i&ErrorSetDThd G @8%8 Afro& 589B #DO0#D..i&Ra&(DelayTi&e G 9>%8 Afro& 8%9B Tur+o P D arith&etic need' to +e corrected if it wa' 'crewed u( a' well A'o&e +utchered cal' are li,e thi', +ut not allB%%% #DT1#D D1ain G @%8 #DT1#DPD1ain G 9%3 The'e (ara&eter' can now +e 'et +ac, to 'toc, if you li,e%%%

#DEPDDE1RDRPMDDrtDErrDSe* #DEPDDE1RDTrCDDrtDErrDSe* The'e (ara&ater' 'hould +e 'et to a 9%%% #DA 0DAl(haAltDerateO*rEn The'e (ara&ater' 'hould +e 'et to a 8%%% #DA 0DAl(ha0uelRateEna+le Once you ha*e &ade all the'e change' to you new cal file, 'ugge't doing a co&(are once again% #o&(are your new file with the +utchered one you u(loaded and dou+le chec, that e*erything i' right% Don/t forget a+out 'etting the tur+o &in$&a: clo'ing ta+le' and other 'etting' fro& thi' docu&ent% When ha((y with it, Download it into your engine and try it out% f you ha*e trou+le then chec, again to 'ee if 'o&ething got &i''ed and try to wor, through it% Do not +e du&+ a' a roc, with thi'% Dou+le and tri((le chec, your 'etting'% -ou need to +e 'o&ewhat co&(uter 'a**y% f your getting E1R$DP0 alar&'% O+*iou'ly you did 'o&ething wrong and$or forgot to un(lug 'o&ething% Thi' wor,' *ery, *ery well% U'e 'o&e co&&on 'en'e%

Rougher Idle1 and the Downside of Efficient %om2ustion...

A +ad cali+ration ty(ically ha*e 'o&e 'e*ere control i''ue' for the )1T Actuator% The re'ult i' that the )1T (o'ition, when &onitored during idle, will +e u(ward' of ?7 V >8N4, and 'o&eti&e' 634% Thi' create' 'o&e un'ta+le idle condition' for the engine, e'(ecially if it e:ceed' ?74 clo'ing% t i' a tell<tale 'ign of a +ad delete for 'ure% That i' why they reco&&end you +u&( u( your idle to a+o*e ?88 RPM/', +ecau'e thi' hide' thi' fact +y loading the engine with e*en &ore e:ce'' +ac,<(re''ure, '&oothing out the idle a +it &ore% A good delete does not re<uire high idle RP(/s. ronically, the default tur+o &a((ing for E1R o(eration 'et' the tur+o actuator at ?84 Aand not higherB during idle% Thi' i' to create 'o&e e:ce'' +ac,<(re''ure to the engine, (utting it under a 'light load% The +enefit of thi' i' to i&(ro*e the /#lean Air dle/ e&i''ion' +y forcing e:ce'' air through the cylinder', and to increa'e the o:ygen content of the e:hau't for the (ur(o'e of Regen'% t al'o contri+uted to a '&oother idle, and a &ore ra(id +uildu( of heat to &a,e the engine ready for o(eration 'ooner, e'(ecially when the engine i' cold% When the Actuator 'it' a+o*e thi' ?84 'o<called /'weet<'(ot/, it create' (ro+le&' for the engine% f you choo'e to do an E1R$DP0 delete *ia thi' docu&ent, and &a( the tur+o ta+le' li,e they 'hould +e for full non<egr o(eration, then your engine i' going to idle differently, e'(ecially in cold weather when it i' cold% There i' a draw+ac, of creating e:ce'' head (re''ure' and loading the engine unnece''arily during idle% The (ro+le& i' that it con'u&e' &ore fuel% Per'onally, would rather the engine idle u'ing the lea't a&ount of fuel (o''i+le, 'o thi' i' why 'et the T1# Min$Ma: #lo'ing ta+le' a+o*e, to not ha*e the default ?84 for the 388<>88 RPM range' +elow the 00<38 &ar,% -ou can certianly edit thi' +ac, in if you li,e, it/' your engine, +ut in'tead of ?84, reco&&end 5?<5>4% The rea'on i' that it &ini&iPe' the effect' of ha*ing e:ce'' (re''ure'% The ta+le' would loo,

li,e thi' if you wanted to ,ee( thi' e:ce'' +ac,<(re''ure to en'ure '&oother idle when the engine wa' cold, at the co't of higher idle fuel con'u&(tion%%% R #DT1#DMa:D#lo'ingDTa+le S V .ower li&it ta+le APartial *iewB %%%
( ,,( ,0, >', +> +> +> +> +> +> +> +> +> +> +> +> +> +> +> +> +> +> +> +> +> +> +> +> +> +> +> +> +> +> +> +> +> +> +> +> +> +> +> +> +> +> +> +> +> +> +> +> +> +> +> +> +> +> +> +> +> +> +> +> +> +> +> +>

R #DT1#DMinD#lo'ingDTa+le S V .ower li&it ta+le APartial *iewB %%%

( ,,( ,0, >', +0 +0 +0 +0 +0 +0 +0 +0 +0 +0 +0 +0 +0 +0 +0 +0 ;( ;( ;( ;( ;( ;( ;( ;( ;( ;( ;( ;( ;( ;( ;( ;( +0 +0 +0 +0 ;( ;( ;( ;( ,( ,( ,( ,( ,( ,( ,( ,( ,( ,( ,( ,( ,( ,( ,( ,( ,( ,( ,( ,( ,( ,( ,( ,(

Editiing Tips and Screen O.erlay iles...

f your going to ;u't change a (ara&eter or two, or te't a few, then +y all &ean', the +e't way i' to connect to the &odule AE#MB directly and &a,e change' on the fly in the E#M to te't the&, +ut if your going to do a delete, or (erha(' &a,e a change to 'e*eral (ara&eter' on a &ore (er&anent +a'i', then highly reco&&end that you u(load your cali+ration fro& your engine fir't, then &a,e the change' off<line% Thi' i' far &ore effecti*e than trying to (o,e the nu&+er' in li*e, and will (roduce a lot le'' error'$code'% Another thing you 'hould ,now i' that if you ha*e engine fault' in your E#M, and you u(load your cali+ration, then tho'e fault' will +e u(loaded along with the re't of the cal% What you will end u( with, if you try and download that cal later, i' tho'e 'a&e fault' acti*e after the download, &a,ing it confu'ing a' to what error' you &ight actually ha*e% 0or +e't (ractice', clear all your acti*e and inacti*e fault' "E0ORE u(loading your cali+ration% Thi' will hel( &ini&iPe gho't error' after a re<'end when you edit your file' off<line% n addition, if you Download a cal file into your E#M, and it (roduce' error' right away, then clear all the acti*e and inacti*e fault', di'connect fro& the E#M, and (ower down the E#M for @8 'econd'% After re<'tarting it and connecting to it, f the fault' co&e +ac,, then they are legiti&ate% To edit your #al off<line, #reate a (ro;ect folder on your co&(uter 'o&ewhere, then connect to your E#M, #lear your Acti*e and nacti*e fault', then U(load your cal to your new (ro;ect folder% After that, you will need to di'connect fro& your E#M and clo'e out the &odule editor A0ile W #lo'eB, then you can turn off your truc, and ta,e your co&(uter 'o&e(lace where you can 'it down and ta,e

your ti&e with the edit% To 'tart, MAKE A #OP- O0 -OUR #A. 0 .E 'o that you can alway' fall +ac, to it a' a reference, or u'e it to get your truc, going again if you &a,e a &i'ta,e% -ou do not need any ,ind of connection acti*e to edit cal file', 'o go ahead and o(en your co(ied cal file in calter& *ia 0ile W O(en #ali+ration% #hoo'e the right E#01 file, and then choo'e a 'creen file if you li,e *ia /Editor I O(en Screen 0ile/% Ma,e all your change' carefully and then 'a*e your edited cal file *ia 0ile W Sa*e or 0ile W Sa*e A'% Once you are done, then choo'e #o&(are fro& the tool' &enu and do a co&(are fro& your u(loaded cal file to your edited cal file% alway' u'e the HTM. 'etting in the co&(are tool, then go through it carefully, chec,ing the edit for error'% f all loo,' good, then clo'e out your cal file' in calter&, and re<connect to your E#M with the &odule editor% 0inally, you will want to Download the edited cal file to the E#M with the Download tool and wait for it to fini'h% Do not u'e the feature' and (ara&ater' +ac,u( o(tion during a download% U'e #u&&in' n'ite to +ac,u($re'tore your (ara&ater' if you need to% After confir&ing that it ha' fini'hed, it' a good idea to ;u't let the calter& (rogra& 'it for a+out @8 < K3 'econd'% t will re'et the E#M and clo'e$re<o(en the &onitoring 'creen on it' own u'ually% When it ha' 'ettled out again, it' a good idea to then clear all acti*e and inacti*e fault', then clo'e the &odule 'e''ion and 'hut off the E#M for a+out @8 'econd'% After that, you 'hould &a,e 'ure the truc, 'tart' and run' with your new cal, a' well a' chec,ing for fult' in n'ite and$or the da'h of the truc,% Well, in'tead of torturing you, &a,ing you +uild your own 'creen file fro& thi' docu&ent one (ara&eter at a ti&e, thought would 'a*e you 'o&e ti&e and headache% To u'e thi' 'creen file, 'i&(ly un<rar it, (ut it with your (ro;ect, and load it u( after you ha*e o(ened your cali+ration% do !OT reco&&end u'ing thi' 'creen file when connected li*e to your E#M unle'' you ha*e to for 'o&e rea'on Atrou+le'hooting$*erifying a cal (erha('B, +ecau'e the hundred' of (ara&eter' will +e trying to u(date con'tantly, 'lowing down your connection to the E#M% t' +e't u'ed for editing #ali+ration file' off<line% While your cali+ration file i' o(en, you can choo'e fro& the &ain &enu /Editor I O(en Screen 0ile/% There are 'e*eral ta+' at the to(, 'e(arating the different (art' of the E#M% Here i' the download lin, to the 'creen file u'e% t contain' A.. the (ara&eter' fro& thi' docu&ent, 'o&e of the (ara&eter' ty(ically chec, when loo,ing at +ad cal', and 'o&e *ariou' whatnot'% U'e it at your own ri',%%% Download .in,F htt(F$$&a'tergee,'%o(endri*e%co&$file'$O)>:!;g:!D @!l6#)PJPc0>POT)&$ScreenD66>%rar

%ER&'( ()*R C+,&-R+.&)/ -E')RE RE(O*I!+ A!, #ARD-ARE$$$$$$$$$ %ER&'( ()*R C+,&-R+.&)/ -E')RE RE(O*I!+ A!, #ARD-ARE$$$$$$$$$ %ER&'( ()*R C+,&-R+.&)/ -E')RE RE(O*I!+ A!, #ARD-ARE$$$$$$$$$ %ER&'( ()*R C+,&-R+.&)/ -E')RE RE(O*I!+ A!, #ARD-ARE$$$$$$$$$
*sing +lternate 'actory Cal 'iles...

Ju't Don/t do it% U'e the one you u(loaded fro& your engine% f you want &ore HP or fueling, then co(y the fueling$ti&ing t'+le' fro& the higher HP cal file' only% Thi' hel(' (re*ent 'o&e +ad re'ult' for your engine% Thi' al'o hel(' ,ee( your feature' and (ara&eter' fro& getting &e''ed u(%

)7tional Rea8ing... Harness your %G.$ (Customizing it to your nee8s"...

Re<&a((ing your )1T and cu'to&iPing it to how your truc, i' dri*en can +e a +ig +enefit% !ot only can you i&(ro*e hor'e(ower$torCue with it, +ut fine tune it for &a:i&u& fuel 'a*ing'% When re'earching thi', read an article or 7 that 'tated without a +unch of e&ulation 'oftware, that it i' hu&anly i&(o''i+le to re<&a( an E#M to get the correct torCue cur*e', +oo't (re''ure, fueling rate', ti&ing angle', *gt (o'ition', hydraulic delay', yada, yada the li't goe' on%%% Well got offended +y thi' and too, it a' a (er'onal challenge% There ha' to +e an ea'y way to 'ort of /1et what you want/ without ha*ing to re<write e*ery ta+le in the E#M% Mo't of the cali+ration i' not that far off of what need' to ha((en to ,ee( thing' in tune, 'o with that in &ind, 'et out to find a way to &ore or le'' guide the E#M toward' what wanted when it ca&e to fuel &ileage and$or torCue rather then re<write the entire cali+ration% The tur+ocharger (lay' a +ig role in the delicate +alancing ga&e of tug<of<war that &u't ta,e (lace to get +oth (erfor&ance and decent fuel econo&y% When it co&e' to thi' delicate +alance, the )1T, or (erha(' '(ecifically, the )1T Actuator, 'hould +e loo,ed at a' the 'ort of /0ocu'ing !oPPle/ to the fire in'ide your engine the 'a&e way that a focu'ing noPPle i' u'ed on a +lowtorch% When loo,ing for raw (ower, thi' /0ocu'/ need' to +e fairly (reci'e to gi*e u' that fine (oint that let' u' /#ut through 'teel/ (er 'ay, and too &uch /0ocu'/ in one direction or the other, and there will +e lo''e'% On the other hand, when loo,ing for low heat Afuel 'a*ing'B, thi' /0ocu'/ need' to +e +ac,ed off fro& 'o that o*erall te&(' and e:hau't +ac,<(re''ure can +e lowered% E:ce'' heat and (re''ure, when not needed, will definitely co't you fuel unnece''arily, 'o how do we get +othQ And how do we tell the E#M thi' i' what you wantQ "efore an'wering the'e Cue'tion', (erha(' a clear and (reci'e de'cri(tion of what you want your engine to do, and when to do it 'hould +e in order% E*ery dri*er i' different, and o(erate' their truc, differently% E*ery truc, i' 'lightly different, and not all truc,' ha*e the 'a&e gear ratio', load ca(acity, trailer', o(eration', etc% f anything i' /Software<icly &(o''i+le/ Aan in'ult to tho'e who 'ay 'oftware i' 'u(erior to hu&an intellectB, it i' the a''u&(tion that e*ery 'ituation and 'cenario acro'' all truc,' can +e dealt with +y a 'ingle cali+ration, or (erha(' e*en a few different *ariation' of 'uch for that &atter% a& not e*en going to +egin trying to gue'' what other' want or need, 'o in'tead, will ;u't 'i&(ly 'tic, to what did, and &ay+e that will gi*e other' an idea toward what they &ight want% dri*e acro'' all ,ind' of terrain, flat and &ountainou' ali,e% n &y (articular o(eration, (rofit &argin' are low, 'o 'a*ing fuel i' what &a,e' &e the &o't &oney a+o*e all el'e% "ecau'e of thi', a& u'ually only

dri*ing 33<58 &(h% Thi' &ean' that &o't of the ti&e, &y engine i' turning 9788<9@88 RPM/' according to how it i' geared% Al'o at thi' '(eed, &o't of the ti&e, &y foot i' not *ery far down on the throttle% t i' u'ually le'' than @84% After 'e*eral day' of &onitoring &y )1T actuator (o'ition *' fueling rate, noticed that &uch of the ti&e, &y actuator would 'it at 34, and only go u( when 'tarted cli&+ing a hill% got curiou' a' to where it 'hould +e for &a: fuel econo&y, 'o '(ent the ne:t cou(le of day' u'ing the o*erride co&&and for the )1T, &anually 'etting it while watching &y fueling rate% 0ound that &o't of the ti&e, actually got +etter fuel econo&y with the actuator at 97<934 rather than at 34 where the E#M wanted it% The only e:ce(tion to thi' wa' when needed al&o't no throttle A*ery 'light downgrade'B where 34 wa' +etter, and of cour'e, when needed 'o&e (ower to cli&+ a hill% The fueling rate on &y truc, ha' a range fro& 8<@38, 'o Pero i' no fuel, and @38 i' the (edal to the floor% With all thi' in &ind, it wa' clear what wanted% wanted the )1T to +e at 34 when the fueling rate wa' +elow 38, the )1T at 97<934 at a fueling rate of 38<938, and for the )1T to go fro& 934 to 584 +etween 938 and 7?3 Athi' ga*e &e &a: +oo't and torCue during hill cli&+ingB% And to +ac, off the )1T to 3K4 fro& @88<@38 to (re*ent o*er<RPM of the tur+o when the throttle wa' all the way to the floor% To co&(licate the &atter e*en &ore, only wanted thi' to ha((en +etween 9788<9@88 RPM% That' a (retty tall and co&(licated ta', +ut that i' what wanted, 'o how do get the E#M to do thi'Q There i' (ro+a+ly 'e*eral different way' to get the E#M to do what a',, +ut didn/t want to interfere with all of it' co&(licated (rogra&&ing to achie*e thi'% ;u't wanted to (lace a 'ort<of la't &inute, +ac,<end, guiding hand to what the E#M wa' already trying to &a,e the )1T actuator do% After &any hour' of (o,ing around, found a (lace where thi' can actually +e achie*ed% t turn' out that there are 7 ta+le' that are a+le to li&it the final )1T (o'ition the E#M i' reCue'ting, +efore the 'ignal i' 'ent out to the tur+o% "OTH of the'e ta+le' are +a'ed on the fueling rate *' RPM, 'o thi' wa' (erfect for &e, +ut the'e ta+le' do !OT nor&ally directly control the )1T (o'ition% The (ur(o'e for the'e ta+le' i' ;u't 'i&(ly li&it the range of how low or high the )1T (o'ition can +e at any gi*en RPM $ 0ueling Rate% 0or e:a&(le, f the lower li&it ta+le i' 'et to 34 at 9788<RPM$0R<38 Athe row$colu&n where 9788r(& align' with a fueling rate of 38B and the u((er li&it ta+le i' 'et for ?74 at the 'a&e 9788<RPM$0R<38, then the E#M i' free to 'et the )1T (o'ition anywhere it want' to +etween 3 and ?74% Since want a &ini&u& of 974 at 9788<RPM$0R<38, ;u't 'et the lower li&it ta+le for thi' row$colu&n to 97, and now the )T cannot go +elow 974 at thi' r(&$fr% .oo,ing +ac, to what want to achie*e, ;u't 'et the entire 9788<r(& row all the way acro'' to the (o'ition' want for each of the fueling rate'% !ow, when the engine i' at 9788r(&, the )1T i' forced to a &ini&u& of the'e (o'ition'% entered the 'a&e *alue' for the 9@88r(& row a' well% !ow that ha*e thi' in (lace, doe' thi' get &e what wantQ Well, not e:actly% The E#M i' 'till free to &a,e the )1T go a+o*e the'e (o'ition', li&ited only +y the u((er li&it ta+le% 'o needed to deter&ine what wa' o,, and not o, for an u((er li&it% After 'o&e e:(eri&enting going u( 'o&e 'tee( hill', it +eca&e *ery clear that anything (a't a+out 534 on the actuator with &y foot to the floor ;u't cau'ed &ore +oo't +ut no &ore (ower gain% At 534, &y +oo't wa' already higher than had e*er 'een it, and hor'e(ower wa' way a+o*e anything had e*er e:(erienced fro& thi' engine% With that in &ind, fir't re(laced A.. the ta+le *alue' to 534 that were higher than thi'% Then, ;u't 'et a few of the *alue' around 97<9@88 r(& with low fueling a +it le''%

R C_TGC_Min_Closing_Table S V .ower li&it ta+le APartial *iewB %%%

11(( 1'(( 1#(( , , , , , , , , , 1( 1( 1( 1' 1' 1' 1# 1# 1# 1, 1; 1; ', ', ', #' #' #' ;, ;, ;, ;, ;, ;, ,, ,, ,, +( +( +( +; +; +; +; +; +; ,; ,; ,;

R C_TGC_Max_Closing_Table S V .ower li&it ta+le APartial *iewB %%%

11(( 1'(( 1#(( + + + #( #( #( #( #( #( +> #( ;( +> #( ;( +, +, +, +, +, +, +, +, +, +, +, +, +, +, +, +, +, +, +, +, +, +, +, +, +, +, +, +, +, +, +, +, +,

Well, thi' ga*e &e what wanted, +ut now, the re't of the ta+leA'B *alue' are out of (lace co&(ared to what entered% Thi' &ean' had to correct the re't of the 7 ta+le' and +lend the *alue' the +e't could% !ow, had to en'ure the'e ta+le' were acti*e in he E#M, 'o found the (ara&eter' to acti*ate the&% They are 'et a' follow'%%% R .9.GC9%ariable9,,im9Mo8e S G 9 R .9.GC9%ariable9*,im9Mo8e S G 9 Thi' acti*ate' the ta+le' and force' the )1T to +eha*e the way wanted it to% Te't dri*ing the truc, re'ulted in 'o&e decent (ower gain' and +etter fuel &ileage to +oot% didn/t ,now &y engine wa' ca(a+le of 'uch (ower% would i&agine that if thi' (ower were a+u'ed hea*ily, then 'o&e engine co&(onent da&age would (ro+a+ly re'ult, don/t ,now% li,e it &uch +etter now, +ut ha*e to re&ind &y'elf not to get &y foot too carried away when going u( a hill% n'tead, en;oy &uch +etter fuel &ileage% 0or tho'e who are curiou', the )1T can +e &anually controlled *ia 7 (ara&eter'% They are 'et a' follow'%%%
R T7*+A7D)7%md7User7O.erride S R %7*+A7D)7%md7O.erride7*alue S


X Thi' ena+le' the o*erride to all other )1T (o'ition logic%

G YPOS T O! 8<9884Z X The *alue you want it to +e (o'itioned at%

Ho(efully thi' will hel( other' out there that are not afraid to e:(eri&ent a +it, +ut f you f[O4 u( your truc,, TS -OUR OW! DAM! 0AU.T2% Don/t co&e crying to &e% Anyway', that' all wi'h to ela+orate on for now% ho(e thi' hel(' tho'e out there that are willing to e:(eri&ent a +it and are not afraid to /"ric,/ their E#M li,e &e% thin,' it' a+'olutely ridiculou' that no one want' to 'hare infor&ation a+out the'e engine', +ut in'tead want to horde it and charge thou'and' of dollar' to other' when they li,ely got it for free the&'el*e'% a& an old<'chool hac,er that definitely thin,' that the &ore (eo(le that ha*e acce'' to 'o&ething, the +etter off it +eco&e', +ecau'e thi' allow' in(ut fro& &any 'ource' and idea' that the li&ited &ind' of the &anufacturerA'B ne*er thought of% 1ood .uc,,%%%