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HRD Outcomes

HRD outcomes provide the ground rules to build an organization excelling in people ,
processes, products and profits.

1. Training makes people more competent. They develop new skills, knowledge and
2. There is greater clarity of norms and standards. People become better aware of the
skills required for job performance.
3. People become more committed to their jobs because there comes greater
objectivity in the administration of reward
4. People develop greater trust and respect for each other. They become more open
in the behavior and the new outcome like values are generated.
5. There is great collaboration and team work which produces synergy effect.
6. There is greater readiness on the part of employees to accept change. They find
themselves better equipped with problem solving capabilities.
7. Lot of useful and objective data on employees are generated which facilitate
human resource planning.
8. Participation develops in works a sense of achievement and pride.
9. HRD helps inducing multi skills to the employees.