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Krystina McGee EDU 485- Classroom Management and Assessment New Jersey City University College of Education Dr.

Althea Hall

Room 123 Ms. McGee Freshman Biology Period 3

Please be seated at the desk with the card that matches the one I have given to you

Example of the information that will be displayed as students enter on day 1

Question 3: Who is the teacher as a person?

This year, you are going to have one of the greatest educational experiences of your life! This classroom will be well organized and you will feel well cared for while you are in it. We will not only study Biology, but I will also share with you some life skills and secrets that will help you to succeed in tomorrows world.
The First Days of School (Wong & Wong, 2006)

Question 4: What will I be doing this year?

Question 6:
What are the rules in this classroom?

1. Be in class on time with all materials ready to begin working 2. Sit in your assigned seat unless instructed otherwise 3. No cursing or profanity 4. Cell phones must be off and put away before entering the classroom 5. Raise your hand and wait to be called on before speaking

The purpose of rules is to ensure that your educational experience is the best it can possibly be and all distractions are eliminated. We will use a 4 check system for students who CHOSE not to follow the rules

1st offense- name on the board (WARNING) 2nd offense- check mark (15 minute after school detention) 3rd offense- 2nd check mark (30 minutes after school detention) 4th offense- 3rd check (Parents notified) 5th offense- 4th check (You will be sent to the office)
This will be restarted on a weekly basis

Individual Rewards No Name on the board= 5 bonus points per week; these can accumulate throughout the marking period and be applied to a grade of your choice

During my student teaching internship I was able to introduce the checks and bonus point system for disciplining behavior. The consequences were established by myself and cooperating teacher.

Question 7: How will I be graded?

Since my goal is to create a positive learning environment for all of you, we must follow specific procedures and routines EVERY day.

Wait to be greeted at the door before entering Go directly to your assigned seat Do not wait for the bell to begin class Begin working immediately on the assignment that will be posted on the board Remain quiet


On the day you return, check the folder that corresponds to your class period for any missed work. You have 2 days to complete missed assignments

When I need your attention and want the room silent, I will put up two fingers in the air You must stop what you are doing, cease all talking, face me and put two fingers in the air so I know I have your attention You will then listen for my instructions


If you are late, you are to sign the log book by the door Late arrivals will result in one check

Remember: Rule #1- Be in class on time with all materials ready to begin working