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Fighting for indian liberation

After Gandhi participating in diverse helping centers in Africa and during WWI Gandhi returns to India again but this time to fight for the rights of his own people by a movement called the satyagrha, but England doesnt like this instead they repressed all this people. To which Gandhi answered with different protests doing and hartal that had a succefull ending, But the violence was just behind this protests so he had to stop them. In march of 1922 Gandhi was then sentenced to 6 years of prison by being an instigator He got ill so in 1924 he was detached, and as he returned he lloked how the satyagrha movement had moved back, so he decided to work in one of the biggest problems the relation between Muslims and Hinduism

Gandhi planned a massive march against British taxes , then called the salt march .But the British just answered with massive arrests. Gandhi was again arrested but protests continue, at the point the viceroy has to me Gandhi and get to an agreement WWII began and Britain said India had to take side of England in this war , this woke again Indias desire of independence, but in 1942 Gandhi was again jailed and detached on 1944. On August 15, 1947, Great Britain granted independence to India and to the newly formed Muslim country of Pakistan. January 13, 1948 Gandhi realized another fast to stoop violence between Muslims and hinduists

Death and Legacy

No everyone was happy with Gandhis peacefull movement, they blamed Gandhi by Indias separation. On January 30, 1948, the 78-year-old Gandhi was assassinated. Gandhi left humanity the reminder that is possible to fight a war with a non-violence movement, movement that other leaders as Martin Luther King ensure in their fights. He showed a way of simple life and in spite of everything he always believed in peace but importantly he believed in humans. An unforgetable men that walk trough earth to show us what means having values and an spiritual life

You must be the change you want to see in the world