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Global market for biogas upgrading equipment to reach $442.

4 million by 2018
Biogas is generated through a microbial fermentation process known as anaerobic digestion, by which various waste streams can be cost-effectively converted into electricity and thermal energy. Such renewable, sustainable energy generation will be the fastest-growing energy sector over the next two decades. Price volatility, supply demands, and environmental concerns over fossil fuels are expected to drive significant growth in this market for the foreseeable future. BCC esearch provides an in-depth analysis of the global market for biogas upgrading e!uipment through its report Biogas "pgrading# $echnologies and %lobal &arkets. 'ccording to the report, this market is estimated at ()*+., million for -.)/. BCC esearch expects the market to grow to (00-.0 million by -.)+, and register a five-year compound annual growth rate of ),.01 from -.)/ to -.)+. Use this report to %ain an overview of the global market for biogas upgrading technologies. 'naly2e global market trends, with data from -.)-, estimates for -.)/, and pro3ections of compound annual growth rates 4C'% s5 through -.)+. eceive an analysis on the e!uipment used to transform crude biogas from waste materials and energy crops into sustainable energy. 6valuate feed sources used for biomethane production. eview comprehensive profiles of leading players in the industry. !"#$%& '(GU)& #")*&+ !(,& "-. G)/0+1 '/) 2(/G"! U$G)".(-G &3U($#&-+ 24 0/)%. )&G(/-5 200062018 7$ #(%%(/-!8

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