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Greek Medicine

The Hippocrates’s made an advance in the history of medicine with

their theory of the four humours. They believed that if the four
humours (black bile, yellow bile, blood and phlegm) weren’t
balanced this would cause the body to be ill. They believed to keep
these balanced a healthy life style was needed, eating healthy and
Although the idea was wrong, the idea that the Hippocrates had was
that you could learn to understand and treat diseases by using
careful observation and logical thought, is very important to modern

The Hippocrates took medicine very seriously and knew being a

doctor was a very important job. They made an Oath to their
patients promising they would never mistreat them. They would
have respected all patients even the unborn.

The Greeks rejected the theory of evil spirits. They no longer

believed that the evil spirits caused disease and there were more
logical reasons for disease. They looked for practical reasons for
illness such as the theory of the four humours and observed the
body. This was called clinical observation.