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E!ted by An"ony J.


March 7, 2014


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Save Money
Wake Up Now a'ows you ( save #ousands of do'ars a year. !ose savings come in many forms, discounts, cash back op$ons, tax deduc$ons, and more. Li/ra'y EVERYTHING you buy can become a discount, one way or ano#er..

Manage Money
Wi# products like Taxbot and Finance available #rough Wake Up Now, you can manage your money easier #an EVER before. Viewing your money spending, investments, income, debts, goals, and expenses #rough easy ( read graphs. Managing your money is a vital aspect of becoming an Independent Business Owner. .

The Bigger Picture

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!e life of an Independent Business Owner is a lifes"le for everyone. Wi# #e world at his/her feet, an IBO can visit #e most beau$%l and luxurious places in #e world for only a &ac$on of #e price. IBOs are also provided a' #e right (ols ( manage, save, and make #eir money. IBOs, au(ma$ca'y upon signing up, become a sma' business wi# every person brea#ing as #eir prospects. Wake Up Now %els it)s company and reputa$on by #e B3H3G3 *Bring 3, Help 3, Get 3+ formula. Wake Up Now also provides you wi# a varie" of di,erent VIP membership cards for exclusive access ( #e world)s best deals; including a VISA debit card ( spend your commissions and residual income #rough! Wake Up Now is a business for #e business-minded, whe#er you just need some ex-a income or if you)re looking ( build a new lifes"le for yourself..

Make Money
!e most a0rac$ve part about Wake Up Now is it)s abili" ( help you make a mon#ly residual income. Below is a chart explaining brie1y how #e compensa$on plan works.


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E!ted by An"ony J. Ramir#

March 7, 2014

Show Me The Money!

If you see #is opportuni" as a bi' *2oh my god, I have ( pay $100 next mon#, & I don)t have it3+ #en #is opportuni" is not for you. We need people who understand #at #is is a sma'... correc$onVERY SMALL investment ( be able ( turn around & see great progress in a rela$vely short amount of $me. You are in a business #at can po/n$a'y change your life & have you saving/earning hundreds ( #ousands, wi#in a few

The Right Tools

In order ( be success%l, an Independent Business Owner must have #e right (ols for success. Wake Up Now o,ers every#ing you wi' need ( run a very success%l business. Wi# #e abili" ( o,er many products and services ( help you save money, manage money, and make money, Wake Up Now provides #e fo'owing... .
Wake Up Now Marketplace. Wake Up Now Vaca$on Club . Wake Up Now Travel *rental

mon#s, for a measly $100 ( start & $100 per mon# upkeep. If you are curious on just how much income is possible by becoming an IBO #rough WUN, here is an upda/d compensa$on plan for you ( admire. !at)s it! Every#ing is online for you. Just read, plug in, play... & share! !ere is no $me ( was/!. CONTACT NOW.

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or v%it$


cars+ deals.
TaxBot. Wake Up Now Finance. Wake Up Now ID !eft

Wake Up Now Language learner. Wake Up Now Newsstand. Wake Up Now Mobile discounts. And more!.


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