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GTS-250 series

High-Performance & High-Quality

Superior Waterproof and Dustproof High Accuracy & Long Measuring Range Enhanced Absolute Encoder Versatile Application Programs Dual-axis tilt sensor
Telescope Magnification / Resolving power Angle measurement Accuracy Method Compensator Distance measurement* Measuring range One prism Three prisms Accuracy General Dust and water protection Operating temperature Size Weight with battery Internal Memory Power supply Battery Operating time 9 hours IP54 (IEC 60529) -20 to +50C W184 x D172 x H336 mm 4.9kg 24,000pts 2,000m 2,700m (2 + 2ppm D) mm 2" or 5" Absolute rotary encoder scanning Dual-axis tilt sensor

Telescope 30x / 3.0"

*Slight haze with visibility about 20km moderate sunlight with light heat shimmer.

Standard Accessories

Main unit Battery Battery Charger Lens cap Tool kit with case Plastic rain cover Silicon cloth Carrying Case

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