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You've no need to light a night-light on a light night like tonight. For a night-light lights a slight light, and tonight's a night that's light. When a night's light, like tonight's light, is really not quite right To light a night-light with their slight lights on a light night like tonight isnt right.

Betty Botter bought some butter, but she said this butter's bitter! But a bit o" better butter will but make my butter better. #o she bought some better butter, better than the bitter butter, and it made her butter better. #o 'twas better Betty Botter bought a bit o" better butter! Bla$k bug bit a big bla$k bear. But where is the big bla$k bear that the big bla$k bug bit% & bo' o" mi'ed bis$uits, a mi'ed bis$uit bo'. (" a bla$k bug bleeds bla$k blood, what $olor blood does a blue bug bleed% baboon bamboo, baboon bamboo, baboon bamboo, baboon bamboo, baboon.


)ris* $rusts $ra$kle and $run$h. )ris* $rusts $ra$kle and $run$h. )ris* $rusts $ra$kle and $run$h.

+" all the "elt ( ever "elt, ( never "elt a *ie$e o" "elt whi$h "elt as "ine as that "elt "elt, when "irst ( "elt that "elt hat's "elt. (" Freaky Fred Found Fi"ty Feet o" Fruit and Fed Forty Feet to his Friend Frank how many Feet o" Fruit did Freaky Fred Find%

,olly -uggling -esters -auntily -uggled -ingling -a$ks.

.indly kittens knitting mittens kee* ka/ooing in the king's kit$hen.

&ny noise annoys an oyster but a noisy noise annoys an oyster more.

.a$ha *a*aya *a$$a *a*aya .a$ha *a*aya *a$$a *a*aya .a$ha *a*aya *a$$a *a*aya. 0ur*le 0a*er 0eo*le, 0ur*le 0a*er 0eo*le, 0ur*le 0a*er 0eo*le. 0eter 0i*er *i$ked a *e$k o" *i$kled *e**ers, i" 0eter 0i*er *i$ked a *e$k o" *i$kled *e**ers, wheres the *e$k o" *i$kled *e**ers 0eter 0i*er *i$ked%

0oo*ed *ur*le *eli$ans. 0oo*ed *ur*le *eli$ans. 0oo*ed *ur*le *eli$ans.

1**er roller lower roller 1**er roller lower roller. 2ubber baby-buggy bum*ers.

#i'th si$k #heiks si'th si$k shee*. ( slit a sheet, a sheet ( slit. &nd on a slitted sheet ( sit. ( slit a sheet, a sheet ( slit. The sheet ( slit, that sheet was it. & skunk sat on a stum*. The stum* thought the skunk stunk. the skunk thought the stum* stunk. What stunk the skunk or the stum*% #wan swam over the sea, #wim, swan, swim! #wan swam ba$k again Well swum, swan! #illy #ally swi"tly shooed seven silly shee*. The seven silly shee* #illy #ally shooed shilly-shallied south. These shee* shouldn't slee* in a sha$k3 shee* should slee* in a shed.

4r. #ee owned a saw. &nd 4r. #oar owned a seesaw. 5ow #ee's saw sawed #oar's seesaw Be"ore #oar saw #ee, Whi$h made #oar sore. 6ad #oar seen #ee's saw Be"ore #ee sawed #oar's seesaw, #ee's saw would not have sawed #oar's seesaw. #o #ee's saw sawed #oar's seesaw. But it was sad to see #oar so sore ,ust be$ause #ee's saw sawed #oar's seesaw!

& tutor who tooted the "lute, tried to tutor two tooters to toot. #aid the two to the tutor, '(s it harder to toot or to tutor two tooters to toot%' & tree toad loved a she-toad who lived u* in a tree. 6e was a two-toed tree toad but a three-toed toad was she. The two-toed tree toad tried to win the three-toed she-toad's heart, For the two-toed tree toad loved the ground that the three-toed tree toad trod. But the two-toed tree toad tried in vain. 6e $ouldn't *lease her whim. From her tree toad bower with her three-toed *ower The she-toad vetoed him.

& good $ook $ould $ook as mu$h $ookies as a good $ook who $ould $ook $ookies


(" two wit$hes were wat$hing two wat$hes, whi$h wit$h would wat$h whi$h wat$h% Whi$h wat$h did whi$h wit$h wear and whi$h wit$h wore whi$h wat$h%