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Name: Mahesh P Shinde Project subject:The study of HDFC Mutual Fund Course:PGDFS


SR.NO TOPICS 1 A)Introduction of Project 1-Introduction of Bank 2-Meaning Of Mutual Fund 3-Defination Of Positioning. 2 3 B) Company Profile. C) Reasearch and Methodology 1-Obective of Project 2-Need of Project 3-Importance of Project. Data Analysis And Presentation 1-Product Rationale 2-Portfolio Comparison 3-Product Features And allocation 4-Performance And Fund Rating 5-Fund Sutability Findings And Sugestions Conclusion Annexure


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TOPICS Structure of the Mutual fund Positioning and the Balance fund Portfolio composition Industry allocation Absolute returns HDFC Mutual fund Growth Plan Probability of loss under Daily rolling return


The brief Description Of the Project A)Introduction of Project: 1=Defination Of Banking 2-Functions Of Bank-1)Primary function 2)Secondary function 3-Meaning of mutual fund 4-Features of the mutual fund 5-How mutual fund works 6-Are mutual fund risk free or not 7-Mutual fund players 8-The structure of mutual fund in india 9-Advantages of the mutual fund 10-Types of mutual fund their use

B) Objective of the project: 1-To study and the definition of mutual fund 2-To know the advantages and disadvantages of the mutual fund 3-To know the different types of the mutual fund 4-To study market acquired by the HDFC mutual fund