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Professor P. A. Johnson Head of Economics Department, Vice Principal of Bhavans College M nshi !agar, Andheri "#est$ M m%ai &''(')&.

*ff+ ),-, &-.' /ecommendation 0etter Anitha /amas1am2 has re3 ested me to 1rite her a letter of recommendation. Ever2 2ear, 4 am approached %2 several do5ens of st dents 1ho re3 est a recommendation letter. Ho1ever, 4 end p recommending onl2 a fe1 of them. 4 %elieve that a letter of recommendation is ver2 serio s % siness. 4 1rite one, onl2 1hen 4 am convinced that the candidate is right for the program that she is appl2ing for. 4t gives me immense pleas re in recommending Anitha /amas1am2 for the P6 program at 2o r niversit2. 4 have 7no1n her for more then . 2ears in m2 capacit2 as a senior lect rer of the Department of Economics. D ring her . rd 2ear 4 1as her Professor for Advanced Economic 8heor2 and 6ro1th Development and Planning. 4 have come across man2 st dents 1ith a sharp nderstanding and 7no1ledge of Economics, 4t is the rare st dent 1ho is a%le to develop a m lti(dimensional perspective of the co rse of economics, Anitha /amas1am2 is one s ch rare st dent. 9he had developed a concept al nderstanding of a fact(%ased s %:ect li7e Economics. Her Pro:ect 8itled ;o7oga1a Bl e 9tar Private 0imited 1as among the fe1 %est pro:ects carried o t in the Department. 9he has sho1n the motivation, intelligence, preserving nat re and anal2tical aptit de for grad ate st d2. Her attendance and her presence of mind has %een a 7e2 part of her st d2 program that has helped her to contri% te positivel2 1hile 1or7ing as a part of the team. 4n m2 vie1, Ms Anitha /amas1am2 compares favora%l2 1ith the %est among m2 st dent. 4 am s re, she 1ill ma7e an o tstanding performance at her P6 st dies. 4 recommend her in the strongest term for admission to P6 program at 2o r niversit2. ;o rs 9incerel2,