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For over 20 years Aaron Lindsey has been professionally involved in the music bu siness.

As the son of a Minister of Music and choir director, Lindsey has always been surrounded by song. Lindsey is one of the most recognizable names in Gospe l Music production, songwriting and education. His drive has always been to fost er and enhance excellence in the local church as well as the music business.

Aaron s signature production sound can be heard on many of the top Gospel albums o ver the last 10 years including Power of One & Love God Love People (Israel Houghton ), Thirsty & Hear I Am (Marvin Sapp), Better Days (Jonathan Nelson), Faithful To Belie e (Byron Cage) among others. The hit song Never Would Have Made It (Marvin Sapp) se t a new record for the longest running single in the history of the R&R charts, and sold over 1,000,000 ringtones. The Best in Me (Marvin Sapp) likewise, has had over 2 million downloads to date and counting. Lindsey s accomplishments have been acknowledged and respected among his peers and avid music lovers internationall y.

Aaron s resume is not limited to his work in the studio. He is also globally recog nized as a top musical director and musician currently touring with Israel Hough ton and performing live as a solo artist.

Aaron s vision is fully expressed through his company Ardent Media, which is the v ehicle for his production, songwriting and educational pursuits. The vision is t his Romans 15:1, strength is for service, not for status (The Message). And as we s eek to empower others, we ourselves will be empowered.