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Barangay Palatiw Information System

By: Pepito Raviz,Jr. Danielle Suing Geraldine Solomon

Barangay Information Management System is an advance and automated process of managing a barangay, to let go the manual process in the usual barangay hall such as, hand written documents, keeping records inside the drawer that tends to lose some records.

To eliminate the bureaucracy and have data integrity. Eliminate the manual work to avoid losing some records of the citizens in Palatiw. Help keep track of the barangay Palatiws resident for future references.


To remove all the manual work and replace it in a computerized form so itll be easier for the barangay. To make it easier to monitor or keep track of the information of the citizens that live in Barangay Palatiw.

Brief Statements of Problem, , or Directive Priority or Rank Proposed Solution


Difficulty in managing records for Personal Information for each citizen in a barangay.


Difficulty in processing barangay clearance due to multiple records for each resident

Create a Database and system to maintain and keep resident records as complete and up-to-date and easy accessible through a query feature enable easy searching. The proposed system will create unique and up-to-date personal information for each citizen.
The proposed system will generate records of incident report, blotter, reports and records of the barangay peace-keeping council and other related services. This will enable the barangay official to identify if the resident is involved in this reported cases The proposed system will be the one to prepare and generate the fixed Barangay Clearance Application. The proposed system has a restriction in which only authorized people can accessed or can view the informations/data.


Difficulty in determining if the citizen has a pending cases or bad records.


Time consuming in generating barangay clearance application because it only uses a word template Records are not safe because it is only stored in a record book which can be accessible anytime by any person.




Characteristics Portion of System Computerized Brief description of that portion of the system that would be computerized in this candidate. Benefits Brief description of the business benefits that would be realized for this candidate. Servers and Workstations A description of the servers and workstations needed to support this candidate. Software Tools Needed Software tools needed to design and build the candidate (e. g., database management system, emulators, operating systems, languages, etc.). Not generally applicable if applications software packages are to be purchased. Application Software A description of the software to be purchased, built, accessed, or some combination of these techniques. Method of Data Processing Generally some combination of: on-line, batch, deferred batch, remote batch, and real-time. Output Devices and Implications A description of output devices that would be used, special output requirements, (e.g. network, preprinted forms, etc.), and output considerations (e.g., timing constraints). Input Devices and Implications A description of Input methods to be used, input devices (e.g., keyboard, mouse, etc.), special input requirements, (e.g. new or revised forms from which data would be input), and input considerations (e.g., timing of actual inputs). Storage Devices and Implications Brief description of what data would be stored, what data would be accessed from existing stores, what storage media would be used, how much storage capacity would be needed, and how data would be organized. Candidate 1 (Barangay Palatiw Management System) Resident Information and Government Services Storing of resident and services data will be more secured. Another one the use of data will be wisely used and can output more meaningful information

The system may require several for each department and a main database server for the system administrator

The developers will use PHP and |MySql

Web Browsers

Online Batch

Printers for printing out reports and output documents of the services

Servers and Terminals

There will be a separated main database will all raw data will be reside and there will be a dedicated database for each department to make the process more efficient and effective