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1 Workers in India $60 a week. An equivalent worker in the United States would earn $350.

Relevant: Its good to know what an average weekly pay check would look like.

2 A teacher in India earns $40 a week Irrelevant: Even though teachers would probably know a lot of facts and information, the hours of a teacher would not work out with our business hours.

3 Bangalore has a population of over 6 million people and is the fastest growing city in Asia Relevant: Its good to know how many people are in an area, because there would be more people to hire and a variety of people.

4 Indian call centres are 40% cheaper to run than ones in the United States and Europe Relevant: We could save some money by running the call center in India.

5 2 million people a year graduate from Indian universities and technical colleges Relevant: Since India only hires out of school graduates, its good to have an estimate of how many graduate from tech school.

6 One third of Indias population lives in absolute poverty

Irrelevant: I dont think this has much to do with the company.

7 The Indian center has promised that all employees go through a 4 week training to teach them to have an English accent Relevant: We would probably have to do a paid training. So thats 4 extra weeks pay for 160 people, and who knows if theyll even und erstand English that well afterwards anyways.

8 The Bangalore region is called the byte-basket of India. I.T. companies based there

There are 1154

Relevant: If there are already a lot of I.T. companies there, we wont want to be near them.

9 There has been a big drop in infant and child mortality in India in recent decades Irrelevant: Infants and children dont have anything to do with our buisness.

10 The single biggest cost for a call centre is labor Relevant: Will require a lot of labor.

11 India gained independence from Britain nearly 50 years ago Irrelevant: This is just a random history fact that wont affect us.

12 Workers uses the Internet every day to check what the weather is like in the cities theyre contacting

Irrelevant: I dont think this really matters, unless someone asks what the weather is in their own city

13 In the last two decades GDP (Gross Domestic Product) in India has grown significantly but there are higher rates of unemployment Relevant: With more unemployment, we will have more willing workers.

14 Indian call centres recruit only university and college graduates Relevant: These college students would be the employees of this company.

15 Workers in India often have to work through the night Irrelevant: We have certain hours our business is available. (5am-midnight)

16 Call centers in the US are often located in areas of industrial decline and high unemployment Relevant: This will affect where we locate our company.

17 The University of Bangalore has 300,000 students and is the largest in Asia Relevant: Since India call centers only hire college graduates it would be good to know how many students there are the could potentially be our employees.

18 Many Indians speak English well Relevant: If they already know English, then we wouldnt have to do the payed English trainings.

19 Call center staff in India are educated to a higher level than their US counterparts Relevant: If they have a higher education, then they might be able to answer questions faster and more effectively.

20 Workers are allowed to watch US soap operas during their lunch breaks Irrelevant: I dont really care what they do on their breaks.