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First of all, I edited my main image for my double page in Photoshop.

I enhanced the brightness and vibrancy which would make the darker colours more vivid; creating a dramatic look.

After editing my image, I placed a rectangle at the top and bottom of the page, and put a Gaussian blur effect on them to make them look like theyre fading on to the page. I did this to create a border for my image.

I then added the final touches to my main image. I placed the Icon logo at the top right of the page. This is to brand my magazine and show that this photo-shoot is done by Icon. I also included the photographers name underneath my picture this looks more professional as it makes it appear as a professional photo-shoot.

After editing my first picture, I started to edit my second picture in Photoshop. This picture is to act as a background underneath my article, therefore I needed to increase the opacity so that the text would still be visible over the top.

Once I had edited both of my images, I placed them no to InDesign. I then created my headline on dafont and inserted it, along with my sub-line into InDesign. The two lines above and below the heading create a more sophisticated look as they look like a border and make it look more neat and presentable. I also made sure I placed the page numbers at the bottom of the pages, and made sure they were the same page numbers as on the contents page.

The final feature for my double page was the article and the pull quote. I created 3 columns for my article so that it is easier to read and looks more of an article format. I used a quote from the article I had written and placed it in the centre of my article, in larger font to draw the reader in; encouraging them to read the article.