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Disarmament and International Security


“Set your expectations high; find men and women

whose integrity and values you respect; get their
agreement on a course of action; and give them
your ultimate trust”.
John Akers


Before introducing myself, I would like to start by welcome you all to the sixth edition of our
Model of the United Nations, COLONMUN 2008. My name is Arturo Quezada Soberanis and I
am deeply honored to be your President.

At the present time, the Disarmament and International Security Commission plays a very
important roll in our reality. We as an international community, are facing times full of terror, and
fear. No one seems to be doing anything about it, and we might think that we are not so far of
the so called “Nuclear war”. It is with the deepest regret that I can surely say that what keeps
this world in what we can call peace, is not a cooperation attitude among the nations, neither a
fraternity feeling between mankind, but a phenomenon very much like one the world faced in the
cold war, called “The Balance of Terror”. Why, is it that after we have seen so many wars, and so
much destruction, what holds us back to destroy everything, is the fear itself, that we can also be
destroyed by the others? It might seems that men, have not had enough.

A man called Jimi Hendrix once said: When the power of love overcomes the love of power the
world will know peace, when will it be then, if we certainly know how to achieve peace, that we
are all going to unite ourselves? Which reason could be strong enough to isolate the human
from the power? I personally believe, that we can find plenty on reasons why, but the whole
conflict relies in the fact than no one, wants to take them as reasons to change their context, but
as simple facts happening all around the world.

Delegates, our generation is not the future of the world as some might think, we are the present
that needs to fight to get a better tomorrow for the future generations. If we do not start the fight
to save the earth and it’s population, no one will. We just need to bear in mind, that the only war
that really needs to be fought is the one we are living everyday against hate and indifference.

Remember, it is upon ourselves,

Thank you,

Arturo Quezada Soberanis

President of Disarmament and International Security Commission

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