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SCENE 1- THE OLD BAZAAR IN CAIRO Curtain as backdrop to start wit w i!" t " B!ack Sorc"r"r# Incubus and Ca$"!a ar" on % t "r" is so$" dia!o&u" and t " B!ack Sorc"r"r as a so!o b"'or" t " ba(aar sc"n" starts) T " curtain cou!d sta* as t " back&round un!"ss t "r" is a Marketplace (Arabian) type backdrop) I' t "r" is# t " curtains wi!! n""d to b" op"n"d a't"r t " B!ack Sorc"r"r# Incubus and Ca$"!a a+" ",it"d) -" n""d on" sta!! o' books and $anuscripts w ic can b" w ""!"d on b* t " Books"!!"r % " wi!! a!so n""d a bo, to sit on w ic " cou!d tak" on# on top o' t " sta!!) H" cou!d a+" books in t " bo, and unpack it as t " sc"n" &o"s on) Can a+" ot "r sta!!s at t " back i' w" a+" an* and t "r" is roo$) Not "ss"ntia!) SCENE . % THE TO/B O0 THE 1ODDESS ISIS A Desert backdrop wou!d b" us"'u!# i' not t " curtain) SCENE 2 % THE HO3SE O0 ALA AL-DIN T is is the kitchen of Aladdin - it is t " $ost i$portant s"t as it is on t r"" ti$"s) In t " kitc "n t "r" n""ds to b"# a cupboard# s "!'# tab!"# . c airs# 4 ta!! rubb"r p!ants and a cookin& ran&") 5"r aps it s ou!d b" at t " back so t at it can sta* s"t up6 Don7t know w at sort o' backdrops t "r" ar" w ic wou!d b" suitab!" % it is in t " ous" and t " ous" is in C ina8 SCENE 4 % THE CA9E O0 -ONDERS Desert type backdrop i' w" a+" on"# i' not t " curtain) Cou!d a+" t " curtain to start wit 'o!!ow"d b* an inside a cave type backdrop w "n A!addin &"ts into t " ca+"rns) SCENE : - BAC; HO/E Kitchen of Aladdin a&ain % t " INTER9AL is at t " "nd o' t is sc"n")

SCENE < % THE LANDS O0 THE BLAC; SORCERER Desert type backdrop SCENE = % THE E/5EROR7S 5ALACE T is sc"n" is in t " T ron" roo$ o' t " E$p"ror7s pa!ac" in C ina) T " curtain wi!! do as backin& un!"ss t "r" is a suitab!" backdrop % not at t " ",p"ns" o' Aladdins kitchen or the desert though. 1ot a pictur" o' a &ood E$p"ror7s t ron" t at is rais"d up and " as to &o up a '"w st"ps to &"t to it % I7!! pass it on) -" a!so n""d so$" sort o' bo, or stoo! 'or is Ad+isor to stand on) SCENE > % NE- LA/5S 0OR OLD ?OR T-O 0OR THE 5RICE O0 ONE@ Kitchen of Aladdin again SCENE A % NI1HT O0 THE DANCIN1 DRA1ONS 39 sc"n" wit curtain backin& T "r" is so$" dia!o&u" w "n t " Dra&ons a+" &on" and $ornin& co$"s) It a!! runs to&"t "r but i' t "r" was a Marketplace backdrop 'ro$ t " op"nin& sc"n" *ou cou!d op"n t " curtains to disp!a* it a't"r t " dra&ons ",it) T " dra&ons I a+" put on t " ot "r props !ist -" n""d t " /a&ic Carp"t at t " "nd o' t is sc"n")

SCENE 1B % A HA55C NE- CEAR T is sc"n" b"&ins in a roo$ in a i& tow"r at t " cast!" o' t " B!ack Sorc"r"r) -" n""d a window t rou& w ic A!adin "nt"rs to r"scu" t " 5rinc"ss) -" cou!d a+" t " curtains as the backing - as i' t "* w"r" curtains o+"r t " window and A!addin can co$"s t rou& t "$) -" cou!d a+" t " 5rinc"ss pr"t"ndin& to pu!! t "$ back to !"t i$ in and *ou op"n t "$ a !itt!" - T " D"s"rt backc!ot cou!d b" b" ind) S " !"a+"s t "$ op"n and t " B!ack Sorc"r"r notic"s so s " &o"s and c!os"s t "$ - *ou7d n""d to do t at) -" a!so n""d a di+an and a drinks7 tab!" and $a*b" us" t " rubb"r p!ants 'ro$ A!addin7s kitc "n 'or d"coration)

T " /a&ic Carp"t '!i"s t "$ o$" "+"ntua!!* and t " !i& ts di$ to a!!ow props to b" tak"n o'' and t "n w" &o into t " 0ina!") I' w" a+" a backdrop in t " E perors !alace w" cou!d us" it a&ain in t " 0ina!" % i' not t " Desert one wou!d b" O;) T "s" ar" t " backdrop t*p"s in ord"r o' i$portanc"D A!addin7s kitc "n % 2 sc"n"s D"s"rt sc"n" % 2E4 sc"n"s Roo$ in t " E$p"ror7s 5a!ac" % . sc"n"s /ark"tp!ac" ?Arabian@ % 1E. Insid" a ca+" % 1 T " /a&ic carp"t is on in sc"n"s ?A and 1B@ % it app"ars twic" in sc"n" 1B ?onc" in t " stor* and onc" in t " 0ina!"@) In t " 0ina!" I was opin& t at A!addin and Cas$ina cou!d "nt"r on t " carp"t 'or t "ir w"ddin& c"!"brations) It wou!d b" nic" i' 'or t at it cou!d a+" a 'ra$" work on it ?a po!" in "ac corn"r and $""tin& in a p"ak at t " top@) T "s" cou!d b" d"corat"d wit '!ow"rs# C in"s" !ant"rns and 'air* !i& ts % w" cou!d di$ t " !i& ts as it ca$" in - r"d and w it" wou!d b" nic" ?p"r aps t " carp"t its"!' cou!d a!so b" pr"do$inat"!* r"d@)


SCENE 1 - THE OLD BAZAAR IN CAIRO ?No nu$b"rs *"t@ Straw t*p" !in"n bask"ts 'or snak" c ar$"rs % on" bi& "nou& 'or a &ir! to b" in ?it wi!! "it "r n""d no botto$ so t " skat"s wi!! a!!ow it to b" pus "d on or b" rais"d on a board wit w ""!s@) 5ip"s 'or snak" c ar$"rs Snak"s attac "d to pip"s Cok"s ?w" ad . !ast *"ar@ wit bask"ts attac "d inst"ad o' buck"ts 5"d!ar tra*s? ad so$" !ast *"ar@ Ro!!"d carp"tsEru&s 'or carp"t s"!!"rs ?on" n""ds to b" bi& "nou& to a+" so$"on" ro!!"d up in it@ Bi& bask"ts 'or 'ruitE+"& L"n&t s o' $at"ria! w ic can &o on an* bi& sta!! ?bi& sta!!s on ot "r props !ist@ O!d books and scro!!s in a bo, w ic can b" us"d as a stoo! b* t " books"!!"r w "n it is "$pt* ?bi& props to pro+id" is w ""! on sta!!@) Ro!! o' parc $"nt ?B!ack Sorc"r"r@ S$a!! scro!! in a ba& on strin& ?Books"!!"r@ Sword swa!!ow"rs7 sword SCENE . % THE TO/B O0 THE 1ODDESS ISIS T " Rin& o' D"stin* ?1odd"ss &i+"s to t " B!ack Sorc"r"r@ SCENE 2 % THE HO3SE O0 ALA AL-DIN 4 rubb"r p!ants ?t "s" ar" a!so on !ar&" props !ist@ Bi& cookin& pot wit !ad!" Lots o' bow!s Tin o' 0ortun" Cooki"s . sacks padd"d to !ook 'u!! /"nu 'ro$ FT " Hous" o' t " 0!a$in& Dra&on7 SCENE 4 % THE CA9E O0 -ONDERS 1 osts on sticks ?did a+" so$" 'ro$ *"ar b"'or" !ast@ Bow!s andEor bask"ts o' bi& G"w"!s ?C rist$as baub!"s $a*b"@ - it"Esi!+"r paint"d branc "s un& wit G"w"!s ?to b" carri"d@ S ou!d"r st*!" ba& to put so$" baub!"s in ?&i+"n to A!adin b* t " B!ack Sorc"r"r@ T " La$p

SCENE : % BAC; HO/E < to > !ar&" si!+"r p!at"s o' 'ood SCENE < % THE LAND O0 THE BLAC; SORCERER Lar&" pris$ - on" o' t os" on a turntab!" w ic !i& ts up wou!d b" &ood ?B!ack Sorc"r"r@ SCENE = % THE E/5EROR7S 5ALACE 0ans 'or !adi"s ?&ot t "$@ Tra* o' FG"w"!s7 co+"r"d wit a c!ot 5arc $"nt and Hui!! or c arcoa! ?'or Ad+isor to writ" wit @ SCENE > % NE- LA/5S 0OR OLD ?OR T-O 0OR THE 5RICE O0 ONE@ A !a$p !ik" A!adin7s ?B!ack Sorc"r"r@ A sack padd"d to !ook 'u!! ?B!ack Sorc"r"r@ I"w"!!"d waistcoat ?'or A!adin@ 0anc* turban ?'or A!adin@ Dis o' Fp"ar!s7 as bi& as c ick"ns7 "&&s Tra* o' rar" spic"s and inc"ns" Tra* o' E&*ptian &o!d orna$"nts Tra* o' 5 o"nician &!ass Bund!" o' 'urs < to > "$pt* si!+"r tra*s ?!ik" t " 'ood was on in Sc"n" 2@ SCENE A % THE NI1HT O0 THE DANCIN1 DRA1ONS T " o!d dra&on $ad" 39 . !on& dra&ons to b" carri"d on sticks SCENE 1B % A HA55C NE- CEAR Sabr" ?A!adin@ . &ob!"ts Bott!"E'!a&on o' win" E,otic t row 'or a di+an S$a!! p ia! o' s!""pin& drau& t

0or t " 0ina!" w ic is a continuation o' Sc"n" 1B Sabr"s /asks 'or t " 1. ani$a!s o' t " C in"s" Zodiac % a+" a!so put t is on t " costu$" !ist ?rat# o,# ti&"r# rabbit# dra&on# snak"# ors"# ra$# $onk"*# roost"r# do&# pi&@ 5araso!s ?wi!! &"t@ 0!a&s 'or c i!dr"n 1ar!and ?Ca$"!a@ R"d and w it" '!ow"rs# r"d C in"s" !ant"rns and 'air* !i& ts to d"corat" po!"s on t " /a&ic Carp"t ?t is is a!so on bi& props !ist@ I t ink t is is "+"r*t in&8 IE