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A Scientific man ought to have no wishes, no affections a mere heart of stone. Explain what this statement means.

. Argue that scientific enquiry benefits from personal wishes and affections. To what extend to do you think a scientist should have a mere heart of stone? The statement directly implies that the work of a scientist should be based on objections, how science works in reality, and the real outcome of an experiments rather than on subjective ideas and with personal emotions and hopes. However there are instances when personal wishes and affections could be a beneficial towards science and society. Having wishes and hopes leads a person in actually having the urge and strength to fulfill it. For example a scientist might have hopes for a certain hypothesis he has stated to be beneficial to society could in the near future be later proved as a theory due to the determination and positivity of the scientists mind. In this way science driven with affections and wishes incorporated benefits the society and could also suppress ethical issues such as using animals such as pigs rather than human bodies in forensic experiments. On the other hand a mere heart of stone is essential for a scientist in various other ways. He shouldnt establish relationships with his personal feelings and his worked all the time. Charles Darwin himself underwent hardships and torment from the scientist for proving the evolutionary beginning of mankind. He wasnt affected by any of his peers or even his wife who strongly supported creationism. Moreover in some cases a proven theory could be displeasing to society but it is the truth and should be exposed to them, for instance rapidly rising global temperatures and the detriment to the earth. In such cases a heart of stone keeps a person standing. In addition in medicine doctor shouldnt have any personal wishes and treat everyone the same instead of treating his close relatives better. Moreover in medicine although doctors work extremely hard for the best in unfortunate cases a death of a person could happen, a heart of stone is necessity then in these cases.