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Week of Mar. 1 !

Ms. #$rd%s &e'sletter ( )ail$ Home'ork Assignments
This Weeks Reading and Language Focus: *Summarizing *Monitor and clarify *Homophones *Reference Sources Writing skills: We are working on descriptive writing The topic is !The "reen "low Mystery#$ Students have to e%plain why there is a mysterious green glow at school$ They are very e%cited a&out it and ' am looking forward to seeing where their imagination takes them Math Focus this Week: (ounting money )dding and su&tracting money We will continue to practice our multiplication and division skills$ We will &egin our unit on measurement !standard and metric# Science Focus This Week:

Monda$ * +$ Sort and cut word study words$ ,$ Think a&out e%amples of animal adaptations$ !) skunks spray is an e%ample of a physical adaptation while a &ear teaching its cu& to hunt is a &ehavioral adaptation$# Write down some ideas so that you can add them to the chart that we are working on in class$ Tuesda$ * -arkside Reading .ight /n0oy your evening with a good &ook$ (omplete your reading log$
Tonight is the 1ne School2 1ne 3ook event for The Mouse and the Motorcycle We hope to see you there 4567895:4pm

Wednesda$ * Sort word study words +$ (omplete the math page placed in your homework &inder$ Thursda$ * Review for word study test +$ -ractice your multiplication facts$ Frida$ * Short +ui, on mone$ and 'ord stud$ test Read2 play2 and en0oy your weekend
* As you may know our school day has been extended 25 minutes due to the snow days (students will be released for parent pickup at 3:45, and busses at 3:5 !" #ou may pack an extra snack for the afternoon$ *%his %uesday, &arch '(, 2 '4 is our )ne *chool, )ne +ook e,ent" -lease plan to .oin us for an e,enin/ full of fun and learnin/$

Animal Habitats
What are physical and behavioral adaptations? What are some examples of physical and behavioral adaptations? How do behavioral and physical adaptations allow animals to survive? Important vocabulary: Hibernation, migration, camouflage, instinct, adaptations, learned behavior, physical adaptations, behavioral adaptations, mimicry, environment, habitat