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______________________________________ Cooperating Teachers Signature ______________________________________ Date Received Student Teacher: Brittany L.

Byrd Date: Feb 11, 2014

Subject: Math

Topic: Fractions


SOL: 3.3 a,b

Evaluation: Skittle Fraction Foldable

Students will investigate the SET model for fractions using skittles and create a fraction foldable.

Materials: Snack Pack Skittles Pre made flip books Document Camera Markers Pencils

Procedures: 1. Who remembers what we did last class? We discussed the area model of fractions (Because it was within the area of a shape (Rectangle) 2. Today we will be discussing the set model. 3. It is called the set model because you have a set of objects 4. Go over rules of candy lessons (work and only eat when I say we are done) 5. Have student helpers pass out the pre-made foldables and bags of skittles 6. Have students count their skittles and then raise their hand once they know how many they have 7. What part of your fraction do you think this number will be? The numerator or the denominator? (Denominator) 8. Model on the ELMO how to fill out Fraction foldable. EX: if you have 3 green skittles what fraction of your skittles are green? 3/12

9. Walk around and monitor students as they fill out their foldable 10. Have students raise their hands when they are done 11. Students will write their name in and turn in their foldable to the math bin 12. Once the student has turned in their work they may eat their skittles 13. Pass out fraction worksheet (set model) 14. Have students complete it for homework