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______________________________________ Cooperating Teachers Signature ______________________________________ Date Received Student Teacher: Brittany L.

Byrd Date: Feb 3, 2014

Subject: Social Studies

Topic: Rome


SOL: SS 3.1

Evaluation: Roman Mosaic

Students will create their own Roman Mosaic with construction paper and cut scrap paper. Students will be able to explain how one contribution the Romans gave us was the arts, through their use of paintings, sculptures, and mosaics.

Materials: Elmo Document Camera Black Construction Paper Cut Pieces of Construction Paper Glue Magic Tree House Rome book

Procedures: 1. 2. 3. 4. I will show the students the previous years pictures on the Elmo I will ask students what they think the pictures of I will then explain that they will be creating their own Roman Mosaics. The students should plan what they are going to draw BEFORE they start working that way they are less likely to have to redo because of mistakes. 5. I will have the teacher helpers of the week pass out construction paper; my mentor teacher and I will pass out the cut up papers. 6. Let the students creativity flow!!! And enjoy the learning process 7. Students will continue to work on their mosaics the following day if they do not finish today.

Accommodations: -Students who do not have social studies with me will be able to create a mosaic as well. -Monitor students who have trouble when they are allowed to create something (monitor for distractions)