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______________________________________ Cooperating Teachers Signature ______________________________________ Date Received Student Teacher: Brittany L.

Byrd Date: Feb 5, 2014

Subject: Social Studies

Topic: Rome


SOL: SS 3.1

Evaluation: Web Quest

Students will explore ancient Rome using a web quest on Trackstar Students will be able to thoughtfully answer the questions presented on the web quest about ancient Rome.

Materials: Web Quest (Trackstar and Trackstar teacher account) Tech Lab Reservation Pencil Social Studies Notebook Magic Tree House Rome book

Procedures: 1. Line students up to go to the computer lab 2. Make sure all students have their notebook and pencils 3. Once they are seated in the tech lab explain that you will be doing a web quest on (Trackstar) 4. Model on the smart board/projector how they can find the questions and what activity they are allowed to do. 5. Walk around, monitor, and answer any questions 6. Students will leave directly from the tech lab to go to specials