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Year Long Professional Development Plan

Prepared By: Monica Machado EDTECH 554 Spring 2014 SMART Goals: K-8 CVUSD teachers will develop competence in basic operation of Chrome Book/Nexus Tablet devices through district sponsored professional development during the 2014/2015 school year, so they begin implementing this technology in their classrooms to assist with common core curriculum. K-8 CVUSD teachers will learn about a variety of Google Apps and/or Web 2.0 tools and incorporate at least 2 into their lesson plans by attending a school site or online professional development session during the 2014/2015 school year, so they begin creating projects and activities with their students using these tools. K-8 CVUSD teachers will expand their knowledge in Chrome Book/Nexus Tablet classroom implementation ideas, projects, and activities by attending a grade level specific professional development session at a school site during the 2014/2015 school-year, so students begin practicing 21st century skills embedded in the common core curriculum. K-8 CVUSD teachers will know how to use the Google Apps suite by participating at a district/school site/online PD session during the 2014/2015 school-year, so they can integrate it into the curriculum.

The Learners K-8 district teachers

Teachers have different levels of technology knowledge and comfort

Professional development sessions will be differentiated by level and access mode. Teacher choice will be reflected by PD topics and the variety of times/locations. District could pay teachers willing to collaborate with the technology coordinator to develop the online training PD Trainings will be scheduled/offered during minimum day teacher collaboration days and at

The Location

District office, various school sites, and online

The Online training will require time to develop

PD Time Frame

1 -2 hour training sessions Each session offered at least twice during the school year

Teachers might not find a time slot that accommodates their home/work schedules

The Trainers

District Technology Coordinator, Site Lead Technology Teachers, Regular classroom teachers willing to share their expertise in technology implementation

A lack of expert presenters

least Level I/II trainings during the Summer Academy. Online options also available. District can consider training a cohort of technology savvy teachers. District can consider bringing outside trainers.